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  1. Yup. The first 3 and V, and the Remakes,at least. RE4 though? That shit is looong, but good. RE5 is long, but is shit, and a slog. RE6... still can't muster the fucks to play. RE7 has even less to compel me. RE8 was hyped as being a return to form, more RE4ish, but as a FPS. It just plain isn't. It isn't even 1990s PC shovelware FPS quality. It is Night Trap, with Squeenix graphics.
  2. Elon Musk: A new fragrance, by Calvin Kline. Offbrand version: Sam's Choice: Wall-Shit. <sic>
  3. I hear it is 10 hours, max, provided that you actually trot, not jog, not run, and upgrade. It honestly looks so forced onto a rail and scripted, it might as well be an extended QTE cutscene.
  4. Oh. That makes more sense. So it makes no sense. At least it isn't PoP. Because that would wind up being... ...Sands of Emo Kojima.
  5. #1."Smash Bros isn't a fighting game. #1. Juggy is in 4:3. #3. TvC shouldn't Bii a fighting game. #4. SFV makes 3S look legit. #5. Mold lacks both gender and a respect for the concept of native boundaries.
  6. @AriesWarlock 96% of Resetera couldn't get laid in a morgue, and the other 4% respect corpses on an intellectual level way too much to offend their own brain function's contemporaries.
  7. So... is it still a limited data cap? I haven't used over the minimum necessary since they changed it up to the ludicrous extortion racket it became. I use my home internet on it, when home, and only use the 3G if out and about and the rare situation arises where I need to use it. Otherwise, FUCK Verizon. We're already killing the bees/life itself fast enough, anyway. 4G suffices.
  8. Nemesis barely fits vertically. Is she even going to have a standing block? I mean, even downbacking is only going to net you a titty-shot, with narily a viable clavicle.
  9. You're... far and away too decent of a human being to be a party to that s[h]ite.
  10. To be fair, Shining Force was a tad bit on the simplistic side. But to this day,I wish for a successor to the greatness of Shining and the Holy Ark. Sega needs to let some raw talent loose upon their copyright catalog. Preferably some 40 year old dudes and dames who grew up on the Genesis.
  11. You don't say? Wolverine has the heart of a poet. (See: Fall of the Mutants) Is Ethan getting his Poe on?
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