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  1. Yet another reason I was happy with SFIV Juri. Lots of moves, all QCs, nothin' else. No overlap problems either, believe it or not. Even the ultras and super were QCs. Armor-canceling was super easy unless you wanted to AC into a fireball/store. I was so happy the day I swapped out my stick's square gate for an octo gate.
  2. I dunno if you should be posting ranks. @Veserius come get your man he's growing an attitude.
  3. Different characters carry at different skill levels, y'all.
  4. No joke, I got one of my best jobs by making the interview panel laugh a lot. A competent engineer who can also comedian is By watching Panda's Smash players this is old news by at least 2 years.
  5. Yes Cammy carries. She has no fireballs to get nerfed, meta is very in your face which does half her job for her, limbs are stubby everywhere making her job even easier, I can't even tell you what her VT does cause she doesn't need it. Great character for this meta, the anti-Sagat, I even mained her for awhile because crHP xx super closes games.
  6. Hey don't laugh. I actually own this and yes the dpad is better than the Xbox 360's.
  7. Yes? Unless it's a PS3 stick... when did MadCatz go under?? Really feeling my age this morning.
  8. Just got my first Covid vaccine a few minutes ago. Now I gotta wait 15 minutes for observation or imminent death, whichever comes first. Call wife? No. Call Mom? Nah. Shitpost with you guys.
  9. This. And considering the MCU is all about narrative too it makes sense. Could you imagine Capcom doing an MCU narrative? I'm interested in seeing what Lord Boon could do with Marvel, and their games do indeed get patches with heavy community input.
  10. I plan to, but was also planning to do more ranked while I nurse this baby Akuma. Unless @KingTubb@Mattatsu@Voltare on who are a little closer to my level. EDIT and GGs for the previous games Perth / Hawkingbird / Vhozite, sorry i didn't get to stay on long but i was way outclassed anyway.
  11. I even wrote about the pushback last night, but come this morning "naw that shits musta been +4 at least!!!".
  12. I get that he's from the same 'mobile grappler' archetype as T.Hawk, where the mobility comes from specials rather than walkspeed. And his elbow & stomp being +oB means he theoretically "doesn't have problems getting in" like a Zangief. So I assume the devs deem his style to be get in for a strike/grab guess-what, and you don't need oki cause you're "good at getting in". Even his strikes have a guess in if it's a quick button like characters usually do or it's that buffed-to-the-moon st.HP (?) that still allows keeping his turn + having "hard hit" property for good damage besides the
  13. I just finished a 3 hour ranked run. I see what you mean by Alex being weirdly unpunishable. So much pushback when he hits your block, crMK barely reaches. Pretty happy with Akuma so far. His 83 different command normals still mess me up, I just gotta find some bnbs that work for me instead of falling back to sf2 Ryu. But the cadence of his attacks feels right. Demon flip goes, like, nowhere. It's that Cammy move now. Divekick, d+MK, only at top of jump? feels a bit useless? Air fireball only on forward jump messes with me even tho
  14. I've been watching the Zelda 1 randomizer tournament from 2020 lately. It's like agdq in that I forget it exists for months on end, then binge watch it all.
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