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  1. This seems goofy dismissive when we are talking about a 30 to 50 dollar input device. I get phantom downs on my SN30 Pro's D-Pad. Am I just hating to hate and complaining to complain or do these SN30 Pros actually have a repeating issue with the D-pads? What if he takes your advice, buys the controller and the D-Pad is fucked? When enough people complain about the same issue it kinda stops being a petty complaint and starts looking like a legitimate issue, dont you think?
  2. Its the first Tales game to ever get my attention and make me want to play.
  3. Yea I couldn't be less interested then I am currently.
  4. Super Metroids too low. My only real comment. Everything else is pretty solid imo. @Volt
  5. Acheiving what brings you happiness and contentment. I have one thing it seems no Billionaire will ever have. Enough.
  6. Why would you ever make such a horrible mistake? I fly Southwest. They suck dick but they are hella cheap.
  7. Each replay will reveal more seams. Like when you replay you'll be that much more aware that the games difficult is upside down. The beginning is the hardest the game ever gets and it just snowballs down the difficulty scale with each passing second lol. Challenge runs are even difficult because its hard to create a challenge in the game. The games littered with loot items and shit, but almost all of it is useless and probably shouldn't be there outside the novelty of it. Symphony is wonderful, but we've learned a lot since lol. .
  8. Symphony is a lot of half baked ideas and people just throwing shit in, and they did just enough of it, well enough for it make for a really fun game.
  9. Miridia is one of my favorite Metroid locations of all time Grapple Beam kinda sucks but if you know what you are doing you dont even need it Draygon aint even that bad man, and she makes the Grapple Beam worth its inclusion.
  10. For every one of you there are 10 of the other guy. But know that your employees appreciated you 10x more then the other guy.
  11. Oh no no Optimus, see if you get work done we have all this other work that isnt yout job description for you to do, probably a bunch of work above or below your pay grade to, just smile, eat shit, and do it anyway. You should consider yourself lucky you have a job. "I'm doing you a favor." My new boss recently learned I won't put up with it. I started bussing tables recently because believe it or not that degrading job pays a lot more then my socially more acceptable UPS Store Job. Anyway their dish washer didn't show the other day and the Manager looks at me and goes "Go wash dishes." I stop him right there. First it's "Please could you wash some dishes" I am not your fucking servant, and 2 Hard no. I don't wash dishes for minimum wage, and since I work for tips I make less then that so fuck you, no. He looked flabbergasted and asked me who was going to do it then. I told him he was that was his job. When a position is short the Manager fills it that's your fucking job. How no manager understands their actual functions within a business is fucking beyond me. He was not happy with me. I don't give one single shit.
  12. Yea, you make a dollar I make a dime, that's why I poop on company time. Whoever made that memo can shove it up their ass. Time Clock Fraud my ass.
  13. Yea Fing Fang Foom is someone else. I also got back from it today. Last fight was a little bit dark at times, but over all final act was fine for me. Liked the whole movie, one of Marvels best in a while. I even enjoyed Awkwafina for the most part. Good times. They are saving the explanations for the Rings for later, hence the mid credits stinger about them and how old they are.
  14. I dont care if there isnt enough of them for their own league, STOP LETTING THEM BEAT THE FUCKING PISS OUT WOMEN! Full Stop!
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