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  1. How young she looks doesn't bother me. I don't like how much she looks like a doll. She looks very artificial and I find that a little disturbing.
  2. Apparently the Arrowverse has a cyberpunk Wakanda in it's universe. Not a bad pilot episode of Painkiller but the CG City don't look good at all.
  3. Sony what are you doing Patch updates cannot be downloaded for some games. Tekken Tag 2 is on that list 3rd Strike Online Edition is affected by this too.
  4. That Street Fjghter power ranger squad don't feel complete to me. Ryu and Chun are the red and blue Rangers respectively. We still need yellow, pink, green/black/white Rangers.
  5. Just looking at the gameplay this is the Ryu Infinite should have given us.
  6. Completing village quests allows him to skip low rank in hub. He can go straight to high rank when he's done.
  7. It's realistic possible. Post Mangamalo you will gain access to high rank where you fight the hard version of the monsters plus a few new ones. Soloing hub quests is a test of endurance more than anything. Spec yourself out if you want to speed up the time it takes to finish it solo.
  8. Solo quests are the same just toned down. The rewards stay the same. Village Quests end with Mangamalo so you will eventually have to venture into hub quests if you want the rest of the content.
  9. Yes but the hub quests are balanced for multiplayer in mind. Village quests are designed for solo.
  10. This was way back when they were still available. It was a period when I was giving mobile games a chance and I haven't found anything that sold me on it.
  11. A friend of mine of a big fan of the Infinity Blade games. He tries to use them to sell me on mobile games.
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