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  1. It's so fucking annoying how we get every Touhou spin off under the sun but we don't get any actual real Touhou Shmups. Zuns drunk ass hates me.
  2. Becsuse Fincher doesn't really believe in happy endings. The Cohen Brothers are rather similar.
  3. That's the only Shadow Stage I've seen anyone show and it's a remake of Final Chase which was a mostly rails stage. Is Sonic getting any new content at all?
  4. Lol take a random sound track and make it sound like DOOM 2016 music.
  5. Yea I feel like the only thing it effected was the amount of "Mario but it's DOOM" type videos that show up in my feed despite never clicking on them lol.
  6. Haha my Dad's more lax then that. He listens to his doctor (especially since the stroke last year) and he'll give you advice but if you use it or not is whatever to him. My dad's really chill. His brain just thinks he's 35 but his body is actually 65. So he just does shit without thinking too hard about it and get in over his head. A funny version of that is about 10 years ago my dad was at a party with dancing and my dad's a showman and shit he's had a few bands over the years. Anyway guess he forgot he was 50 and got too into the song and did the splits. Couldn't drive his Manual Ford for like 3 weeks lmao. My Dad just forgets how old he is.
  7. Frankly it's a miracle you can manage the one. I think the rate of single kids is going to be the norm going forward for a while, that's if people have kids in the first place.
  8. SOTN is super duper over rated (I love it just trying to be honest) and Bloodstaimed I think is a way better balanced affair over all. When I play Symphony I ignore like 90% of the game drops and loot because most of it is pretty useless. I don't find that to be the case with Bloodstained at all. Every drop is useful in one way or another. Honestly I think the only part Symphony does a bit better is pacing, Bloodstained is a longer game with a bigger Castle so the game just kinda takes longer for things to happen. Symphony moves at a swifter pace. In fact Symphonys over all flow is damn near perfect and a big part of what makes it a joy to play. But overall Bloodstained is Symphony but better in like every way but pace and maybe story, I find Bloodstained's story to be super whatever lol.
  9. My old man's still here, tho sometimes I wonder if he wishes he wasn't lol. He was towing my step mother's car last week with a friend when it rolled off the ramp backwards (was barely on the ramp apprantly) and he tripped and it rolled over his leg. My Dad's over 60, his friend is over 60 and it was just them. FUCKING WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! For starts you make good money, why don't you have fucking AAA? Beyond that I'm here, voulda called, your other son is here, could called, or better yet you just spent the week painting your step daughter and her husband's new house why the fuck isn't at least her husband also out there with you helping tow this stupid ass Hundai? Anyway my dad's still alive and I got a stupid, but funny, but also kind of infuriating story when I called to wish him a happy father's day lol. Like old man had a stroke last year, wtf are you doing?
  10. Yea I don't get it either. They're both good tracks for differing reasons but to act like what....less then 50 spoken lines is worth not playing Symphony over? You're a goof lol. Robert always just sounds too old and bassy for Alucard imo. He sounds more like he should be like Dracula, or Death, or Olrox or something. An intimidating villain or something. Funny enough tho I think he fits O.D. the stuffy librarian really really well lol.
  11. Pretty sure he means here as a generic catch all for the entirety of the US. Like "here" in the states.
  12. Thats a character I've never been able to get all. Pee Wee was always fucking annoying to me.
  13. It sounds pretty cool. Deffinitly gonna have to scoop it.
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