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  1. @MillionX Apparently the video was edited to make dude look bad. According to the pinned comment dude went on two dates with her and she was actually the one crushing on him.
  2. So, CBR posted a Captain America hit piece on Memorial Day.....
  3. I found this video entertaining. Guy made a carbon fiber Buster Sword and tested it out.
  4. Where did this come from? And it is apparently good to boot. Saints Row 3 was my a favorite in the series. This game is more like a Remake instead of a Remaster. They actually updated the character models and in game assets.
  5. Hey guys, did you know Star Wars fans like Luke Skywalker? Apparently Forbes just figured this out....
  6. Good comics channel. This video is covering a topic that I'm sure @MillionX will appreciate
  7. Saw this at SRK and it's so damn accurate it isn't funny.
  8. Glad I never got into that series. It seems like it has become a trainwreck. Saw this and thought it was funny.
  9. This old but I still found it funny. Someone found a commercial the VA did for McDonald's and spliced it against game footage.
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