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  1. No, the Rainbow Warriors had the good luck to get wiped out. The Lamenters wish they can die off, and they tried to get wiped in a blaze of glory, they tried to just nuke themselves, yet somehow they barely survive. Those black armor Space Marines in the beginning of the video the Minotaurs, who where all buddy buddy with the Lamenters, till the Minotaurs fucked up and realize they are going to get blamed, pin the blame on the Lamenters and GTFO from the battle leaving the Lamenters to get badly beaten and get the punishment the Minotaurs deserved.
  2. Some Space Marine lore, The most Unluckiest, most fucked over Space Marine Chapter in the history of Space Marines.
  3. It's why I am at the point now if I see any tier list from anything in or related to the FGC I dismiss it with extreme prejudice. Most of them are such hot takes, that the so-called good ones get automatically the same scorn.
  4. I hate tier lists, they are all misleading.
  5. It also got named dropped on Lower Decks, no clue if it makes Axanar canon or not as it's not clear if Lower Decks is canon or not.
  6. Stupid console peasants
  7. My entire state is under Flood watch right now. LOL.
  8. With their reaction to Terry, Smashers prove they aren't apart of the FGC. That they always existed outside of it.
  9. I am going to make myself look like a Orger, probably never get bothered with people asking me stupid questions again.
  10. So what's your choice of controls? Play Station layout Xbox split layout Keyboard and mouse
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