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  1. On his world, Superman didn't save Isabelle....
  2. IIRC it's because of the new counter hit system on aerial movement options. You hit Sim out of his float and he's cooked.
  3. You not winning rap battles in the hood as white dude unless you flow point blank period. One of my uncles best friends was white dude. That man had serious talent. It was like the twilight zone though. People was interested in his music until he showed up and he was white. In a fucked up way, he had an idea of idea of how is to black. Not because he was a white dude that was rapping though. Because people were interested in his talent until he showed up and saw what he looked like. I wonder whatever happened to Curtis. I'll have to ask my uncle the next time I see him. Vanilla Ice really ruin
  4. Nah fuck that. I'm tired of that lazy nonsense. We already have good black characters. People are too lazy to try to promote them. They'd rather take a known quantity and race swap them. It's lazy and easy way for them to "check" the diversity box.
  5. @AriesWarlockGiven Hollywood's hatred of gingers, she'd actually be a black queen if she were cast for a TV show
  6. Why she got better bars than dudes with record deals though
  7. It was one of the four reasons I liked Rogue on the X-Men cartoon.
  8. Meanwhile Vega forgot to get Chun Li a gift for her birthday. She was not amused.
  9. RSG3 trying to find the receipt to this right now. Don't end up on the couch fam. Side note: Hope she didn't have some sort of bad reaction or I'm gonna feel like big jackass.
  10. Someone hide Teagan Croft! Locoghoul is here.
  11. In fairness to Marvel, those were Netflix shows made in partnership with Marvel's TV division. Everything goes through Feige now.
  12. We are always busting Steve at HUB's chops for not taking time off. He finally does and this shit happens. I guess someone at Youtube was jealous of Tim's "Old West Outlaw" moustache.
  13. They'll have to if they stick with the hybrid format. Any sort of optical drive, in addition to being slow as hell, will kill battery life.
  14. I successfully picked a different character for each match today. I should have just rocked with a Eleven I guess
  15. Same here, it's almost 9pm. Need to chill before I crash for the night.
  16. Just got a new set of tires fam. Getting more of my 429hp to the pavement.
  17. I'm gonna have hit training mode and actually learn some Mike combos. Didn't even know what to combo into command grab with
  18. I don't get the boring talk honestly. It's like the people never got past her initial trailer.
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