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  1. I went through some of our matches last night and put my eight favourite ones into a video, if anyone is interested. These are more for me, but the clips i picked were mostly because there were a couple cool interactions in there, or I made some mistakes and want to review. I don’t win all of these. Also, sorry KingTubb, i forgot to save the footage from our last matches so I don't have anything with Tam Tam or Darli.
  2. The connections last night were surprisingly fine. i really hate myself for getting into this game so late. I’m really loving it so far.
  3. Yeah, i just don't like 66B because its so negative on block, even with a recoil cancel. i think it’s -35 without it and -11 with it. i appreciate those other tips though, i didn’t notice them while playing but i’ll take note. Thanks
  4. Hecatom when do you think you'll be around? I can wait for a bit but not if its too long edit: sorry, i’m going to call it a night after all. My wife has to wake up early, so i might as well take this time to crawl into bed while she's still awake
  5. No, it’s all good. My wife bought me a headset for christmas and i havent tried it on ps4 yet and was curious about it because of the voice chat icon on the screen. not sure why it wasn’t working hough because the icon would change when i talked.
  6. Yeah, i think she was your better character tbh.
  7. GGs everyone! The connections seemed better tonight. I don’t recall a single desync.
  8. THat sledge hammer move from darli Dagger is ridiculous
  9. @KingTubbi hope you can hear me.. i’d feel like an idiot if you couldnt lol
  10. I was thinking Kazuki looked a lot like a Dragon Ball character... that SSM confirms it lol
  11. Bathroom break. Keep rematching until you can’t edit: taking a loner timeout to bathe my cat so i dont have to do it later
  12. It’s weird hearing a fighter speak english in this game lol
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