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  1. Watching Dustin smoke Conor was so damned satisfying. Knocked him out cold fam. Edit: UFC blocked the Twitter video of the knock out but.....
  2. @EdmundImage URLs have to end in .jpg , .gif, png, etc. Imgur links, particularly on mobile, make that simple act more difficult that it should be.
  3. Messed around with training mode/tutorial earlier. I literally remembered nothing about this game.
  4. @YourFavGrandpaThat decision was so bad, you would have thought that @DarkSakulinfiltrated Xbox leadership and made it to sabotage them.
  5. Damn Microsoft pulled a 180 quick on it's Xbox live pricing. That was the ultimate blow up. I saw hard core Xbox fans saying "Fuck it, I'm going to get a PS5." Must of been a A LOT of people for them to change course in less than a day.
  6. That's probably the best thing to do. Hopefully this ends up being a Witcher 3 situation. People forget how rough of a start that game had, granted it wasn't the same levels of fuckery as CP2077 but it wasn't a bed of roses either.
  7. That's it, there is a thread for this. Gonna have to cut you off here fam.
  8. Her name is Jonica Keating. Just posted the first pics of a fine woman I could find.
  9. Capcom had to know they had a hit on their hands. They literally put a 8ft tall vampire Christina Hendricks in the game with retractable Freddy Kruger claws. Why am I imagining a Japanese developer dozing off with the TV on and a rerun of Mad Men comes on.
  10. I just posted the one with the....biggest personality. There is a more accurate one. And the post date for the upload was 1/21/21
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