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  1. Adam Pearce selling better than 90% of active wrestlers is really something.
  2. iirc, and I'm not sure if it applies to XIIZ but, I think Fran should be your Samurai DPS (I assume it would be Knight here?) because she has a higher combo and crit chance. If you bother with the hunts Gilgamesh has some amazing gear for her but you have to steal/mug in multiple battles against him to get it all.
  3. Xbox gave me a free £8/$10 the other day so I picked up Radiant Silvergun and Guardian Heroes, the latter of which I've never played but always heard good stuff about. Also started raiding on FFXIV again, we've gotten to the enrage of the third fight a couple of times tonight so that should be a kill next week. This raid tier had been super fun so far can't wait till we hit the wall on the final one. What have you mad lads been playing recently?
  4. Fucking Brits letting their mum's do their tanning for them.
  5. I've been well enough to start working this year and in doing so have lost 53lbs, warehouse picking has me walking 10miles + a day. Now I just need to get back to lifting, I would go back to the church of Gotch but I think it'd kill me after work right now.
  6. Man, minge is a word that needs to come back into use it so vile sounding lol
  7. Hades is too fun, finally unlocked all the weapons and I'm happy and surprised that I like 4/6 of them. The gun is nutty as fuck especially with the Daedulus upgrade that splits your special into 5 separate bombs, there's something about dashing upto an cunts face, placing a Venn diagram of pain on it and then watching the ensuing carpet bombing of said cunt.
  8. Boomer shooter is a more tongue in cheek term than anything, anyone using it seriously has smooth brain syndrome. I started playing Hades a little, I liked Theseus then he ended my run, so fuck that guy.
  9. @AriesWarlockYo wrap your ear pussy 'round this, might be up your alley.
  10. I've never had much trouble with Mednafen, I just used a GUI mod thingy and popped the bios' in the right place iirc, AFAIK Mednafen is the better of the Saturn emus right now.
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