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  1. Well I don't like air blocking in SF at anyform Im just look a way to punish yolo DPs but also bringing back the invincible DPs Not the terrible SF5 crush counter
  2. Actually I was just thinking other ways to bait yolo DPs without nerfing DP and bringing back invincible DP that's why it mostly about just AIR stuff not really on ground. Any other better ideas and suggestion than those that i mentioned?
  3. Taek won do on SNES How about Short Jumps like in KOF to be in SF?
  4. What do you thing about Air only Just Defend and Air only Parry being a new defensive option. What are the problems with the two in a game like? Which is better among the two if would in a game like SF? IF not on the 2 how about Short Jumps like KOF Hops? thanks guys
  5. That badass into Imagine that on SamSho some slashes a Kuroko
  6. Agree. It's more of a nostalgia thing that I like him and I just like him for Mahvel not in SF.
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