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  1. CGI kinda sus but it looks like fun. Hope we get more of the 1st part of that trailer in this film, the chemistry between Eddie and Venom was easily the best part of the first one.
  2. You didn't read your replies to Eskills? Or telling Optimus "the cop had way more patience than she should have if you asked me."
  4. SH the same dude that back on SRK condoned cops shooting other ppl just for being yelled at. Y'all not gonna get thru to him.
  5. I don't like the changes they made to the Amber character but it's a pretty good adaption of the comic.
  6. I was feeling it until Awkwafina showed up at the end. Her shtick is tired af
  7. The completion requirements for Crash 4 are why I'm admiring the game from afar. Maybe when it's on sale for 20 and under will I consider it.
  8. So who is Mayhemking in that SRK discord? I feel like its Zat but he hasn't told anyone to stop gripping they dick so probably not.
  9. You have to heal during the nova, preferably with jerkies to recover the red health instant. Only thing meeting the threshold does is make the novas not instakill.
  10. Damage him with elemental weapons until you meet the threshold. You'll know when he topples over like he got KO'd and the Handler will let you know that his power's been contained.
  11. Its sorta a play off "kimura lock" because I used to practice BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) back when I was young. LOX is sorta based off the hip hop group the LOX, but lowkey I just wanted another way of saying locks lol.
  12. Sorry Million but this game is a fucking disaster .
  13. You get the remastered version for free on PS5 if you already own the PS4 version, so you can now run the game in 120fps, and load times are pretty much instant.
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