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  1. Ugh, do we really need a remake of Last of Us 1? We JUST had a remaster a few years ago. Time to move on
  2. I honestly didn't know that was him voicing him til I looked online, that was dope. They really got some big names for this show
  3. We that remains to be see IF he'll stay on the righteous path. Reminded me of a certain MARVEL Netflix show that ended like this. Wonder if this was intentional
  4. Yea, it's Alfa. I've never actually had to use it until today, but I FINALLY got an ETA on a truck. After that, gotta get a locksmith who will no doubt tax tf outta me. Oh well, atleast I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel
  5. I been on the phone with my insurance company to get a tow truck out here for damn near an hour. Like how tf hard is it to get some ppl out here? He still hasn't found anyway as of now, this day gets progressively more frustrating
  6. I either lost or somebody grabbed my car keys and house keys at work. I'm SICK, what a way to start my week off I'll be able to get my spare house key from my homie, but I'm gonna have to see a most likely expensive locksmith about my car key. Did I mention it's also storming outside?
  7. Krypton was a great show that ended prematurely. Their version of Doomsday was amazing and true to the character. Braniac and Zod were also dope as fuck too
  8. I'm all for a Thunderbolts movie or a show led by him. Honestly I feel it's inevitable whether Zemo is in or not, especially now that's its shown he can carry an episode on his charisma alone
  9. It's bad when I like Zemo more than Captain America from Wish. I probably trust Zemo more too at this point
  10. So much for my "supervisor" wising up, he still keeps bringing his fat ass down here trying to micro-manage me like a child. Not even the actual main captain of our vessel does this, he gives you an objective for the day/weak and leaves you to your own devices to complete Since this company has treated me well, I promised the front office I'd make it work and try to get along with this guy, but he is not making this easy. Looks like I'd gonna have to pull him aside AGAIN after work and politely tell him to back off. If that doesn't work, I'm going over his head to the main office
  11. I wasn't sold on Space Jam 2 until I saw that trailer. The Warner Bros multiverse is what did it for me. Iron Giant, King Kong, Game of Thrones, the Hanna Barbara characters, it's basically Ready Player One Part 2 with a dash of Wreck It Ralph
  12. I'm hearing X is off life support and breathing on his own. Not sure how true, but I'll let u guys know if anything crosses my radar. X still might give it to ya EDIT: Confirmed
  13. Apparently X is now brain dead in a vegetative state. He was just about to make a comeback too, we need a miracle
  14. This man (my "supervisor") has been complaining about having nothing to do on the boat since we've been slow the past few weeks . So he decides to come down and "help" me paint the engine room This mfer did a grand total of 24 minutes of work that amounted to basically nothing and called it a day. Meanwhile, I essentially had an entire wall painted in less time I think him seeing me actually do my thang and completely out work him made him finally get tf on (which made me happy). Now he might have some appreciation for just how efficient I am as a worker. Certain shit
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