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  1. The following video is by the Critical Drinker. The video talks about the subject of "I Am Not Starfire" made by... a fanfiction writer (No, this is not a joke). Let's just say that the people behind that project really need to be fired. And, it really goes to show you just how bad this whole recent "woke" activism nonsense has gotten. Most people can already tell that this kind of book is *not* going to sell anything, nor is it really going to appeal to most people who *do* enjoy comic books. Keep in mind that this situation is just the tip of
  2. Chun-Li: *YAAAAAWN* ... "Awaiting the next victim to writhe helplessly beneath me. I'll lay each of you down a little more gently this time after I'm done playing with you. Promise!"
  3. Next week is where I am likely to get my new PC along with SFV. I just need to make sure that the specs are good on that so that I secure SFV and other games like it just fine. Then... coming from KOF, I'll mess with y'all and try to get better in the case *I* get some competition online or otherwise (COVID-19 shit and all). Rocking the following characters: Kage, Zeku, Cammy, Ibuki, and... some other top tier for safety reasons. Probably Gouki or Seth. I *might* also play R. Mika and also continue playing Chun-Li (because, I've actually took time to figu
  4. @Mattatsu Droppin' knowledge like how Wolverine dropped Cyclops like a bad habit.
  5. Buxom Rose, pls. Don't play with me Capcom staff.
  6. The interesting thing is... I know exactly where most of these are actually from...
  7. Yes. Especially at the time MK11 announced her as voice actor. The main issue is that the VA already has a odd reputation, even in her own circles in the fighting ring. She has a base for sure but her reputation is still somewhat schizophrenic or... just... irregular. Inconsistent. I could explain further but I am afraid most people have already done the same.
  8. Boxer: "Y'all are fucking free. I'm takin' EEEEEEERRBODY'S fight money."
  9. Just give me the buxom goddess Soul Power-wielding Rose so that I can party online again and hopefully take part some event where I can show her off. SOUL SPIRAL!!
  10. Kage: "METSU!! YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THE TRUE MEANING FEAR!" Cammy: "I don't care about shadows or evil martial artists. I'm just looking for my cat." Kage;: "W-WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?! WHAT IS TH- ACK!!!" Cammy: "You're trying my patience."
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