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  1. Anybody here happen to have a "very particular set of skills"?
  2. I haven't kept up with VTM since about the early 2000s. But there was an alternate setting for it that was published where players could get away with a lot more- Vampire: The Dark Ages. I never actually got to play that, but I did have a campaign plotted out that would take place in Constantinople where the players would be caught up in a power struggle between factions vying over a holy relic mcguffin that would end up turning out to be the severed head of John the Baptist.
  3. Having actually played a fair bit of Vampire TTRPG back in the day, there were a couple of limiting factors on how over the top PC actions would get. The most important being that if you start making messes, elder vampires would kill you without a second thought for endangering the Masquerade.
  5. I'm not exactly sure which thing said about Alex you're disagreeing with, but I watch Gunfight rather a lot (just about the only regular practice I get listening to French) and it isn't like Gunfight thought Alex was completely awful in season 4.
  6. The low key secret is that Alex was never as bad as everyone said. Yeah, he was in the bottom third, but there were a whole bunch of characters that were basically just as bad.
  7. That whole sequence should be the storyline canon about how Akuma died.
  8. Err, yes and no. Once wake up options become good enough that running oki becomes riskier to the attacker than to the person getting up, you kind of strip that whole interaction out of the game. I'm not ready to make the call that V-shift is as good as all that yet, but I haven't definitely proven to myself that it couldn't be that good either.
  9. I don't know what set-ups people are going to find, but just labbing around with Alex it seems like wake-up V-shift +/- V-break just removes autopilot oki from the game.
  10. This isn't a deal breaker for me, but after seeing the I-NO glow up I realized that about half the character models in this game are awfully dull.
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