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  1. In wacky GameStop news, stock for GameStop has soared to 347.51 thanks to Reddit. BlackBerry and AMC Theatre stock is also on the rise. EDIT: Sorry didn't see this was being discussed in the saloon.
  2. I will get it digitally when there is a sale. It is one of the reasons I still have a PS3.
  3. Hey look, another Nick Cage movie. I definitely plan to watch this.
  4. Played all the Street Fighter II versions on SNES. Got Alpha 2 on Windows 98 PC, I remember that it ran surprising well.
  5. It looks like there is plenty of reward in that store.
  6. Hopefully this cheers up some people... Social media companies condemn and restricts Trump's video, but stopped short of saying they would boot him off their services. This includes Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
  7. I always make it a point to disinfect my desk, control panels and door knobs in my department at work everyday. I wear my mask throughout most of the day, though I can't say the same for my coworkers. I haven't seen my sister since the summer. She is a social worker at a hospital and all she deals with is COVID patients. She has to dress in layers like the doctors and go into the rooms to talk to them. She did get the vaccine thankfully but staff are quitting left and right. We normally hang out on New Years for dinner and watch crappy movies, but it just wasn't feasibl
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