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  1. I don’t ever remember bodying you friend, but I’m down to try again
  2. No, I’m pretty much locked onto Cammy. I’m starting to think I only had a character crisis in V because that game sucked 😏
  3. It is “white people music”, the issue some people had is that the guitarist is black, and singer/rapper is Latino. They also do a lot of hip-hop influenced music, with the rapper being a great lyricist (and nothing comparable to Limp Bizkit or shit like that, actually really good music). A lot of their music is about equal rights (especially praising pro-black movements, criticizing police, etc), but at the end of the day, it is music typically listened to by white people
  4. Yeah, I think the default colours thing (and lack of drive tickets) is shitty. I don’t mind the fighting pass because you can get all of your fighting coins back and you can buy it near the end of the pass so you’ll know if it’s worthwhile to buy I not. I do think most items in it suck, but now that the TMNT theme has taken over the battle hub, I’m glad I’ve earned some SF2 themes I can add to playlist and play instead. the TMNT skins and anything related to your avatar is pretty gross greed, but I think outfit 3 and future outfits will be reasonable so I don’t care too much
  5. I already posted my help for the rest of the match, but I also don’t start a new set if I’m already tilted. In those cases, I watch the replays of the last match (or matches) that upset me to see what I did wrong (or could do better) and lab it, or focus on applying fixes in future casual matches
  6. @purbeast definitely easier said than done, but you just got to forget it and move on. Don’t even think about it, and if you think about it for a millisecond tell your brain to shut up and focus on the current events. It’s hard at the start but gets easier with practice. one thing I do is sort of add it to my mental checklist and tell myself I’ll watch the replay later (if you’re playing on PS4/5, saving the last 15 mins of video after the match is helpful here). By adding it to a mental checklist, so to speak, I find it easier to move on.
  7. Damn, I liked Densetsu a lot. He was one my biggest inspirations to get a Hitbox several years ago. He was a really nice and funny guy, and a great player and musician as well. That’s very sad.
  8. Would they pronounce his name the right way (rye) or the wrong way (ray)? Lol
  9. Regarding the battle pass, in hindsight I’m glad it doesn’t have colours and outfits. I was worried those were going to be limited-time offerings only received through battle passes. instead, I’m assuming they will be individual shop items, which is my preference anyway
  10. Not extremely pleased that you have to pay real for the music, and it’s the only thing in the pack remotely interesting to me. how do premium battle passes work generally? Do you have to pay money in advance just for the option to earn the rewards (but it’s still on you to earn them or not)? also, I hope the free rewards include drive tickets. I need more colours
  11. I was playing Ranked last night and a Manon reacted to my somewhat-close neutral drive rush with her LVL1 super, and I didn’t see a buffer… I told myself I needed to pay more attention to when I was playing someone with the dreaded “M”. I watched the replay later and she was using classic, lol. I guess she did the input during the screen freeze.
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