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  1. First shit tickets and now this. Y'all need to cut it out.
  2. I need to finish Venture Bros. Season 4's finale end scene may have been one of my favorite moments in the series. ATHF is just a random trash heap and I love it for that reason.
  3. I am waiting for one of "woke" folk to state this is a government conspiracy funded by the lizardmen who operate inside of the Bill Gates Secret Order of the Emperor.
  4. If you need gas, check this here: This should be resolved by the weekend. I was supposed to go to a wedding next weekend. If this hasn't shaped up by Wednesday, I ain't rolling.
  5. Coincidentally, I just grabbed a Masterpiece Soundwave off of the Facebook sales groups. One of my close friends was looking for one and picked it up as soon as I saw it. For the official release, sub $150 is a great price.
  6. Stop acting like a bitch and just say what you mean to say. I rather have racism on front street. June 19 is a Saturday at that.
  7. There is enough but WE are stupid. The cost of wood has gotten ridiculous.
  8. I hope all of you guys in the Southeast got gas. I've been seeing photos of people filling up rainwater containers in some of my local groups. This is ridiculous.
  9. Here in Raleigh, people were getting out to get gas. It's not the people who are going to fill up, but it's those creating vibes similar to TP WARS 2020. You don't need to fill up all 3 cars and add six 5 gallon containers to boot.
  10. Sending healing vibes your way good sir. Glad you got the chance to say goodbye.
  11. Strangest thing I've seen/heard today: "Martin Luther King Jr. was a traitor to and treasonous black person and if we (black people) had our own nation we'd be able to charge him with treason. MLK was funded by the Rockefellers to keep black people passive to get them to go as far as they have gotten today. " How does one arrive to this conclusion ?
  12. I put that image in a group chat with a few of my friend back home. Them - Just put some honey on it. Me - You'll just die slower.
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