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  1. Broooooo As for the EMMI, yeah, Mr. X-style stalking would be better. Tbh, the zones bother me the most. They're so different from the rest of the planet that it breaks immersion a bit.
  2. My guy, these are the clowns that straight up made an article telling people to pirate the game so they could play on emulator. Anthony could walk up to them and do a whole ass seminar about subtlety and they wouldn't learn a thing.
  3. It's been like, 10 days. It should be fine to untag spoilers, right? I'm not too active in GD, so I dunno how y'all roll with that.
  4. Tooie was better anyway. Apparently, all the licensing nonsense involved skyrocketed the price and whoever wants that gotta hold that. I personally could never tho.
  5. Finally had time to turn Raven into Chozo Fried Chicken. 13h and one minute. Oh well, at least the ending was the Zero Mission one. Do you get anything different with 100%?
  6. You have no shortage of characters to pick from tbh. It's possible to get 20k with whatever character you pick first too, so that means that maybe you can get 2 characters instead of wack costumes. Pick someone you'd probably roll with in case you ever feel like playing that game, I guess.
  7. Yes, a corny one. That is mindblowing. Imagine falling into the gacha hell version of this:
  8. They needed a Dragonball GT-like entry just to round off all the endings. Iirc, there are 8.
  9. I am SO happy I forgot to buy it when rollback was announced.
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