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  1. For some reason, I always laugh when I look at Dan on the Vs loading screen. Homie really has his back turned the entire time. That shyt is so hilarious to me.
  2. V-Shift is really cool to use. I'm a huge fan of Bullet Time in Max Payne...and this really reminds me of that with the slowdown. Already have a few consistent punishes for certain characters now. I'm looking forward to becoming more comfortable utilizing it in the future.
  3. And this is why we're thankful to have you around. Because Dan winning any tournament sounds like a load of horse shyt to begin with.
  4. "It begins with Dan walking around a neighborhood wondering why no one has shown interest in joining his dojo. With Saikyo-Style being the strongest, surely that would be enough to rope others in. Dan’s won a championship tournament and even appeared on a TV commercial. On top of all that, Saikyo is a super cool fighting style, has the self-proclaimed best master in the entire world, is well respected throughout the world, and the master is “extraordinarily handsome”. His good looks is almost reinforced by one of the nearby girls. The other seems to think he’s creepy, with Dan admi
  5. Appreciate that, Shock. Nothing will ever be nearly as tough as tackling Lucia, Honda, and Poison in the same night. That was hell! Dan's Alpha Ending: Dan's Street Fighter 4 Ending: Dan's Street Fighter V Ending: Shadaloo Data: I was really hoping we'd get Dan's Alpha 2 stage. I always liked that one. Oh, well.
  6. Dan to Gill: “Takes a strong man to pull off the loincloth look, but it takes a stronger man to beat me!” Gill to Dan: “To not know what one seeks….perhaps that too is harmony.” Dan to Honda: “Alright! Match over! Now, show me where you sumo guys get your grub!” Honda to Dan: “You could carry my fundoshi...or maybe wash dishes after my post-match meal!” Dan to Kage: “Damn, you’re one scary dude, you know that? Bet you wish you were scary strong like me!” Kage to Dan: “You are incapable of anything! Let us see if you are able to fear death!” Da
  7. No +1 for Cammy's cr.lp. The source was wrong. Still 0 on block. Fine.
  8. Cammy's cr.LP +1 on block has returned. And Seth's light and medium dive kicks are -4 when standing now. Hahahahahaha......
  9. I love the way Strive looks. Beautiful game. Still love playing Millia. Really hope I take this game seriously when it comes out. I know I always say that and never stay true to my word, but I really gotta learn to expand.
  10. I haven't written win quotes in ages. I'm actually pretty happy to be doing them again.
  11. I'm really looking forward to the changes coming to SFV. The game was getting pretty stale to me, so it's nice to have a reason to be excited again. Also looking forward to Strive.
  12. Hopefully it's horse shyt. Eleven was what Nash ended up being. It'd be stupid to actually make this as a separate character.
  13. I really might jump on KOF 2002. I always wanted to learn it.
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