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  1. Isekai relationship: "Help! My girlfriend is an A.I. I programmed when I was 12 that snuck into my gaming P.C. and dragged me inside a game so we could watch martial arts movie. Sugoiiiii!!!!!!!!!"
  2. So you had time alone with your girlfriend and you spent it showing off SF5? You don't have a girlfriend, you have a Nintendo DS.
  3. The hell it didn't. You also had guaranteed set ups/OS that were safe jumps for X framed reversals (most common was 4), then on top of that you had an OS based on what the opponent did. Most common was for the safe jump to also serve as a means to punish backdash. So you safe jump, if they reversal you block, if they backdashed you swept, if they blocked you continue pressuring. Hopefully this wasn't happening to you during the pre-USF4 era otherwise then you could deal with an unblockable on top of it. Cammy could back throw, immediately jump lk as a cross up that woul
  4. I-No redesign was done by puritanical feminists. Goofy thigh highs into shorts is sexy equivalent of being given instructions on how to walk into a wall. Its the same with her chest. The cool thing was that it was exposed but selectively hidden. A strange combination of full view and tease. Bow its just some wack sports bra. They sucked all the joy out of the character's visuals like Texas electric distributors are zapping bank accounts. This is why Twitter shouldn't be allowed to design anything.
  5. El Paso was spared everything. Not only were we spared things, around 2010/ 2011 we got hit with Santa's EX Ice Breath like Central/East Texas did. That made the city invest in properly winterizing the our portion of the electric grid. Not only are we literally THE Western Most point of the state, we aren't part of the absurdity regarding electricity they have over there. I have some family and friends who got wrecked. For the family side, growing up in Puerto Rico meant plenty of hurricanes. No electricity and boil water notices aren't really a new thing. Ridiculously cold weather
  6. If you're gonna do that, set it to also do random counterhit. Doing random cr.mps with that on will help you react to the countehit marker popping up and converting into Cammy doesn't have a lot of things to optimize so getting good at that one (which is entirely possible with practice sinced you have forever to react) leads to more conversions that go straight into her pressure. Also Strive already sucks. Game has some wack rollback netcode nobody wanted so poor countries can't play with each other anymore. Also has ToD's: This is not Gu
  7. Capcom literally spent 6 months hyping stuff up so they could give everybody invincible backdashes at the cost of meter. Strive is a better Street Fighter game than this.
  8. Happy new year. I'm doing good. SF5 still sucks. Eat my shorts.
  9. Not to drag OG stuff, but back in the old days an SRKer named TS made a combo video of stuff that was all over in combo videos at the time. He did this in order to point out all the corny stuff they would do: It was original on youtube until the music got hit with a copyright strike. Full of bad editing, corny quotes, doing a taunt after every combo etc. Brazilians/Mexicans were turbo bad at the time with corny stuff. They'd do a combo video and then basically put up all the different "crews" they were repping for whatever insane South American reasons they had t
  10. You know, volt told me to come say for w/e reason so since I'm here for a minute or two, let's clarify one thing first: If you weren't either illiterate or a fucking idiot, you would've read all the parts where I said, multiple times, that at no point do I endorse a teen dating an adult. Given that I had to deal with that situation with one of my nieces, which I explained in those posts, I am definitely not defending that age discrepancy with the younger partner being that age. I understand I only said that multiple times in those posts. I also understand some people here are jus
  11. Nah, nothing is getting deep. Dangerous J is just a fucking idiot who says stuff at random to try and be internet coo. Preppy went about bringing up my daughter, other goofballs in SRK brought up my wife on some shit and now Preppy finished it with all his bullshit as my mother was dying. I am way too grown to be putting up with emotionally stunted morons who think a dude's family is a plaything for slights, comebacks or arguments. Everybody can fuck off.
  12. Nothing, dude loves saying racial stuff then gets mad when anybody says anything to him. W/e with this place. I am done with people bringing up my family into things like its something to do.
  13. Nope, as a matter of fact I banned the dude and his alts a few times. Then went back to make sure older alts were banned. You're such a stupid fucking piece of shit. I never once said any of that you fucking illiterate asshole. W/e then, fuck this place too if its gonna be dragging family members into shit for shits and giggles.
  14. @Angel is that how its gonna be here where random idiots can just bring up people's family members when they have fuck all to do with anything?
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