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  1. Soo... bets on who gets laid off from WWE Post-Wrestlemania?
  2. Having a selection of supers again would be nice. It would not surprise me if another form of v-skill occurs again, giving characters a special skill button or function is becoming very common. I hope everyone had a good Easter.
  3. That is good advice, consistent pricing is important for freelance work. A client might talk to your previous clients and variance in pricing might reflect poorly on your reputation.
  4. This game is appearing to a dream match, so I wouldn't rule out anybody at this point. I'm really hoping that the trailer footage is from a beta build with unfinished animations.
  5. Them's Fighting Herds? Haven't played it since EVO online was canceled last year.
  6. I'm calling King, SNK has developed a pattern a revealing multiple teams at a time so I think they are focusing on the women's team with Yuri.
  7. Beat Loop Hero tonight, the final chapter and final boss demands quite a bit of grinding. I spent a couple of hours unlocking more stat improvements and experimenting with builds. It was fun and I was glad to see it through.
  8. IJ2 was a huge improvement of IJ1, wound up playing Scarecrow and Green Arrow. The only thing I remember about the online play was dealing with zoners all of the time.
  9. A crazy video, I didn't know our plastic situation was this bad.
  10. Johnny Cage does add variety in regards to the games. I think it is over-literal and unsubtle to have a character be a movie actor inside a movie where I assume a more serious tone is trying to be achieved. Kano as a snarky bad guy makes sense, and more characters like that will subtract from that goal. It would be like Batman telling jokes while fighting the Joker.
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