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  1. Finished the remaining Fighting Layer sprites. Hope you guys like them as well. Remade Hong Gillson too, as the first one didn't mesh well with the others. Used a CVS Kyo for him. Maybe sometime I'll remake Janis Luciani too. She looks the worst out of the bunch and I think that's a shame.
  2. Oh, wow. Since this post got so many likes, I guess I should credit the guys I stole some of the sprites from for my edits: Of course everyone is familiar with Steamboy33's Street Fighter 4 Sprites, of which I used his C.Viper and Abel for Janis Luciani and Exodus, respectively. For Sessyu I used DaiKuwabara's (from DeviantArt) Geki sprite. And for Hong Gillson I used DarkRealm0's (from DeviantArt) completely original Howarang sprite. For the rest I used the official CVS/SF Alpha sprites.
  3. Yeah, Alpha style is super cool to edit. Simple but nice. I much prefer the proportions of the characters from CvS tho. And also, I hear you about regretting not backing the stuff up. I did some very cool CvS styled SFIV Evil Ryu and Kage, a really slick CvS ponytail Ken, Fallen Vega from Cannon Spike. But they're lost for good. I tried everything, every recovery tool online and nothing.
  4. I'm here. I lurk around but keep myself up-to-date with FG news from here, but the forum works like ass on my phone and there's nothing to really talk about. Dan wasn't a story centered character. Looking forward to Rose, tho. I started editing sprites and completing my Street Fighter TV Show adaptation project, but I deleted the files. In the meantime, I reworked some stuff I used to do, but I need a lot of time to get to where I was before losing it all. I'm not very good at sprite-work, don't get to excited, I just do them for myself. For example, here's some very
  5. Hey guys! With Dan releasing this month, I had to come back to discuss with the best SF story nerds in the place most of them gathered. Now if only Cestus would join here too, we'd have the whole gang back.
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