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  1. yeah unknowingly they pulled off the strategy that is known to called "FOO strategy" foo for first order optimal strategy and probably the reason why we end up with FOCUS ATTACK in SF4 lol
  2. yup, I was thinking if they would be used for projectile inputs
  3. So what do you think with Mk's motion with Forward, Forward and also the Back, Back they do give a draw back like Sonic Boom Motion without the charge time right?
  4. speaking about hitboxes, What if a some kind of fighting game similar to sf, kof that are ground base have a gimmick with hitbox and hurtbox being visible by default in gameplay is that a bad idea? how does it change the way people play fighting games in your opinion? thanks
  5. If you were to choose between the two about counter hit Which is better bonus 1.) extra frames for an opportunity for a bigger combo 2.) or simply just the initial with bonus damage Same thing if for Backstab/CrossUp hit which would be better?
  6. Like the simple jumping normal 1.) If it's just on initial hit not the rest 2.) The rest of the combo part of the initial hit Which kinda okay between the two in your personal opinion?
  7. What do you guys think about bonus damage during 1. counter hit 2. backstab or cross up hit are they good in fighting game? similar to sf.
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