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  1. Haohmaru's Soul Calibur VI trailer dropped.
  2. Maryam Iman - I think I have a new favorite. Her body is real. The T&A isn't augmented. 10/10
  3. @DangerousJ You are going to be the death of me fam
  4. I know Stadia was pathetic trainwreck but it's even worse than I thought. So what is everyone's over under on how long it will take Google to pull the plug? I give it until the end of the year.
  5. This was recommended after watching @Deadly_Raver 's vid. I think Raver's girl has better booty but I'm a sucker for dark haired girls.
  6. 18 Chapters 91619 words and counting. Think I should be done in two chapters. Just don't know when I'll get those two written.
  7. @MillionX I think you are confusing Zarbon with Jiece. Jiece had the cool Aussie voice. Zarbon had the pretentious and posh voice.
  8. I actually just ordered Ring Fit Adventure. I hear it's actually legit. Can't hurt.
  9. Old Man Darc has lost 21lbs. Still got 28 more to go but it's a start. I'm getting to 220 even if it kills me.
  10. @MillionX I'd be careful out there in Tennesee fam. I'll just leave it at that.
  11. Hey should me make a song of decade thread? I have a nominee if we do.
  12. @MillionX You should have went to Vic's latest signing. Apparently ThatStarWarsGirl showed up and took a few pictures with Vic.
  13. I've been slacking on my contributions. Jessica Oyer
  14. The more time passes. The more I like John Boyega. The man knows how to handle internet trolls.
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