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  1. Not favorite DOA character but this is pretty cool regardless.
  2. @DangerousJ If they find me dead in my apartment, you killed me with this one fam. Oh, came here to post this.
  3. Netflix is about about get dropped from the 53 man roster. I was talking about it with a coworker. Basically everything I watched Netflix for is gone. No more Marvel Netflix series. Marvel and Disney movies are gone at years end and shifting to D+ next year. WB/DC stuff is on DC Universe and HBO Max. The CW shows, although I'm sick of half of them, are shifting to HBO Max next year. Voltron is over. I mean Netflix has the concessional original hit but that isn't worth the $15 a month. Prime Video gets a pass from me because it's a throw in for the expedited shipping I get with Amazon Prime. That said I've watched a lot more Prime Video than Netflix the past 3 or 4 months.
  4. @Deadly_Raver New Star Wars is fine, for the most part, if you exclude the sequel trilogy.
  5. The Mandalorian is god like. To bad the sequel trilogy isn't the same caliber.
  6. This season of Arrow has been straight fire. Best season since 5.
  7. For anyone that doesn't recognize his wife she was in the famous Fuudo meme. Only in Japan can you meet a model in an arcade while playing SFIV and end up marrying her years later.
  8. Any post this here yet? https://www.oneesports.gg/fgc/street-fighter/street-fighter-pro-fuudo-marries-famous-model-yuka-kuramochi/
  9. The is an absurd jump in quality. One of the left looks like a Gobot.
  10. @Deadly_Raver Yeah I always keep a couple of extra HDDs. I just didn't have an NVME SSD lying around. I went AMD for my desktop. 3700X and a 5700XT. I have a 2GB NVME SSD main drive and a 2GB SATA SSD data drive.
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