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  1. Fam, you got this! I'm on a similar journey. Dropped 25 lbs since April. Right now my goal is 3% of my body weight every month. So far, I've been hitting that. As a side, if you want to add body composition to the mix , either get a set of body fat calipers or do the waist to hip ratio measurement. That can show if your body fat percentage is dropping. Economic terrorism . . . because of dessert. . . I'm in full agreeance. I just got acquainted with the brand and it's great. I despise that flavor (only because my parents used to get it on the regular). Cookies and creme is my go to.
  2. Not at all. Tipped employees can be paid that low unfortunately. This is why most of the hospitality industry workforce is on board with the living wage discussion.
  3. Playing catch up with The Venture Bros has been a blast. Two silly moments that stood out in Season 5 and the Season 6 opener: Also, kudos to the show for "The Investors" names and how they all tie together with Greek Mythology. Even greater is that Killinger uses an umbrella, which is an element of one of the gods referenced. I grow more and more upset each episode that I didn't watch it while it was still on. The creators EARNED the right to finish the show.
  4. The additional texture and tang is the superior attack on the taste buds. If you have to use sauce, you aren't eating a steak. One of my close friends will not ask for anything else. When we would all go out, he knew not to do that around us.
  5. I got my No More Heroes 1 and 2 from Limited Run a few weeks ago. Played through the first game again. I remember it for it's charm but certainly not playing it. That's a title I never want to go through again. Everything that I loved about the franchise is basically in the second game. It's good to see that they streamlined the hell out of the game play elements.
  6. Picked Venture Bros. back up. Man this show is too much. It's been a while since I laughed at a villain's introduction. The character "Radical Left" almost made me spit out my drink. The fact that his other side's named Right Wing is pure genius.
  7. Don't let that friend be more attractive. That person is never coming by the house again.
  8. It's all about mutual understanding. People think that there is some sort of rulebook when it comes to sex. At the end of the day, what happens is that one person's feelings (male or female) go into overdrive and that is what screws it up. It's basically a misunderstanding of where you are.
  9. I really don't understand how so many people missed the boat that most of our franchises have real world scenarios baked into them. Art imitates life. That said, the more modern approach uses algorithms to determine how long a storyline should unfold. That's the problem. As a side. Saw the Loki finale. I'm good with the casting. It also did exactly what I thought this was gonna set up.
  10. Chicken (particularly the breast) is a bastard of a meat especially if pan-searing. Personally, when cooking chicken on a skillet, I just make them "cutlets. This is just flattening it so the breast is just an even thickness to help cook the meat at the same rate. Either sandwich the meat between a piece of plastic wrap or use a ziploc bag and go to work. Before I got a meat-tenderizer, I used a small pan. People occasionally suggest butterflying, but I find this to be more consistent, Be warned, depending on the size of the breast, you can have a fairly large piece at then end (surface wise). Just to reiterate, the goal isn't trying to make it paper thin, you just want the meat to have the same thickness across the surface. Also, if you want something that's easier to prepare, chicken thighs are a solid go-to. It's a fattier cut so this prevents all the moisture from being cooked out of the meat. Don't buy the boneless/skinless thighs. It's more expensive and takes only 5-10 minutes to debone an entire pack. A good set of kitchen shears will make short work of them. With a hot pan, you can render the fat off of the thigh (skin side down) and get a really crispy exterior that's juicy. Another great benefit is the left over fat (oil) can be used to pan sear your vegetables. Lastly, if you don't have an instant-read thermometer, get one. It's easily the thing that has gotten me to consistently avoid overcooking meat. For chicken, the recommended cooking temp for safety is 165 degrees. I take it out of the pan somewhere between 155 and 160 due to carry-over heat.
  11. You've come a long way Masterpiece Starscream I'm in for the whole damn squad!
  12. It's What If. . . .it's kinda why it's not. We know that this isn't really going to go anywhere (outside of a multiverse setup).
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