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  1. If you went into a coma, the last movie you saw was The Fast and the Furious, woke up, and saw the F9 trailer; it would be the most extreme WTF moment.
  2. That age used to seem so far away. Now it seems like tomorrow
  3. Me and my brothers are all left handed. I was till about 6. Then the left took over.
  4. References images from Episode 4 and a sneak peek into the last two eps.
  5. This is the point that I was going to get to. You're right as I agree that there is some neglect. Yet to @JHDKpoint, the time may just not be there based on corporate expectations in order to keep your livelihood going.
  6. To be honest, I haven't thought about it enough. We're well aware that this is an issue. I have a feeling this is what the concern is. If someone has to work outside of the home but has to also take care of their child is not a great place to be in. Teacher unions, school systems and parents could always collaborate to make it work.
  7. Not all low tier parents want to remain low tier. Your bolded statement of my post is meant to imply an opportunity. That includes a better position both for the parent and the organizations. Schools have a function, which is to educate. Across the board there are better ways for us to facilitate learning. I am not one for using school as a handout. It's a resource. However it's a state mandated one that seems to not be as effective as it can be for all participants.
  8. This, which is where your later point comes in. I agree, the thing is though that people treat school as if it is daycare. There is an honest opportunity to patch the holes with this issue. Yet again, there isn't any dialogue, just pissing contests.
  9. That's really all that it is. People want to get back to the way thing were. This is honestly a chance for society to dial in how to handle homecare/schooling for children. However, that'll require change and we just don't do that well.
  10. It was a cool minigame, but it got tiring when that was the answer to most of Batman's problems.
  11. I hope so. The Boss battles in the game were honestly the best in the franchise and certainly it was better than what was had in Arkham Knight. The fact that you fight Deathstroke in a tank is laughable at best, lazy at worst. That's what got me. I remember finishing it and was thinking if these people played the same game that I did. Arkham City is the best game overall, but Origins is a damn close second.
  12. Since Arkham Origins is likely never going to be rereleased on console, I grabbed it for $5 via HumbleBundle. I still don't understand why there was so much hate on this game. Since the same studio is doing Gotham Knights (WB Montreal), I don't have a lot of worries that it'll at least be decent.
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