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  1. By that point Ethan has had enough of the bullshit. He's gonna kill everything and GTFO with his wife.
  2. @AriesWarlockis this your favorite version of Superman?
  3. I always see guys saying that Star Trek always took a humanist approach to it's topics and it was never partisan until Bad Robot took over. I was never a Trekkie so I can't say how true that is.
  4. The drama that is Dr. Dre's divorce takes more hilarious turns. His wife wants to subpoena three women she alleges are Dre's mistresses to get the prenup thrown out. This lady is ruthless at trying to get to Dre's bank.
  5. I can hit you up little later. The fam went to costco and they will need help once they get back. I can hop on once that's over with.
  6. These guys come back knowing SRK is lawless and decide to twist the knife?
  7. I noticed that you excluded the Razer sticks. I know you don't like Razer but they need to be on here.
  8. The G502 Lightspeed is a dream. Having a lighter and wireless G502 is so good. I must pray to the gods I don't get the dreaded double click. That killed a Logitech mouse I previously had and it's a major issue with the Lightspeed as apparently Logitech cheaped out on the switches. I will RMA the hell out of this if it comes down to that.
  9. Yes. If anyone has overstayed in NXT it's those two. They should be jobbing to Riddick Miss on main-event but they ain't.
  10. There was never an old ye. He was always this crazy. The only difference between now and then is that we agreed with him.
  11. Walter would be main roster already if he wanted it. He's in UK because he doesn't want to move to the US. He'll work dates but he ain't staying. They will have to make him a part timer.
  12. Is the main roster moving to Walter home country?
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