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  1. Can’t believe Daisuke let Nago say that For real though, I’m very curious to hear what the English Dub will sound like.
  2. Not the SFV version. Still a good composition though.
  3. I wonder what happens when you shift all focus on one thing and neglect the other? Oh. Anyway, this sucks.
  4. If you let Dan’s super taunt rock, he gets all his meter back. But if you attack him during the last phase, you do x5 damage to him.
  5. Cham Cham from SamSho everywhere else. Cham Cham from SamSho in China
  6. Capcom accidentally created one of the best underdog stories with Ryu not being trash now after three seasons.
  7. Alpha 2 Rose just became Dan tier through this one technique
  8. This goes far beyond disrespect. I’m expecting every Pot to land that on me day 1.
  9. Fuck me. I completely forgot to bring up crossplay. Everyone else mention it so we can play with our PC bros.
  10. I’m really not sure how I can wait two more months after this. Strive was just too much fun. Wish I had more times to play with you guys. If there are no changes on release, I will be maining Faust and Ramlethal. Faust felt a lot better than the closed beta. Still a bit weak compared to everyone else, but I’ve been doing work with him and it has been fun. Ram is legit good. It felt cathartic seeing everyone saying she was going to be trash because of the changes shut up as soon as SonicFox started playing her. The changes themselves worked with how I played her in Xrd, so they’re f
  11. Unsure if this is a joke or not considering the following line, but yes. My understanding of the final battle of the first game is this: Sol, Ky, and Kliff are unable to stop Testament from bringing back Justice so they team up. Kliff gets his shit pushed in and dies because he’s old. Ky gets so distraught about all the gears he killed having morals as their own instead of mindless monsters, so he gets defeated too. Sol ends up killing Justice, but not before she reminds him of the good times they had along with THAT MAN. Sol continues being the Guil
  12. Can’t test it right now, but it looks like he can get out? The combo counter turns purple after the first Darou which shows he could’ve gotten out.
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