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  1. FOH with your bad netcode enabled Matrix footsies. See me in Xrd Rev 2.
  2. The jab button is failing on my stick. Bloody hell.
  3. A couple of minutes into it and this is actually really solid advice to start:
  4. I started reading it but meh. Once you start talking about how fighting games got left behind by eSports you're choosing to miss how all that mess started. eSports was a PC thing for the longest time. Then you had some start ups with console stuff. Either way the name is corny and the story of the FGC is way more interesting than having it piggie back off of eSports.
  5. That was like, 3 different clean hits the game rolled back. Holy hell this game does not want you to die.
  6. Honestly, you could do forward strong all day and I have no answer for it. Worst part is that if hits counter hit, you can do EX legs aftewards as a link. this match up is hella dumb. I'm figuring out some stuff but you're basically mashing. I got no answer for most of her buttons.
  7. You got CCed and the game rolled it back to you blocking. So I'm resetting the router because that was all the horseshit. I get this match up is bad but c'mon game.
  9. Who is playing? Also Seth is still a super solid character. There are hella good reasons to play him over Cammy too.
  10. Her VT is a workhorse. Its 2 bars, leads to solid activations, has a lot of random utility and doesn't get magically wasted. The situation that Volt is bringing, and that you are too, is in her ability force herself. What she'll do with a divekick is force a tick throw/shimmy from a lot of situations midscreen. Can't load up the game right now or I'd put up those numbers. Thats a scary situation, but now its less scary than it used to be. You can delay tech, back dash, v-shift, the walk back (if you have a character with long toes). So you get for half a v-trigger time, the
  11. Lol what? Cammy lands normal and sends you halfway to the corner and 3/4 of the way to the corner if you backrise. She can react to your wake up and get no effort meaty too. What she does is basically imposible to nerf unless you want to send the character to the shadow realm. That's why her "nerfs" were more like adjustments than anything else. You go after some of stuff that makes her strong and nerf it, you end up making her way wack as a character. But c'mon guy, "ain't even that good". She's literally never been bad. The funniest one was when they did the cr.lp nerf and the cr
  12. Basically. But people are acting like Cammy was going through pockets this whole time. Meanwhile we could probably do a whole list of pocket ruffling that some characters were doing. The "carry" conversation is kind of an extension of the game's mechanics. You get crazy comeback tools; they force lopside situations to constantly happen in unnatural ways. Somebody is getting a knife pressed up against their neck at least once every round. There's also just random moves made ridiculous as intended. Had a homie visit whom I hadn't seen in a few years. He went to South Africa, didn't
  13. Its like I said a long time ago in SRK: Cammy is the Ryu of SF5. Straightforward tools, does all the basic things you need an SF5 character to do to be great. N-Tactic mentioned it above too. And he would know because his avatar is of a proportionally more scumbag character than anything offered in SF5.
  14. She has 3 special moves. 2 of them leave her hella negative and one is slightly negative more often than not. She's been doing the same shimmy since Season 1. Her issue is one of pure efficiency. Since she doesn't have a lot of special moves, spiral arrow was made to have guaranteed, reactable oki. But that's really where's she at. If you grind it, you can react to the wake up and still have a meaty. I'm not saying she isn't good, but I've seen more people stuck at low levels with her than rapidly climbing up the ranks. If you're a great player, she goes up in tiers be
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