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  1. I can't imagine macro not being faster because you actually need to go back to neutral for 9, 6 iirc. Meanwhile, you can pretty much do 9+Macro and get it, or so I'm told. Dammit ArcSys, lemme play!!!
  2. Iirc, it should be easier than ever to IAD low af in this game because of the dash button, though iirc, air dashes got a bit of a startup now. I really can't wait to have a dash button in this game. I'mma move like a squirrel on cocaine.
  3. Ironically, as good as +R is, I can totally see why he'd say that. Honestly, I actually like Reload more than +R. +R got a bit too much stuff. A robust array of system mechanics, deep movesets for every character... Sure, that really allows people to develop their own unique style, but I actually like the more condensed movesets of Reload and Xrd. Less of a hassle to learn matchups too, I guess. Didn't get my hands on Strive yet, of course, so it's a bit too soon to say, but I legit like Reload, +R and Xrd for being games with their own identity and just generally reall
  4. I actually like the whole tower stuff they got going on. Ranked is nice in the sense of a "Carrot on a stick" goal. It's nice to have something tangible to chase. Not to mention being able to play a lot of different people with all kinds of styles and strategies. On the other hand, when it comes to truly learning a game, especially matchup-wise, quality, long sets against someone are still extremely important and fun. Balance is key.
  5. You're right. Imagine thinking. Couldn't be me, no sir. Just run up and press them buttons, it just works. @Mattatsu
  6. It makes a lot of difference, you gotta see it to believe it. I already got like, 60 matches in it just running sets with people here. No salt, no stress, just some good-ass GG. It was like when we all played 3S for a bit until Dayaan started to use OS Parries like a condom every jump-in.
  7. Honestly, you should pick +R to just shoot the shit and get used to anime FG pace. No need for hardcore labbing right out the gate, especially for a side hoe game. Focus on having fun.
  8. "Don't think. Pick Order-Sol." - Bruce Lee. "Playing?" You really think my PC can handle that? Though I might give it a shot later, I guess.
  9. Fuck that matchup with a rusty rake. I got thoroughly cooked by like, 3 or 4 different SRK players back to back the last time I had to play vs her. Ryu really has no answers, bitch got Dhalsim limbs.
  10. The more things change, the more they stay the same. What matchup is this?
  11. I'm talking about "haha VT go brrrr" scenarios where characters just pop that and suddenly your half bar is missing 30% and they got you in a dirty mixup to snatch at least another 20%. Cammy's out there still doing the same "Cr. MK xx Arrow then meaty or throw." It's not that she's bad, she just doesn't play the VT Unga meta, y'know?
  12. I feel personally attacked. And we know perfectly well what happens when things aren't made dumb, like how Sagat is bad simply because he can't steal rounds. Realistically, Cammy ain't even that good either if we think about SFV's meta. Her VT1 can help her get in, sure, but she's not out there stealing whole rounds without hitting people with a CA. Good fundamentals can only get you so far when people like Laura pops VT and starts moving like a squirrel on cocaine.
  13. That's the point. If Cammy carried, I'd be out of Ultra Plastic. Keep calling Ves like he won't blow you up for that take too tho.
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