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  1. I've made numerous changes to my map design to improve readability and also to shrank a land mass in the central ocean to better suit the lore of my book. I've left up the last revision and posted the new one below it.
  2. I slightly updated the map in the OP. Added some city locations. Tried to clean up some of the lines in MS Paint....looks sloppy up close but okay at a distance as for the book itself. About 40% into Chapter 24. 119,898 words.
  3. Just in case yall haven't seen this yet. This is legit man.
  4. For those that care, beware of FFVII:Remake spoilers. The game has broken street date.
  5. This brother was smart. Although he'll be a meme for years to come.
  6. Haven't posted and update here in a while. 23 Chapters completed. 117,907 words. The saga continues.....literally.
  7. I'm the type of person that has no problem staying home when I have the option to go out but as soon as it snows and I cant' go out, I get the urge to go out.
  8. @MillionX They haven't enacted anything as of yet. They just gave us a heads up. Anyone know a good publisher. I may try to sell this joke of book I've nearly finished after all.
  9. Getting worried now. Might be getting a partial furlow with pay reduction and my warehouse coworkers would be getting straight up furlowed.
  10. Half my office is now working from home. I'm part of the group that still has to go in. Two of my co-workers got let go on Thursday. Depressed me for like a day and a haf
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