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  1. Maybe the game will be where it should have been at launch by the time I'm 45. I'm only half joking. I feel bad for the devs. They told the suits but they didn't want to listen.
  2. @BornWinnerThoughts? PC version of SCVI with all DLC was like dirt cheap. So snagged it for more CAS slots....I mean to play people that I couldn't play me on PS4/PS5
  3. Switch carts can be up to 18 times as large as the Wii MiniDVD discs. Although their is supposedly a 64GB card, but no one has used it. Biggest used thus far is 32GB. The Witcher 3, Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2 (Japan), and Final Fantasy X/X-2 (Asia) are the only 32GB cards I can think off the top of my head. Coincidentally I own two of the 3, (Witcher and FFX/X-2)
  4. I'm old and stubborn. So I'll keep beating my head against the wall in this thread. I mean I put hours upon hours in character concepts that maybe five or six people read
  5. So who else immediately looked for Megan Goode before looking at Shazam?
  6. For the most part SFV is okay for me online. My biggest issue is consistency. Generally in other games, I can play someone online or I can't. In SFV, sometimes I can get good games with someone and sometimes I can't.
  7. Haven't watched much WWE in ages, that said I did catch a few Reigns matches here and there. They seemed to be determined to push him as a baby-faced despite the crowd seemingly hating his guts. It reminded of The Rock. He was the babyface super nice Rocky Maivia that no one liked but they caught on and he became a heel. The Rock. Except they didn't stick with his babyface role near as long as they did with Reigns.
  8. RobTV just took the whole CPT Midwest even without dropping a single game. Like damn man.
  9. Outside of Scarlets default, I thought the costumes were fine for the most part. Scarlet's default is a big nope from me though. Look like she went to Tatooine to shop at the Sandpeople's version of The Gap.
  10. She got fucked over bad. Then they put her in the hall of fame....after she died. It always came off as a way for them to shut the fans up more than genuine. Like she was woman that primary competed against dudes. HHH basically chucked her in the trash can after hooking up with Stephanie. This is a pet peeve of mine. Not just confined to Joanie's situation. I'm kind over these promotions talking about how great someone is after they've passed on when they knew they were in trouble before they died. They did fuck all to help them when they could.
  11. I know, that's why I changed the thread title, I was shocked he was able to win without getting a KO.
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