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  1. Character models aside, the GTA PS2 era remaster collection looks good, ps3 quality even. I may buy it depending on how they've updated the actual gameplay. Need to see the combat in action first before I commit
  2. Agreed. If I had to nitpick anything in Dread , it'd be the lack of memorable music beside a remix or two of old themes. I feel with It being Nintendo, they couldve done better. What's there isn't bad, just doesn't leave an impression
  3. I'll give it a watch, I only caught Reigns vs Lesnar, which was so-so ring work wise, but good story wise
  4. The fact the Saudi Arabia crowd was so hype, probably one of the better crowds. Not sure if Crown Jewel was actually decent or if they're just happy to be outside lol
  5. OMG, that poor dude, his family...and i know Baldwin is probably torn to be pieces to be the unwitting trigger man. That's so fucked up
  6. Man, I been sleeping on Ghost of Tsushima after having it for months. Game is fun, somehow the side quests are enjoyable as the main campaign. It even has the "I fuckin forget how to play this shit feature" that kinda gives u tips, hints and helps you relearn some or the basics lol Think this'll be my next project, then I'll get back to Returnal and Cyberpunk
  7. Well a slight correction, I did catch Covid like in February last year, but no symptoms other than loss of smell/taste. Which only lasted 4 days But yea other than that nothing besides allergies. I definitely been slippin lately tho so I gotta get back on my A-game to avoid catching anything serious
  8. Likewise, most I've had is my allergies bothering me. Even my dreaded nemesis cigarette smoke affects me way less. I can't explain this phenomenon of why I've barely been sick Any insight?
  9. Kang's around so time travel into the future is possible. I think Disney probably could pull it off if they really wanted to, but Universal throws a major wrench into a WWH arc. I won't get my hopes up
  10. Two weeks ago ppl on my TL were giving R Kelly passes on his pedophilia cuz the kneegrow could sang. But this week, they're giving this creep who married his stepdaughter (who he raised from a toddler) pure hell So we just gonna be selective about denouncing grooming and pedophilia huh?
  11. Wasn't That was more of a Planet Hulk tho? But yea, I don't see World War Hulk happening, atleast not on its own terms atleast. It'll have to be done the Ragnarok way
  12. I for one welcome our new overlord, King X
  13. Samus stuck on a prison PLANET, gradually regaining her stolen gear while trying to escape guards, convicts and other bounty hunters? YES PLEASE, inject it into my veins
  14. I'm not mad at the winner of the Queen of the Ring. Booked her like shit since her return, so maybe we'll see a turnaround
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