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  1. Repost from other thread. The info card at the end didn't break out all the roman cancels which is the part I really wanted, so here it is: * all RC cost 50% tension (i.e. half your meter) * generate a shockwave which if connects slows opponent (a big clock graphic appears). * You can cancel the shockwave with an attack to just go straight into the next attack without the wave. * Input a dash before the RC and it'll slide in that direction, even through projectiles, etc. Roman Cancel colors: As your attack hits -- clockslow +
  2. In Strive, if you RC and get the clock slowdown on someone, and immediately RC again for another clock, do the clocktimes stack? @EvilCanadian? If you've one bar, clock someone, can you basically get a free gold burst and effectively end with all bars?
  3. Lol. With words like bonk and Colgate I was thinking it sounds like you're just getting your own opinions regurgitated back to you. Which makes her either an amazingly supportive gf that truly listens to you and/or she has the starring role in your favorite visual novel.
  4. I.. really do not. They always felt low-rent to me. About the only older cartoon I liked was Tom and Jerry, and even then in short spurts. Actually I don't remember hardly any cartoon I truly liked with a few exceptions. I caught Battle of the Planets on network tv for its breif run. Blew my mind. Batman TAS was great but I was getting too old for cartoons by then. Maybe Transformers cause I liked the toys first?
  5. So many games become discord games, crossplay helps with that. Also I'm stuck on pc, fuckers.
  6. Vid says everyone is unthrowable for six frames on wakeup. True? Also what all does the Dust button do in the air?
  7. That was its secondary usage, and even then only against lesser fb chars. Try divekicking a Ryu or Guile and you're taking your life into your hands. Even against the chars it worked on, the damage was generally inferior to counter teleport into ground string into imagination, the real answer to fb chars. I nearly made vids on "how to have a pocket Juri" based on some of her better MUs. Presumably to followup with how to have a secondary Juri, and how to have a main Juri, but I never did. I would have started with explaining the proper usage of special moves, since h
  8. My turn to be that guy: Juri's "divekick" wasn't a divekick, it was an A2A AA.
  9. OMG my cousin and I used to jam to this Lionel Ritchie song way back then. We had fake microphones and everything.
  10. Mortal Kombat has "good netcode" cause it's never played outside of the USA.
  11. Eh comment: Nobody commenting on how the revised combo count system directly affecting air combos was probably set in place for Akira's sake? She's going to be able to launch and combo just like Rival Schools. I can feel it.
  12. Makes sense. Since when do Akumas use defense. Or Lauras, for that matter. EDIT: geez at this download rate my SFV won't be ready until after 1am. West coast time.
  13. It's been said the damage is turned up high in the beta cause the devs are interested in tuning the online architecture, so, high damage = more matchmaking, more lobby time etc. I don't know if the devs have stated this or if it's just internet supposition.
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