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  1. I adore FF8 so it's nice to see more 8 love The Last of Us is more overrated than FF7 Daft Punk are also vastly overrated
  2. Fuck summer I want winter back
  3. Yeah I didn't watch the card but heard about that, absolutely disgusting. Their fighter's safety should come first not some carny level bullshit that they pulled. I'd hope they get reprimanded somehow but I doubt that'll happen.
  4. So there's Synthwave x Metal crossover album that's pretty cool. Bunch of Synth/Darkwave artists covering tracks from metal bands. Turns out a Synthwave band I know of covered one of my favourite Burzum tracks, one that's not actually black metal or even metal itself. Also new Immortal is filthy
  5. @DanZan That track is pretty bangin Time to get dark as fuck with the Ambient Black Metal band Darkspace
  6. I'm pretty sure there's a group working on an unofficial Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines remaster.
  7. What are you listening to? What are you looking forward to? Recommendations or rants? Well, post all your bullshit music related content in here*. *Unless it's VG music.
  8. Barboza got fucking wrekt, LW has always been an interesting division but I think it's the one that has my full attention right now. That may be because I can't wait for someone to completely embarrass Khabib on the feet though.
  9. This is like the third time the fight has been lined up? Only 2 weeks for one of them to get injured or miss weight :kappa:
  10. Not gonna lie it's a grind BUT~~ it's an easy as fuck grind. Basically kill mobs to spawn fates, kill fate bosses to gain loads of exp and crystals, get to level 18-20 and kill the main boss Pazuzu to get feathers. If you die and don't get rez'd within 10 minutes you lose a level. It took my GF about 3 days to get 2 Eureka Relics.
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