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  1. Someone speculated's probably be Chris though
  2. Why does Raven seem to attract Pedo activity?
  3. I hope this DLC can change my mind on Yuffie. I like the Remake despite thinking FFVII is ass. So its possible. Maybe this game can do the same for Weiss? Only thing I know about dude is that everyone seems to hate him.
  4. I keep buying DLC to support BotG but man we need set up some lounge times. Game has full crossplay. So platform isn't an issue.
  5. I'm guessing he's talking about John Tobias maybe? Tobias has been debunking a lot of stories about MK. According to him, several stories that get passed around as fact are not true. I'm inclined to be him. He doesn't work for NetherRealm so what does he have to gain at this point? Particularly, he says that Johnny not being in MK3 had nothing to do with the blow up with Pesina. Tobias said that they head a limited memory available for the arcade boards. They had the ability to pull player data from arcade machines and would remove characters that were the least played. He says that's why Joh
  6. @HecatomThe worst thing about this is that even if Sony get's it's head out of it's ass, I'll be an AARP member before they can turn the ship around. If they suddenly changed course today. The results wouldn't be seen until 2024-25. Worse for the Japanese studios since they've been shuttered. They'd have to rebuilt them and even@Dayaan would been old head by the time they could release games.
  7. @Maxx Every time I see you avatar I think "Broruto"
  8. Yeah GOG Galaxy is great. I also hate the "Steam had years to get where it is" argument. It's a poor one. When you are first you can get way taking time to build up your product. However when you are launching against a competitor that you A) Know What They Offer and B) Have A Huge Financial Backing, you should not release a half baked POS storefront. I mean fucking Origin launched in far better state. There is zero and I mean zero reason for any storefront to launch without a fucking shopping cart. Even Nintendo isn't that inept.
  9. It was more than that. Sony's online setup was objectively worse. Downloading the same demo on PS3 took longer than it did on 360. In addition, once the demo downloaded you could play right away on 360 and you had to wait for it to install on PS3. I moved a lot for work at the time. I worked on construction sites and had to move often (6 times in 5 years). This is something can verify being the case in Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina and Louisiana. That was with two different ISPs in VA. One of which was fiber, for some some reason middle of nowhere bumfuck 'did I step into 1950s' western V
  10. When I was in school and Sony announced the Playstation, everyone made fun of it. "What kind of name is Playstation!?" IIRC SCEA wanted to call it the PSX in North America.
  11. @HawkingbirdI wish I could thumb up that post several times.
  12. I still have my Wii U. Haven't turned it on a while. I enjoyed the system. It had several good games and I liked the ability to play games on the Gamepad while being able to watch TV. I like the ability to play my Wii games and use all my Wii accessories as well.
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