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  1. Even if the MSRP is "reasonable" no one will get it for that price with how the market currently is. It will easily be double or triple the price it's meant to sell for
  2. The left is what was advertised. The right is what you get.
  3. A couple of unboxing videos did save me a lot of money. I was actually gonna buy the collectors edition of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite for the Infinity stones but knowing they looked like eggs and couldn't be removed I backed out.
  4. I watch let's play videos of games that have an interesting story but I have no interest in actually playing. I refuse to play any Five Nights at Freddy's. I rather watch someone play it.
  5. I watch unboxing video of products that I'm interested in. If the product page of what I'm buying doesn't tell me what it comes with then I watch the unboxing video.
  6. MSK getting boo'd never made any goddamn sense to me. Those guys are awesome and would normally be the type that the NXT audience would eat up. Fuck Izzy parents.
  7. Surprisingly tone death decision on the company. If they want to do a cancer charity they need to work with a reperable one.
  8. AEW catching heat for partnering with Susan G Komen. Big oof
  9. I have the split pads and they are really good. Imagine if the pro controller got spilt in half and converted into joycons. If your fine with all the features of the a regular joy con being gone they are worth it.
  10. What's the name of that wrestling game? That's hilarious.
  11. I'm approaching year three on my current phone. While I don't need to upgrade I've been eyeing the galaxy flip 3. If the thing had dust resistance I would probably pull the trigger on it
  12. This one aspect I agree with Bischoff with. Winning a key demo ain't shit. Unless they are taking market share away who gives a fuck? That's where the real damage will be dealt.
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