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  1. The guy behind the 3rd strike theme, announcer and audio The google translate is lol
  2. @Skort witch Juri lol
  3. What do you think guys about his opinion like the more personalized thing? Is it good or bad? first thing comes into my mind was gem system in SFXT.
  4. Yeah, The thing is the discourse thing is burying comments, there is no character thread anymore and I doubt that it would return even in when SF6 announced.
  5. Most that was left are more common to wishlist posting. They probably expect they wouldn't be heard here.
  6. Dan can remain a joke but more in a positive way using it as a presentation instead of something of him being the bottom of every fighter that became playable in street fighter. Like many assumed into and would be turned into a misunderstanding of his character. Him being dropped by Gouken is okay along with being a joke. Why? Because it doesn't anyone need to be a good student of Gouken to make them relevant as a fighter. We got now Rival Schools, characters like Rufus, Birdie, Hugo, Poison, and tons of characters that are either self thought or learned
  7. Im okay with immortality as long i could time travel, regeneration and shapeshift may age then slightly change my youth facial features. Like I could lived multiple diferent life ever after with unique experiences over and over. I could have multiple childhood and adult life from various generation and different places. I never regret my life what i used to regret is the other influential people and other people that i prioritize in my youth. I felt i missed a lot of my life because of situation and choices of others. Im also amaze with the crea
  8. Is this gonna be MK guest characters in KOF lol
  9. After fortnite this should be were Capcom needs to do crossover with
  10. great times when spiderman has good understanding of responsibility and not someone who seeks validation to others lol @7:50 when the time that Nick Fury trust spidey @1:00
  11. I do like also Spidey and beyond too unpopular opinion I like fox's spidey unlimited edit I used to reference that cool new suit nano machine of spidey unlimited when discussing shadow lady/chun li in previous fanfic of mine
  12. BTAS and Xmen were really amazing back in the day
  13. @misterBeeI have notice the new favicon you might like if the yellow lightning symbol would just be the favicon
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