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  1. Reminds me of that Chris Rock bit. Where certain people can talk shit to others because it doesn't sound as bad if the other did the same. Ladies can have all the standards they want for a man. But a guy can't have standards for a woman. "That's just mean" Found it. Start at 4:50.
  2. Jesus christ....To those of ya with daughters please always be in their lives. Talk to them, vet the men they are into. Teach them skills etc. Even as they grow into adulthood Don't let'em end up like this....
  3. At 6:50 and 8.00 marks. Twice he was asked if he would get his kids vaccinated and twice he dodges the question. Shit like that is why many don't trust that vaccine.
  4. Most people in red states got no beef with vaccines. It's the covid vaccine in particular that they take issue with. People don't trust it.
  5. Well looks like Cali decided to thrown down the gauntlet. Either covid vaccine or no school.
  6. Aw shit son! R.Kelly ain't do this alone. So he ain't going down alone! This could get wild!
  7. Polls like these should be split into two. One voted on by fans like this. And one voted on by those that are working or have worked in the industry in the game design process.
  8. Damn shits getting real in NY. Due to the vaccine mandate and many employees refusing. Hospitals are gonna be severely under staffed.
  9. Ah OK if we're talking specfic braid styles. Then I can see their point. But then that just brings me back to the whole hair straightening and putting other people's hair in their head. Also for shits and giggles. If you did hair. And a white chick came in wanting an African style of braids. Would you refuse to protect the culture?
  10. Nah no hard feelings ova here. We just having a good back and fourth. We cool. But yeah my point is how can black women get mad over white women using their hair styles, while making their hair resemble a white woman's and wearing the hair of others? Can't we all just enjoy and learn from each others cultures?
  11. Again my point is being missed. I'm not claiming wigs, extentions, etc are appropriated from white people. I'm talking about the act of wearing other races hair in any manner. White women liking "black" hair styles so they get braids is a foul. But black women liking asian hair and wearing it is fine though? Hypocrisy. And yes there are the outliers born with straight hair. But I'm talking about those with natural kinky hair. And go and get it permed and straightened.
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