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  1. Some of these pictures on Smash are genuinely hilarious.
  2. And, Armor King to sweeten the deal. Redownloaded the game already!
  3. Double post: There is a KOFXIV patch coming out in December. It is more than likely a balance patch, yet SNK may be crazy (and awesome) enough to add some other new content.
  4. @misterBee Gotcha! I'll try to make myself available around late night. Just hit me up and I'll help a brotha out
  5. Just got a hold of Megaman 11. I am looking into buying the Spyro remake soon, along with DOA6 in the next year.
  6. I have not posted here in a MINUTE! But, now things seem to be calming down as far as work stuff goes. Happy Turkey Day, peeps!
  7. Did Menat just literally slip out of R. Mika's grab just to scissor-fuck her over with a super? Or, was that something rollback related? What happened?
  8. This may come across as strange to some people but I was actually introduced to Street Fighter and the SNK characters through CVS1 (specifically, the KOF characters. I already knew of AOF and the FF series a little before then). CVS1 was literally the first fighting game that I actually took seriously when I was only ten years old. While many of the Street Fighter characters are iconic, my initial reaction to them was "what is going on here?" as far as some of their designs go. I understood the context behind most of their designs by the time got into the 6th grade, but even then I still favored the SNK characters more in the sense of how cool most of their designs looked or some variation of that. Shinkiro's artstyle helped a lot as well. Even then, SNK has had some odd designs here and there, specifically with the Maximum Impact series. There are also some designs that I never understood either: Like some of the Fighting Layer designs. There was this boss in the game that used a odd fighting style to the point where he was almost animalistic and had a giant gatling gun that would come out of his own stomach as a super move. A lot of older 3D fighting titles from the 90's to early 2000's had some janky ass designs as well.
  9. Welp. 28 now. I wish I could share the pizza, booze (or sodas for those who don't drink), and fighting games with y'all.
  10. Hey, hey. We got a playlist of character tutorial for Soul Calibur 6! Watch them at your own leisure!
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