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  1. I assume her re-design will have the same face and hair. As for everything else...
  2. I guess now would be a good time to rework rides for the future. I stumbled upon this video about Pleasure Island, I didn't know there was a whole store dedicated to Jessica Rabbit.
  3. I will be getting a pre-built PC, I have no experience building one and with the shortage of parts and weird pricing going on it feels risky trying to learn right now. In the past I have gotten Alienware and I trust the quality they provide.
  4. I gave up on getting a PS5, mainly because I believe whatever exclusives that will be on it will not be worth having. I am getting a new gaming PC instead. Eventually I plan to sell off my PS4 for a Nintendo Switch. I thought you keep the items you collect after a season ends, or do you only focus on playing during a season?
  5. An odd mix of games, most I never heard about.
  6. Kinda bummed about the roster quantity but I assume there is a long term plan for DLC like KOFXIV.
  7. I assume Cena's appearance at Summerslam was to help promote the Suicide Squad film.
  8. The artwork leak is interesting, it might be based on the story of the tournament and not a team consisting of Heidern, Ash and K'. I hope more information about the game (other than the roster) starts being announced, such as system mechanics and netcode. Roster reveals with brand new characters have been nonexistent, maybe they are saving all new fighters at the end?
  9. VGM Friday: Quake Edition Also a great video about the development and history of Quake:
  10. Batman and Robin was terrible. When I saw it in the theater the one thing going through my mind was how much it followed Batman Forever's story structure but was even more ridiculous. I strongly believe Schwarzenegger was told to act like Jim Carrey in Batman Forever. My favorite superhero movie is Captain America: Winter Soldier, followed by the Dark Knight and Iron Man 1.
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