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  1. I’m having a hard time of even thinking what the second super arts can be. I think everyone’s other supers from previous games are already in as ex moves and triggers.
  2. With this, that’s all the beta characters out of the way. Millia’s animations will be next if they continue this. I like how she turns into a Junji Ito panel
  3. I'll raise your dumb question with a dumb answer of no. That's because: 1) while it doesn't work on the console, it works fine on my laptop, even showing up as as wired. Same setup and all, so I imagine it can't be just the cable. 2) I don't have a spare cable around.
  4. And one more thing, this is the image that appears whenever I do try the easy method. This is despite the fact that the cable is in already.
  5. me trying to decipher all of that. I’ll be honest, I chose the easy route when doing this I.e Setting up the cord, putting it in and chose the easy method over custom. Didn’t really question it since it worked. But since that isn’t working, I’ll try my best to figure all that out and set it up like that. What do I have to lose?
  6. So more of that LAN cable nonsense. I plugged it into my laptop to see if it’s still working or if I need to replace it. Sadly it still works fine so the problem is on the PS4 since it still doesn’t recognize the cable is in.
  7. Yeah me saying that was just a way for you to lower your guard. But really I haven’t played in so long. The forced Scorpion matches they have you do before you go online did help a bit but I haven’t played otherwise. Using your fastest normal can stuff any attack from teleport. If you know they are going for grab, uppercut for that KB. The sting where he throws his hat before the flurry of punches is also a high so duck and do whatever before the flurry comes. I think ducking in general is good against Kung since he has slow lows and no overheads besides the universal. But
  8. Okay the stupid update is finally finished. You still up to play @Mattatsu
  9. First I have to download this 10 GB update and I’ll see if I can. Sorry that this had to happen.
  10. So I turned it off, unplugged the cable, restarted the router, plugged it back in, and it’s still doesn’t recognize it. All I know is that my sister keeps it in rest mode all of the time without turning it off and I just had to restart the console because she left it like that again but I doubt that’s the reason it isn’t working.
  11. For some reason the PS4 is not recognizing the LAN cable. Plugging it back it doesn’t seem to work either.
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