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  1. Tenten deserved better.... just want to put that out there
  2. While that is true about Slavery. When it comes to African American slavery in particular. Our ancestors had their culture and identity stripped from them. The Irish were slaves, but they still got to keep their culture and identity. Us though? Not so much.
  3. Well. The big short squeeze happened already. Like two weeks ago. Seems I was late to the party and took a fat L. Lost 1300 on a 3800 investment. But I learnt my lesson. If I miss the boat. Wait for another boat. Never chase. Imma get back into Zomedica for the March product launch. Focus on that and look for one more play to get into. Then after that. Do due diligence before putting money into any stock. In the meantime. Load up my Brokerage account
  4. I like and respect Queen Latifah, for what she has done in Hip Hop. Especially for the ladies. And her grind all these years. But this... Nah bruh lol. Set it off was perfect casting. It had more realistic action for her character and she was very convincing as that character. But pure over the top action hero??? Did ya see the way she ran from that explosion???
  5. Appreciate that. But we dying. Stock fell further in Pre market. It's like they're keeping this short Ladder attack going non stop. Theyay very well drop the price below 9 dollars. Can't believe they may get away with this.....At least we tried
  6. This guy explains the illegal activity that took place in order to tank AMC stock price today and keep it from taking off. Hedge funds are fighting dirty and tooth and nail to cover their shorts at a profit His vid seems to have restored the confidence of AMC investors that were starting to get cold feet and consider selling out. As long as we continue to buy and hold, and stay above 11.00 a share. We win this
  7. Glad I'm in Atlanta. Saw some flurries for a few hours early morning today and that was it. Don't miss marching through snows hills. Sinking on them. And slush getting in your boots and socks. Now you in school for 8 hrs. Uncomfortable as fuck with soaked ice cold socks and feet.
  8. Alright boys. Tomorrow is the big day for AMC and see if the squeeze is in effect. There has been support and people buying in around the globe. I even got my older sister in on it. We gonna check tomorrow together. Let's see if another great transfer of wealth is going down this week
  9. THE LINE WAS HELD!!! AMC closed above 9 dollars. So the hedge fund short seller options are out of the money! We gonna make bank Monday and Tuesday!
  10. Damnnnnn I wish I had sold my Zom shares and got in on AMC during the after market yesterday. I'm up 22% right now with $2880 Worth of shares invested after selling out of my ABNB shares at a 25% profit and going all in. But if you got in yesterday after the dip? You're looking at a 2x gain today. But they said the hedge fund's option experies today. If AMC closes above 9 bucks and that's looking almost guaranteed. The squeeze will happen and it could explode!
  11. Sold out of all my Zomedica shares at a 25% loss. Lil over 300 bucks. Went all in on AMC and bought almost $1600 Worth of shares in pre market just a few minutes ago. Fuck it. If I'm willing to take a chance on a Penny stock. Why not throw my hat in the ring of a legendary and historic movement in the market. Where the little guy finally gets one over on the bigger guys. Let's see what happens
  12. Yo were you able to make a play on AMC before brokerages started blocking down buy orders?
  13. Not gonna lie. I definitely get the hype around tall vampire lady from RE8. She better be in the next marvel vs capcom. She is what RE7 was missing. A standout villian that makes an impact at first glance. Design and personality wise.
  14. Shit. My dad is mid 50s, with most of his hair with no Grey. Only a few Grey hairs in his beard. My hair is staying on point for quite some time. @MillionXIf you were to hit the lotto. DO.NOT immediately quit your job. Give the two week notice so no one suspects you've come into money. And wait till about 2-4 weeks after the winning ticket was announced to put in your notice @KingTubbThat sucks. But it could be worse. Met dudes who were thinning in their late 20s.
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