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  1. Nephew juist set the entire CPT event free. He ice skated all over them fools. Didn't drop a set in the entire tournament
  2. @MillionXI was following this ridiculous story of J.Scott Campbell getting attacked by Tumbler weirdos when one their loons decide to "fix" his art and he responded with a critique of his own breaking down their numerous fuck ups and ultimately drew a better version of their "fixed" version. Anyway, your favorite YouTuber covered it.
  3. I'm torn guys. I want to play SFV but I'm out of town at my grandma's house for Mother's Day. I'm on that @TWINBLADES_SRKWiFi sponsorship. Anyone want to do a Battle Lounge? I don't want to be that guy on Ranked if possible. I guess I could do Casual matches if I have to.
  4. @Doctrine_DarkAre you entering any of the Online CPT events? Let us know so we can lend you our energy.
  5. I've avoided that place for a reason man. It's sad that so much legitimate gaming news gets broken from that shit hole forum.
  6. Honestly, most motions don't bother me. I'm more annoyed by motion over lap. If a character has QCF+P move, they shouldn't have a HCF+P move.
  7. Truthfully, based on the context. It's a way to dismiss a comment offhand because the moderator and/or community are too intellectually limited to reply with a competent response. There was literally nothing about that comment that warranted moderation, let alone a ban. If I ran a forum and a mod banned somebody for such a comment. They'd be shitcanned immediately. In addition, I'd bring the moderation team together to decide if said individual should immediately be sent to the phantom zone or placed on 1mm ice.
  8. Childish bullshit that can only be invented at a dreck of society like Rejectera
  9. @iStu Xdammit man, I was about to go bed and this post has me laughing my ass. Now I'm 100% awake
  10. This man is venting my frustration over this race bending instead of existing or new black characters right now. Don't agree with everything he says here, but on this we agree.
  11. I'll take the L for my assumption that Maxx was talking about people that knew about Static and Superman. No, the average person wouldn't know this in the slightest but anyone that's followed Static even casually in the last two decades should be well aware of this. People that were born when Batman crossed over to Static are college freshmen right now. No hyperbole.....and this is another sign that I'm a goddamn fossil. Now if you'll excuse me, Matlock is about to start, so I have to go.
  12. @BigtochiroIs OCV'ing the entire dojo. I've been out of it the past few days, I may have to get in some games if only not to feel like a boat anchor.
  13. Don't excuse their lack of basic deductive reasoning.
  14. Static had Batman show up on his cartoon and various appearances on multiple DC cartoon series. Hell he's a current character on Young Justice that has Superman on it....dafuq!?
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