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  1. Use the right DP. Cammy has to be one of the character's that just inordinately hard to deal with for no reason.
  2. They know how to "snip". Moderate these uncouth youths.
  3. Wait, who is saying Star Trek wasn't progressive from the jump?
  4. Back to the El Paso Covid Chronicles: The County Judge order a shutdown. The Mayor claims he wasn't told about the situation and disagrees with it. He contacted the Texas Attorney General who issued an opinion calling it illegal. The El Paso Police Department said the order was illegal and won't enforce either the Judge's curfew or the shutdown of non-essential businesses The Sheriff's office said the order was legal and they would be enforcing it. This might as well be a Stephen King novel at this point.
  5. Wait a minute, Dr. Dre's wife is gonna testify in court that she never heard his album?:
  6. I'll be having breakfast soon. I can hit you up afterwards.
  7. Preppy said I let GD be lawless. Welp,
  8. Because Connery worships the god that pukes guns at people:
  9. A whole year's worth of high placing performances. People slept on her too early. Then she got some good buffs (her EX flip kick thing is -4 and hits overhead). But mostly people slept on her. She's the type of character that got stronger from grinding match ups, not from finding strong tech.
  10. You can regular DP out of lot of stuff without them being invincible. Ibuki's DP is cheap AF because of it: 3 frames and doesn't have CC state. You can use it to trade out of pressure except you end up standing and they get knocked down. CHEAP.
  11. the homie hokuto is gonna play tonight.
  12. that's nothing. I spent...3 months from playing locals one time. Finally go back, play a homie in Xrd. He makes a hard read on the second game and air throws my burst.
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