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  1. Read the thing. Not a word about the Danfinite.
  2. I'm just happy Cipher got a gf. Even though I dunno how tf she puts up with him. All of you deserve to be smothered by Bonita-Tier thighs every day. Y'all the best.
  3. You could've just talked about Strive, but SFV seems to live rent free in your head, free trial or not.
  4. Sign was one thing. Revelator was a whole sequel. Rev2 is just their "Super/Ultra/Arcade/Champion Edition" thing for Revelator. It got a couple expansions but they're included in the stuff I posted.
  5. @Mattatsu Best thing about Xrd's story content is that it's extremely streamlined, so it's super easy to follow even if you can't understand anything. - Xrd Sign - All Arcade Cutscenes: Story Mode Playlist: (Timestamped with Ramlethal's arcade cutscene that's without subs in the Arcade vid.) - Xrd Rev2 - All Arcade Cutscenes:
  6. Thought as much. If you feel like sharing that high poly sauce tho... I got mixed up. Those damn Laura players running those even when they ain't playin!
  7. Pretty sure that's not the case, but lemme call an expert. Ay yo, @Psychobluethis dude wants to play SFxT!!!
  8. We definitely getting greedy. But yeah, Crossplay really is the next big thing. Maybe the last actually. I mean, in this thread alone, let's say we got 20 players. 12 will be at PS, 8 on PC. Sure, that's enough for use to fill lobbies and get good matches. But it sucks that I won't be able to play Mattatsu and Tubb and @Darc_Requiemgot a legit excuse to duck me. But yeah, hopefully, ArcSys gets everything sorted, their drive to improve wound up getting them that sweet ass deal to make DBFZ. Right now, they and Namco are the big dog FG devs. In no small par
  9. "We've received a lot of requests from the players regarding implementing crossplay between the PC and console versions," said Strive Director Akira Katano in an answer to a fan question. "However, there are many problems that need to be overcome before it can be added to the game." To get Strive to function between the platforms, ArcSys would need to add in a different way for their connection system to work which few fighting game devs have included currently. "At this time, we've decided not to implement crossplay on release," continued Katano. "We are, however, lookin
  10. ArcSys gonna fukk around and add crossplay to Strive. If we all believe in the power of friendship and Rollback, it'll happen!!!
  11. There's a difference between this old beat work PC that can't run SFIV and my real PC...
  12. Laaaaaaaaaaaame. Oh well. Btw, you getting Strive on PC? Come to think of it, I don't really know who's getting it for sure. I'm counting like, 5 or 6 people tho.
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