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  1. I can see them being happy with Jay kicking Kenny ass but not the good brothers. The Tongans supported them when they left and we're even at ring side for their final match in New Japan so what happened to AJ doesn't happen to them.
  2. Why is this Batman show called Titans?
  3. The Tongans can't be happy Jay right now.
  4. I'm a big fan of Dead Space but I refuse to get hype for this. EA has done the series and the OG dev wrong. I don't have it in me to think they won't fuck this.
  5. I don't make use of his specials much. I can get so much mileage off the launch of his combo ender to go into an air combo. Doing the special when I need the extra damage to finish someone off.
  6. It's great to see River City Girls being successful enough to produce clones.
  7. They should have gotten the season in the can before airing episodes.
  8. I will welcome Leslie Grace as Batgirl.
  9. Finished Samus Returns. The longest run so far having finished it in 10 hours. Unlike my other runs I did 100% for this one. This is definitely my favorite metriod 2 remake. Now to try the Prime games for the first time.
  10. What gets me is the black people in the council didn't seem phased by what he said. They must be so use to that racist shit that it doesn't register anymore.
  11. I think it's appropriate seeing how you can barely make out what some of those guys be saying. I need subtitles if I'm going to listen to Future.
  12. The split has been happening ever since mumble rap became a thing. Though the popularity of mumble as died down considerably with drill being the new hotness.
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