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  1. Like I could of made better by spending 5 bucks at the Goodwill for materials
  2. Like how most of his business ventures hemoraging money and has the most failures like Trump Steaks and Trump U.
  3. Starting your own servers like that from scratch is crazy expensive. Most people hire/rent servers. Amazon is one of the worlds largest server hosts of there. About half the internet is now on Amazon servers. If?
  4. How long till they get booted off their servers like Parlor did? I give them 3 months tops.
  5. I like Sport Games without the Pro leagues licensing influences. Moment the NFL, NBA, MLB and such got involved the scene changed. And not always for the better. Blitz was cool, but to me things changed when Sports titles in the 32/64 bit era had to have licensing and yearly updates and Sport titles became worthless You no longer are buying a new game, just a roster update. Obviously a Troll post if I ever seen one.
  6. So the latest development with this shit ass Indie game dev that yet to deliver all the physical copies of Paprium, many are non-working. This is a screen shot of the email they sent out, and didn't want the people who receive it to spread. Collaborating with a twitter post
  7. I still feel the best sports game ever is Super Dodge Ball for the NES. Yes it's jank, didn't have official sponsors or licensing, and the rules didn't reflect real world play, and there power moves. But its pure game play fun. You even play a evil Duplicate version of your team before playing the USSR team (or was it the other way around). Also there no micro transactions, no forced updates and no validation servers.
  8. The Verge has less credibility than Kotaku. So unless someone else reports on the same thing, take it with a grain of salt.
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