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  1. Lol, my boss just declared today a snow day, even though I work from home. So I'm gong to take my Jeep up to the mountains and go drive around in the snow
  2. No, but I refer to the dumb shit they might do as common.
  3. Yeah man, ground is covered. I've been teleworking so it doesn't affect me too much, other than having to turn the furnace on early this year. No fieldwork planned today.
  4. I've been cutting my own hair. Actually gave myself a decent fade the other day. I knew it was decent when my wife said, "How the fuck did you do that?" instead of, "What the fuck did you do?!"
  5. Didn't a lot of the folks here do that?
  6. You just fucked my entire evening up, dude.
  7. Reese's peanut butter cups are best Halloween candy.
  8. I wear underwear that's fun to wear. Like Star Wars and shit.
  9. It's fucking scary, dude. Like, Exorcist tier.
  10. Totally get that. But I'm a fan of juvenile humor and when I heard he posted about jerking off to the the Hanson Bros because he thought they were girls I fucking lost it
  11. I like Cisco. Dude cracks me the fuck up.
  12. Fucking- chocolate chip pancakes cooked on bacon grease for breakfast. Holy fuck.
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