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  1. Darc just casually flexing that he got a PS5 like: In other news, Age of Calamity is one heck of a game bros. Seriously, what a fun game.
  2. Unfortunately I missed it because I was having wacky pizza adventures, but good to hear you won man, good job!
  3. Ok, that may be a legit cause for concern and I kinda feel bad. What topics are these? I haven't been keeping track of stuff here for a bit, but if they're legit topics, they should have at least some traffic in them. Edit: Apparently, the only noteworthy post you made that wasn't mindless Cisco drivel was the one asking if people shave their asses and that your ass hair is long enough for you to twirl it. I should've expected as much.
  4. No, yours is really good and everyone that speaks in it is awesome.
  5. The inevitable topic returns. Pulled up to eat some pizza in Bea-Land with the fam. Nikkas is wilding. It needs to be seen to be believed. That left half is a meat strogonoff pizza with white chocolate crust. My immediate reaction was roughly this:
  6. So wtf is the Miles Morales thing anyway? Also, lol at taking Demon's Souls remake as anything less than that. There was a gigantic graphical improvement, tf you talking about @Angel ? We gon act like OoT3D wasn't a real remake too?
  7. Bro. You don't need to explain the meme. It was just a joke because of how Cipher structured that sentence.
  8. Fam, don't try to divert attention from the fact you tried to cram all that food in a tiny ass plate. Speaking of fat news, gonna try out some Bea-Land pizza. Because of course the SFV Lounge's topic must always come back to pizza.
  9. A'ight, you good. Bro, I waited three whole years for a Switch. Trust me, if anyone here knows how it feels, it's me.
  10. Look at the bright side. There's only 2 next-gen games out already, so you're not missing much. Think about all the good stuff you can do while you wait, like playing the Videogame GOAT Breath of the Wild.
  11. Man, it's been a while since I last checked the GD Lounge... I'm boutta head out, this shit came straight outta Kotaku.
  12. They just threw wayyyyyy too many plot lines for future events to try and wrap up in a 2nd story mode. Also, with how botched the first one and arcade mode was... Yeah, just... Don't try again, ok Capcom?
  13. They can do this "actually the same universe" nonsense all they want, the franchises are still different. Closer guests are still guests.
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