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  1. So no real authority or way to enforce the code. Plus anyone can agree to adopt said code but refuse to sign, which would stop any legal authority right there. I also see alot of Anime Conventions refusing to sign as they rather keep their issues in house and not deal with any additional regulatory bodies.
  2. Smashers have a code of conduct? Keep mind Smashers had their own COC written by outsiders till the group was forced to disband They also had so much on their plate, from one summer they had years of work and they all gave up Hopefully this FGCOC does the same. Also I read that tripe, its full of contradictions, lack of clarity, ambiguity, areas of the code that should just not exist as it's too abuseable, no list of theses supposed TOs are who agreed to the code, no anywhere it me
  3. My cousin's husband just told me about Ventoy, I need to look into it so I don't need to reformat the boot drive any more. It's appears to be it's own bootable environment and you only need to swap the ISO or EFI files for OS updates. Also Ventoy could do multiple OS installs.
  4. Look what I did. After not being able to find my installation USB drive for a OS reinstall, I ended up making new thumb drives up for Install and Recovery, using Keytags to label the drives so I can identify them easily. The Extra Install drive is going to a friend as he starting a PC build soon, and I am going to be helping them out.
  5. Because Black and Mild's are made from pipe tobacco and pipe tobacco has no fillers and actually smell good when burned. It's almost like you are smoking potpourri There alot of shit that gets mixed in with cigarette tobacco, everything from toasted lettuce to yard clippings.
  6. So you are posting some vague quasi-religious BS with your Alt-Right message, but you also include some weeaboo shit too ? There one thing you are forgetting Only when mankind has mastered his socks will he become a master of all he surveys.
  7. You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at forums.
  8. Oh I know, for $350 you get a Console and no controller? Man for $50 more you can get a PS5 with an controller.
  9. Back in 1983 , its been a zombie ever since. Actually Radiant here is right, the Atari everyone thinks of been long dead back in the video game Crash. People been buying up the name to try to pedal their own product, and most of that been trash outside the occasional retro compilation and even then the compilations are just cheap cash grabs, and that on Retro game compilation standards. Lynx was not a bad idea for a handheld, its a head of its time but poorly executed Jaguar is a hot mess VCS is just a Joke, its a cheap system on a Chip PC that can be cracked open and be
  10. So the Woman from the original trailer back in 2013 cam be found in the game at the end of a quest
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