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  1. Daigo tested positive for Covid-19 . Here’s hoping he has a speedy recovery.
  2. Warning: A leak to a game that has not been announced yet. Open at your own risk.
  3. KOF 14 had team/stage themes, separate character themes for the DLC, and some extra themes depending on who fights each other. An example. This version of Geese’s theme would only play if you had Terry vs Geese. It’s possible that new version of Esaka is like that.
  4. Dan and Robert from King of Fighters confirmed for King of Fighters They also just said fuck you to Yuri, huh?
  5. Nintendo just drops a trailer for a new game where you can make games. Seems pretty neat.
  6. Who could be our new reveal tonight? Lets see what Twitter has to say! Long Post. Open at your own risk. With the Yamazaki and Nelson examples, I can see how it could be one person.
  7. That guy looks way too much like Kingpin to me
  8. Ummm This a is very interesting. Maybe two trailers for tomorrow? Or could it be a two-in-one character for once in this series?
  9. CT Arakune was easily the most BS character I’ve ever mained.
  10. I remember back when I bought the Arcade Edition of this game, I had no idea what I was doing and still made it to Super Silver. Abigail was stupid for sure.
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