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  1. New State of Play confirmed for next Wednesday. Will be focused on third party games for the PS4 and PS5.
  2. Wow. Nothing of that article sounds good. I can’t wait for Justin Wong to make it through pools only for someone named SonicFeet69 to pay for him to be removed.
  3. According to an interview, the talk of adding Sora to Smash Bros began with a chance meeting of Sakurai and a Disney executive. This thread also says that much like the last DLC pass, the second DLC pass would have been five characters (Min Min, Steve, Sephiroth, Pyra/Mythra, and Kazuya) until they were given the go ahead to add Sora.
  4. Someone did end up posting a thread with readable text. I can only assume that if CW were going to fire the cast and crew if she didn’t return to the set soon after her injury, talking about it while she was on the show would have had worse consequences. I can’t say for sure.
  5. Ruby Rose comes out about the abuse she took when she was on Batwoman.
  6. I was wondering if that was the thread a while ago and yes it seems to be. So Squid Game has two sets subtitles. One where it’s just the captions for the English dubbed version which changes a few things to match the actor’s lips (English CC) and the other being slightly more accurate subs (English). The woman in the thread was using the former because Netflix defaults to English CC.
  7. Elden Ring has been delayed + a closed beta announcement.
  8. Full trailer for Peacemaker. Honestly really excited for this. Loved a lot of stuff from Gunn.
  9. When I saw you could RC during throws, I wasn’t expecting Potemkin Buster side switch combos. Wait, this is more funny.
  10. Along with what Gasarocky said, they have a video showing this change. After seeing so many Faust players just run up and pick up the Afro to pressure someone, nice to see they get something out of it.
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