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  1. Wall mounting always sounds awesome but everyone always mounts it too high up the wall...It would look weird lower on the wall but would be nicer to look at. Hurt my neck less...So i dunno. I cant seem to decide if i should wall mount it. Wonder if i could get one that would let me rotate it 45 degrees....
  2. Ooooh yea, fuck those hedge fund managers right in the ass. Fuck em forever.
  3. I got.mine on a prepaid card in the mail yesterday.
  4. Probably gives them a good deal more freedom, and it let's them fuck under paying likeness royalties.
  5. Every now and then they get restock of some limited run stuff. I always swing by and take a look like once a month at least. Easy since it's same parking lot as my job. I saw Transistor last month.
  6. Todadys scoop. They got me again. I own this one digital. Best Buy has Panzer Dragoon as well...probably double dio there as well...*sigh*
  7. Yea leaving the forest was life threatening to the kids and for anyone else you'd get turned into a Stalfos. You know OOT is when The Lost Woods seemed to be at peak danger levels. Wonder why.
  8. BDSM is a two way street and the person with actual.power in the dynamic is the sub. The sub is the person who generally sets the hard limits and ends the game when it goes too far beyond those limits. Also lots of people are into one aspect but not the other, bondage doesn't automatically mean sadomasochism as well. A lot of people get off to being tied up but not to pain and vice versa. The power dynamic can be pretty complicated to. Like for the sub it isn't always about being owned, it can be about being in a position where nothing is expected of you anymore. You're "tied up a
  9. If I remember my Zelda lore correctly, leaving the forest will kill them. Dunno how that effects their evolved kind The Koroks considering all the places they end up in BOTW.
  10. Can't be too terribly pure of you're still using gay as an insult.
  11. Castlevania is kind of like Sonic...even when the game it shit the music is almost always bangers regardless.
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