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  1. My time tables on that subject were messed up to begin with. Meanwhile, it's somewhat refreshing to see a Zeku... I don't think I've *ever* recorded a single match against him. Strangely, I've ran into quite a few Zeku's back in Nov 19 up in Richmond. I really like the character, at least in concept. I need to get around to actually... *practicing* him, aside from just making full meter combo stuff.
  2. My fault. Six days. And, I am noticing a lot of Alex players on PC. I gotten three in a row and then ran into two of em' yesterday while trying to make a vid
  3. 3 days until you stop making the same assumption as with every other DLC.
  4. Rose in 3 Days. 3 Days til' Soul Powah! 3 Days til' Strongest Woman in the World! 3 Days til' sexy ass mods! 3 Days til' more salty ass-whoopin's online!
  5. Heya guys. Sorry I've been away for a hot minute. I have a video set up. The video is actually assorted matches from KOFXIV that I *didn't* upload initially but saved on a drive. In addition, the video also features a specific Street Fighter V: CE match against a cheeky Dan player. This may not be the highest quality video but it should still provide at least some semblance of entertainment. This should also give the viewer a good idea of what the channel is really about. And... @Phantom_Miria. If you interested in some saucy Cammy mate
  6. Mai has a 3B back again and it cancels like it did in 02UM...
  7. Where Rose at? I need to see her force niggas into a puff-puff motorboat session with some Soul Powered Bitch slap! The "other" strongest woman in the world! Jokes aside, I need to see what she can do as far as damage goes. The Orbs in context of his game (as she had them as a Ultra in SFIV) also pique my curiosity.
  8. I find this highly impressive. I wonder if there some Cammy mod with a goddess motif that way she can bless her subjects with sexy (yet highly damaging from meter use) legs.
  9. Update: New gaming laptop finally came in! I apologize for not commenting here as I should have been. Last few days have been busy as fuck.
  10. I can already see the scenario. Juri: "Well, well, well, what have we here? Wanna pick a fight?" Laura: "Been bored out of my mind anyway." Poison: "Hey, hey! You know what they say! You kick a lot of ass? You gon' get a lotta cash! So why don't we mess around online first and make the dash?"
  11. G: "AAAAALRIGHT, attention to all Megashock members! Each and everyone of you will become part of much greater cause! I support the world with my rule of law! I'll-" Kage: "What the fuck is this shit right here...?" Kage: "All I gotta say is... You know you see me rollin', you in for some mothafuckin' trollin'. Now to go fuck with somebody else! Where dat nigga SAGAT????"
  12. I really hate to be a downer but I'd have to agree with @Mr.Cipher, @Pair of Rooks, @Phantom_Miriaand others on this thread: Sony has been a bit more of mess over the last couple of years. Then you take into consideration what Mr. Wiz is guilty of (along with his sickening contradictions) from last year. Several years back, I was enthusiastic about the idea of at least going to EVO to compete. But, I don't think EVO is really the "end-all be-all" of fighting games anymore. At least not in the way that a portion of people would think.
  13. Happy Birthday to Mr. @Mattatsu Now, have yourself a nice pizza and a some Chun-Li cheesecake for me.
  14. I understand that. New laptop on the way so I'll get 3S out of the library tab in the next week and then I can start messing around.
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