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  1. That mobile Mario Run game was fun for a couple minutes.
  2. I let my wife sleep in today. Got up early with the baby, made blueberry pancakes and bacon, coffee, and mimosas for my wife. Gave her a nice gift basket of bath stuff and candles. And then my daughter goes and shows me up by taking her first steps today. How tf am I supposed to compete with that?
  3. Jesus, man. How the hell did you pull that off? My toes hurt just thinking about that
  4. What does EVO do for Smash? They got any rules and shit?
  5. I'm pro sauerkraut. I eat that shit on hotdogs, brats, cooked with potatoes and pork chops, and yeah, Reuben sandwiches are the fucking bomb.
  6. I remember playing Melee with the giant modifier on, mushrooms as the only item with max frequency, and the Fourside skyscraper level. We could only play as Bowser or DK. Did I mention mushrooms?
  7. See, I like to play Smash with modifiers and all kinds of chaos going on Not arguing that it's not fun playing with those fighting game settings, but I like the LOLs with a bunch of friends playing better.
  8. @Deadly_Raver Hey man are you ever going to get back on Destiny? They're bringing Vault of Glass back this month. The next season starts this Tuesday and would be a good time to jump in with all the levels reset. We're looking for people to raid with and it'd be fun to play with you again.
  9. Nah, I haven't. I think the only other RE game I ever played was the one where there's like a town and you go around shooting all the fucks. Trying to save some chick named Ashley. It was on Wii.
  10. I made it about halfway through RE7. Played with the lights off and the volume up in my headset. Scared the fuck out of me. I had to play with the cat in my lap. I'd like to finish it before I get RE8.
  11. Returnal has my interest. But yeah, with the exception of DeSo and Outriders, I'm not really playing any next gen games yet. And I wouldn't qualify Outriders as "next gen" with the buggy launch. I do, however, REALLY enjoy Destiny at 60 fps and an expanded fov. It's a completely new experience coming from PS4 Pro. Playing Miles with 60 fps is pretty sweet, too.
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