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  1. Interesting take on Age haha
  2. I have heard this one and from what i know for a last visit like 2 months ago on their discord nobody has solve it yet. Interesting new trailer I only seen few updates on previously done models.
  3. Yup I see the mods time to time but m surprise learning now that they had modded tournaments WOW! MVC3 go to that extent other modded games doesnt qualify for tournaments
  4. Luke and Chun as now the new face characters of tournament poster in event? I also seen two of this, one last week that is a japan crossover poster with Luke and Chun I'm okay as a Ryu fan.
  5. I like them to add arcade mode like SF5 but more on reexperiencing Alpha Saga Like beating Shadaloo Dolls, Fighting Bison and Mini Games base on Shadaloo And a proper SF2 definitive canon arcade mode playthrough That tells the definitive events of SF2 I wonder if they would make JP a center villain in prior expansion and SF8 or replace again by a new villain
  6. Ed should had been the better new protagonist that youth could relate into, It looks like they tried a bit but they shift to Luke that is more modern appeal for social media generation of youth.
  7. And some people in comment section crying and wanting this anime character to be DLC characters LOL
  8. Plus it had a lot of interesting characters and background characters that deserve the spot that are already established fighters I only like MK1 because of the guest characters and considered it that way and effective because of the world building already establish parallel and whatif version
  9. I just hope Capcom wouldn't be convinced with guest characters on SF. This protest is non-sense it's ruining the brand. This sound good if it is a crossover game like if this was Marvel vs Capcom with guesting TMNT or Capcom All Star with TMNT but not turning SF as a crossover would waste everything it establish might as well make it a Capcom FG allstar title. Imaginge those franchise having 2 representative include in the main cast it very much mugen already LOL
  10. Happy New Year Guys Hoping alpha and sf3 characters get a spot in the next batch
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