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  1. I still like Hori fightpads, even though they have wear and tear issues. I still have a TE2 stick somewhere, but I can hardly be bothered to deal with anything that bulky anymore.
  2. Probably either Ryu would give in to the Satsui no Hado and fail to stop Bison, or Bison would otherwise simply win their fight if it happened too early, thereby leaving no one who'd be able to stop him in the end.
  3. I fell asleep before winners finals, but I did see that he was snatching back a lot of close rounds by doing raw VT activation to punish fireballs and then using that momentum to close out the round. I think he would have struggled more if people had been keeping better track of his V gauge.
  4. Of course an asshole tech mogul appearing on a live comedy show that's far past it's prime would adversely affect valuation of an abstract virtual commodity that started off as a parody but somehow attracted massive levels of investment through the simple power of irony to move markets. Sounds like Economics 101 level stuff
  5. I'm an open minded guy when it comes to pizza, but even I'm suspicious this may truly be an abomination
  6. Ah. I feel like I've played something non-MK with a double tap projectile, but damned if I can think of a specific example at the moment.
  7. Yeah, that was a much better situation back before input leniency.
  8. Double tap moves have been in a lot of games, not just MK. Plenty of games have had moves that are done out of a dash, so those are double tap moves by default. There are also even instant charge moves in SFV, they're just gated behind uncommon situations like Alex VS2 or Chun's up kick target combo thing.
  9. The League of Legends fighting game, and I wouldn't know anything about it either except it was briefly announced as in development during Evo a few years ago.
  10. Yeah- he feels like he has a lot of footsie deadzones so it's all risky fishing for jackpot combos. Character probably should have gotten more health in the patch at least, instead of getting it taken away. At least his combos actually feel rewarding to do.
  11. I've been messing around with Seth in training just to try to get a secondary character back to a playable level. While there's zero doubt they had to nerf his axe kick, I kind of feel like he's maybe a little too toothless now?
  12. Yeah, I've seen plenty of roundabouts in Mass, DC, and New Jersey.
  13. Sanji with the oblique Trigun reference this week.
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