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  1. Nope. Basically she was hiding him in there. It's one of the first scenes in the story, Chapter 1. It's easier if you see it for yourself.
  2. No, he was *in* Ariels. As in, I-No literally shoved her hand in her tiddies and pulled him outta there. Happy Chaos was her Victoria's Secret. As fo Dickinson... #FreeMyManThatMan
  3. Oh right, the whole light coming out of Zelda's hand deal. I forgot she probably had the whole thing all along. Thanks for reminding me.
  4. It wasn't a "theory" Nintendo pushed an official timeline out lmao. (Granted, it was to shut people up about it, but I digress.) I dunno. I wouldn't be surprised to see something related to Skyloft on it, though I don't quite expect them to pull Demise back into the fold. Maybe the Triforce though? There's obviously too little info for speculation, and BotW is too detached from the timeline to begin with, but it definitely smells fishy.
  5. You can recalibrate on the fly at any time just by pressing Y. At any time. Sword, bird... I'm already used to tapping Y every time I pull out the Beetle and Slingshot. I believe that philosophy wound up getting us BotW1. When you look back at Skyward, you see the foundation of a lot of it, such as the emphasis on the field exploration phase, stamina, critter collection for upgrades... My point with the thread title was much simpler. They're releasing Skyward HD and BotW2 is suddenly revealed to have sky exploration? There's gotta be a connection somewhere...
  6. Nope, some dipshit straight up deleted the sheet off the link. I don't think it ever got remade too...
  7. Everyone who tried to play on pad on Dolphin immediately recognized the trap. It's extremely awkward to control the sword with the right stick. Like, incredibly awkward. And let's not even get on the rest of the controls. Tried flying with button controls, immediately went back, it's just not good at all. In other news, farming is embarrassingly easy in this game. Pretty much everything respawns with a little time or distance. Loading sections also damn near guarantee refreshes. It's especially noticeable with birds since they flock back to where they were if you put a minimum distance after catching some, but Ancient Flowers are also incredibly easy to farm. I honestly like it better that way. Less of a hassle when I need things in bulk. I know I hated having to go all over the place for some critters in BotW. Speaking of the GOAT... This game keeps on giving... People still finding out things about it after all these years. And of course, there's no shortage of funny moments like this.
  8. It's definitely weird to play on the joycons because they're really tiny. The Wiimote (especially when you had the actual Wii Motion Plus dongle) was big, long and heavy (pause). Even though I got big hands, they're surprisingly comfortable for playing extended periods though. And the accuracy is definitely worth it. I can finally stab on demand.
  9. Big Brain PC Gamers know that the REAL draw of PC gaming is emulating Nintendo games at high res and FPS. People who experienced GOAT of the Wild at 4k/60fps truly had a blessed life. Speaking of Zelda, Skyward Sword HD is a pretty good game.
  10. Played a bit, in the forest rn. The motion controls are a lot better than the Wii version, but as responsive as they are, the game really feels like it got a bit too much motion-based stuff. Flying for example, strikes me as superfluous. You can switch to button-layout on the fly. Framerate does make an incredible difference. The game just feels so much better because of that. Low key disappointed I couldn't start straight in Hero Mode. If any of you got any questions that'd need a hands-on experience but are ducking spoilers, @ me.
  11. Copped Skyward HD. It's been 10 whole years since I last played it and I don't even have my Wiimote+ anymore. Might revive the thread by myself depending on how good it is. I legit don't remember.
  12. Dang, some r/Kappa goon executed a meme idea I had before I had time to. College sucks. Melty gang, where you at?
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