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  1. That Rose theme remix during her gameplay demo was great. Got me like edit- oh and fuck JEAH Debonair Seth is back from SFIV I'm copping that day 1
  2. Jeah ngl I have no idea what this Evo x Sony partnership means.
  3. Yupppppp I'm getting that Seth costume 100%
  4. Oh dip, happy birthday bud. Us Canadians gotta stick together
  5. God I loveddddddddd AC Potempkin. The vacuum 2S, the Heat Knuckle that left the opponent right in front of him instead of blasting then fullscreen, FRC Potbuster... Another reason why Accent Core was the gawd game
  6. Seeing that glorious butterfly bloom.... Ngl it almost brought a tear to my eye. Oh and umm I-no looks pretty cool too good for her good for her
  7. From the looks of the trailer it appears Andy gets confronted by Mai as she demands to know why he's been ghosting her for over 25 years
  8. Strive got delayed until June 11th, huh? Good.
  9. I wonder if anyone remembers Spiderman the New Animated Series. The 2003 one with Neil Patrick Harris. I remember liking it but I can't remember if it was actually good or just good because you like everything when you're 12 years old
  10. I honestly don't remember. It's been so long since I've even thought of SFIV. Good times... I think?
  11. Not even SFIV had option selects *that* potent. I think.
  12. I feel like it's a little while before we really see people really utilizing Vshift and popping off with it, anyways.
  13. Whaddya think about Seth? I think because they toned down dive kick, less options off grab and less VT1 juice (plus the health/stun nerfs) he's a lot more manageable now.
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