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  1. How have you lot been? Most of y'all still not playing FGs?
  2. Currently happening with rattlesnakes in the South West. People keep killing the ones that rattle. So there is an advantage to the ones born without them. They still wave their tail, but they make no sound. Humans turned a snake that will play you its maracas to avoid fights into one that aggressively twerks at you before biting.
  3. The guy is doing a real life option select with him being a "comedian". He may have tried a joke, but there wasn't a much of a joke there. He said some random dumb thing thinking it was going to land but it was a plane with no wheels. Seriously, the thing is barely a joke. YOU LOOK REAL ASIAN. OMG WHY ARE YOUR EYES SO SLANTY? DOESNT SHE HAVE SLANTY EYES? Its kind of like if you sucked any type of humor out of south park and then had people pretend they were doing the same thing as south park. Its a joke about Palestine. I'd have to listen to it in context but there were other things going on with it too subtly.
  4. I don't get pressed about people's opinions. I just call out demonstrably wrong stuff. If you don't like a game, you don't like a game. But people saying random dumb shit about other games is the biggest gateway to people not trying them. Not saying this is you, but people tend to misremember stuff constantly. That part is fine. But when it comes to new games, people also tend to exaggerate based on a thing here or there. There is a world of difference between "I don't like this game" to "This game plays like this".
  5. People said the game was baby mode and Cipher said there was no pressure. Zato and Eddie got this on repeat though:
  6. Regular ol' influenza is really serious. During August my wife had an oral surgery done to remove two wisdom teeth that overstayed their welcome. That was on a thursday. Unbeknownst to us was that she was in the early stages of influenza, had to take her to an ER at 10 pm that Sunday night. Her issues with the flu last a good couple of weeks too. That's why all the "We'll its just the flu" clowns were that. Spanish Flu was Influenza. Look how many "just the flu" killed. Even with the shitty ass US healthcare, people forget just how bad some diseases can be.
  7. We've spent a year where a good chunk of society has kept their boogers and other nasty things to themselves. The odds of you catching the flu have been incredibly lessened from normal. That means that after a year of not really catching anything, the moment you do catch something you'll get a better sense of how terrible it actually is for you. Influenza killed a surprisingly high amount of people as is. People just kept underplaying "The Flu" by calling it "The Flu" instead of being honest about how bad it is. Essentially you're guys getting hit by random respiratory illness and relearning how much they got downplayed.
  8. Dude I watched so much of it hanging out with my mom. That and H&G. There's like maybe one hot chick in all of the H&G channel. The hosts aren't hot, the guests aren't hot. Think its because Fox News stole all the women who could potentially hosts those shows. Back to Hallmark: all the women getting married in their 40s were all ready to start families too. And they were all waiting for some mid 50s guy who owned his own company that had just broken up with he woman who they thought was the love of their life. But what those men didn't count on was this little girl who has zero toys and less parental supervision to make friends with the 40 something lady. The little girl is about bring that 40something into the hands of the 50something guy just like a drug addicted pervert is handed the Hellraiser puzzle box. Little Girls in Hallmark movies are like cruise missiles from divorce lawyers. They go find two people who will surely make a rash decision that they'll end up regretting. Then bam, that sucker is stuck in Family Court getting bled by the lawyer courtesy of its 2 legged drone.
  9. The most Hallmark will do is make it so the main character owns a store in a random small town. Or make the main character a witch. For some reason they have a show about a late 40s, early 50s lady who is a witch. Not sure what type of witchery you need to do in a small town full of wealthy white people, but I think it had to do with helping the one guy find an 8 figure income in the small town with catering.
  10. 1) You can learn and adapt to all of the offense in SF5. Whether people are wiling to do the work to learn it is a different issue. There were random things I found for my character that "top" people playing it know fuck all about. Seriously a lot of people are just lazy with training mode. 2) You can program an AI for most games. SF4 had the silliest AI with a ken taht would DP people if a normal came close to him. So SF4 had an easily programed AI.
  11. Ruby Rose will be Mary in the first season. Then she'll leave because they won't let her have a lesbian relationship behind Joseph's back. Then she'll be replaced by a black actress. Halfway through season 2, Flash will show up because he traveled back in time with Supergirl to make sure Jesus grew up. Million will watch it religiously to let us know about all the hot women they got to play Mary's friends.
  12. Maybe like a pussy Bob Marley. Marley shot sheriff. Not the deputy, deputy was good people. Supposedly taking the piss out of one of the tribe's origin stories for other. Which would be like reinterpreting Mary meeting the Angel and being told she'd give birth to god's child as an episode of 16 & Pregnant. You could but you really wouldn't want to.
  13. Crowder makes dumbshit comments a lot to do minor lot stirring. Same way Glenn Beck and his cohost spent 10 minutes on Beto O'Rourke's nickname of Beto. They think its funny but end kinda bush league. Then they option select into "well its free speech". That is then turn into campaigns of "they are trying to oppress us" fundraisers that made them money off of some dumb shit comment. Its the circle of grifting.
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