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  1. So Davidstar in the SRK Discord says that that's not super armor, those are guard points. I don't have the game so I wouldn't know.
  2. If you think of it kinda like Capcom vs. SNK 2 with K-Groove, it's fine. No roll-cancelling in lag though.
  3. This thread is for obvious discussion of Street Fighter's more aggressive Hispanic brother. Have at it. Admin Edit: Usernames listed here have been moved to the username database thread.
  4. I can't edit my post? Oh well. Hello again.
  5. Is this the thread where we drop our Fightcade names? Mine is Little_Goten.
  6. Michelangelo. Dude always gets either nunchucks or chain-based weapons. Lowkey busted too.
  7. That's a real shame because I'm all in favor of having HD artwork in the cutscenes tbh. That's a step forward for me because I normally love Capcom's artists that they employ and/or commission. 3SOE, HDR, etc.
  8. OK . . . watching Floe play around with Blanka in story mode, and . . . why is the art so bad? Asking as someone who's never played this game.
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