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  1. Yeah, I have no idea who the players are. I'm just like "oh the purple Yang is back, he's good".
  2. Oh I love the a-cho channel. One of the best fighting game channels for retro games on youtube. High level 3rd strike, Alpha 3, Garou, KOF 98, yes please!
  3. Been watching a-cho streams to get an idea of how Oro plays. It seems to me the answer is.....I don't know - wtf is this character even doing?
  4. Morrigan looks amazing. If Capcom made a new Darkstalkers that looked like this.....
  5. Bruh......all three of these characters look sick. Capcom is getting creative with the characters this season. Can't wait to try out Oro and Akira.
  6. Yeah they need to bring back custom combos in SF6. Something like Alpha 3 V-ism would be hype.
  7. Wow nice. Really hoping they include Anji and I-No this time.
  8. I don't think zoners having good offensive options is a bad thing. Guile, Menat, Poison and Sim all have good offensive options but (depending on the matchup) are usually playing keepaway for most of the round. They might at some point activate V-trigger and go in. That back and forth to me is much more fun to watch than a character that is only throwing fireballs and uppercutting and doing nothing else for the entire match. At the same time, I've literally seen Wong and Infiltration win with Menat doing nothing but st.HP, st.MP and cr.HP. I don't see how SF3 and SF4 were any
  9. There was a cash prize involved and apparently he was on discord trying to get his friends who were a lot better than beginners to enter the tournament. That's why I'm curious to hear his defense.
  10. Apparently Infiltration was accused of rigging a beginner tournament in Korea. I'm assuming this is his response. Anyone speak Korean lol?
  11. It's funny people were complaining about no zoning in SF4 too because of focus attack. And no zoning in 3rd Strike because of parry. This zoning argument comes up in every new SF iteration. I'm not really seeing it in V. The game is aggressive for sure but Poison, Menat and Guile have all been top tier or near top tier every season. Sim has been underrated throughout and has been a viable option. If all the zoners in the game sucked then maybe there would be a valid argument there. There is definitely zoning in this game - but it seems people are just missing ST or somethin
  12. I'll take shitty rollback over whatever it is SNK has been using for years. Even if it's just SFV level rollback. I love SNK games - I just want one to actually be playable online for once.
  13. I think there was a big difference between old SRK (pre SF4) and the current SRK. The old days seemed to be a lot more toxic and unwelcoming. I joined around the time SF4 arrived so a lot of the elitist stuff was dying down and people just wanted to help each other out. The character sections/matchup stuff was amazing. I feel like SF4 era from 2009 - 2015 was definitely the golden era of SRK.
  14. This made me chuckle. Aris talking how Evo will no longer be "grassroots".
  15. I'm going to reserve judgement until I've seen the tournament. I can handle a bit of esports but I still would like some of that grassroots feel that EVO has always been about. If it turns into another cringefest like E-League, I'm out.
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