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  1. Lyrically, Cheap Trick does not get nearly enough credit.
  2. I don't remember that one well, but it's from Ralph Bakshi, who did one of my all time favorites:
  3. I had a local chain that did two pretty okay large cheese pizzas for $8. That shit was 2+ days of food, and cost competitive with feeding myself with farm stand veggies back during the poverty years.
  4. The couch and loveseat in my living room were literally falling apart. So near the start of CoVid, I told my wife "It doesn't make sense for us to drag the kids out shopping in the pandemic, so you should just pick something out yourself." Because of pandemic delays, the sectional she chose just months ago just got delivered today. We live in a small ranch home. My living room is now 90% couch. I'm not sure that constitutes a problem, but it's definitely something.
  5. I can't tell yet whether that's a bad thing. Maybe SNK will have a budget for a change?
  6. Shit food can photograph great, and bomb food can photograph like reheated Alpo.
  7. So maybe Kaido is pretty strong after all...
  8. PETA probably really does stop some actual animal cruelty occasionally, but you'd never know it from the rest of the dumb fuckery they engage in.
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