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  1. Try the bowguns, the only tricky thing I have come across dexterity wise is maybe fanning manoeuvre > ammo switch > cluster bomb but that could also be down to how I have my controls set and it's also only for cluster bomb builds.
  2. I've been doing it since Tri. Learn your weapon, observe monster and bring pots.
  3. Has Tommy even been on TV lately? Feels like I never hear about him anymore.
  4. The HA cracks me up every time for some reason. Screwdriver is fucking killer though and the Steiner's were godlike.
  5. Try stuff like Ion Fury, Dusk and Ultra kill. They may be up your alley.
  6. Nothing came to fruition on that front unfortunately, on and off illness, a baby arrived and then lethal lockdown 2020 happened. All I need now is lockdown to end, the gyms and schools to reopen and some free time. Still gonna give it a shot though.
  7. I've seen dudes throw out thigh slaps on forearms and fucking chops, CHOPS!? They make the sound for you, like jesus fucking christ, learn to work.
  8. Thigh slaps on anything other than headkicks bugs me to no end so that's good in my book.
  9. My raid group and I just downed the final savage raid boss of this expansion for FFXIV, feels so good. Some of the mechanics are cruel. Here's my Samurai buddies stream, should be time stamped on the clear but it's at about 44 in mins if anyone interested to see.
  10. Adam Pearce selling better than 90% of active wrestlers is really something.
  11. iirc, and I'm not sure if it applies to XIIZ but, I think Fran should be your Samurai DPS (I assume it would be Knight here?) because she has a higher combo and crit chance. If you bother with the hunts Gilgamesh has some amazing gear for her but you have to steal/mug in multiple battles against him to get it all.
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