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  1. Kinda gruesome how the hawk just tears off parts of the snake's face while it's still alive
  2. You can tell they really love fighting games. Check out @4:42 those Japanese fighting game books as they are studying moves frames.
  3. One of the last panels Jim Lee drew for X-Men.
  4. I think @DoctaMariois the Samsho top player here.
  5. Fallen Legion Revenants demo out Nioh director: No current plans for Nioh 3, but hopes to return to series in the future; Ninja Gaiden news coming soon Ninja Gaiden News Coming Soon Speaking of the Ninja Gaiden series, Yasuda told The Gamer to look out for news regarding the series in the “near future.” “Nothing to announce or note specifically this time, but if the Ninja Gaiden series hadn’t existed, then there wouldn’t have been a Nioh series,” Yasuda said. “So that’s a really important series to Team Ninja. While
  6. nice. you gotta do a unholy tree playthrough ha! there's a DLC where you play as an Angel. I don't suppose there's a way to play it an on emulator
  7. I wasn't sure what was gonna happen since Whatsapp announced their new dreadful policies of sharing info with Facebook. But the whole thing has been funny on the webs. And lots of people joined Telegram, even Triforce was one of the first commenters lol
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