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  1. Diablo 2 was a better game as a SP or local Multi experience. The only thing that made online worth bothering with were the abyssmal drop rates starting out. Those drop rates basically made D2 "online" D2: Day Trader Edition. It sucked. It was the acme of not fun. That "not fun" was so integral to getting to the actual fun, is why D2 was, in all truth, terribad game design. Path of Exile took this horriwful game design, and ratcheted it up manifold times. Path of Exile has the worst drops ever. 95% of the game is either whiling and wiling away days trading, or farming in hopes of getting crap drops your character can't use, in order be able to while and wile away days in trade. It is the exact opposite of what I find fun in a game. It is the player LARPing Skinner being chased by an anthropomorphic carrot beating him to death with its stick. That is why it is a bad game Yes opinion. Yes fact. If I wanted to spend all day trading, I'd play the stock market, or flip like a SNAAAAAKE!, because damned if those aren't more engaging activities, if also not games, qua fun.
  2. I infinitely prefer it. Solid single player, and you keep you character data on your rig, so you don't lose it, so it's as tangible as character data gets. The itemization is far superior, to me, as well. No economy of SoJs or the unbelievably worse economy of PoE. No sockets - everything has its own stats. But you can place an "augment" and a component into every piece of equipment for specifically buffing or shoring up holes, or even to get a special ability or attack that one of them might grant. It deals in +to particular skills, +to all of a particular class's skills, or + to all skills, to buff skills beyond their soft caps, but in the tradition of Titan Quest, it hard caps every skill at +10 over the soft cap. It really is a mechanics and number manipulating and crunching marvel. Prefixes and suffixes on rare, re: Rare items called MIs, or Monster Infrequents, that drop off of specific enemies, are often game changing, given a certain roll, but there are so many different potential combinations, it invites creativity to come to fore, as you farm to try put your newest build idea. But Set items and Uniques are more than sufficient, and not THAT hard to obtain, because a certain blacksmith can reroll any piece of a set (barring those need a blueprint to from first in order to craft, but I think you are golden once you get the bp, regardless... I am still waiting on the Octavius call up to drop though, grrr!). The gameplay is THE most like D2 of any of its contemporaries and successors that I have experienced. It DOES love its resistances, much like D2, but there are like... 11 of them, lol. So a lot of tweaking and customization is involved in tuning up the perfect level 100 toon. Oh, and it is a dual class system, meaning that each character chooses two classes, effectively becoming a third class. Eight classes as of now, with a ninth on its way. I run around with a high block percentage Death Knight, and let most trash mobs Retaliation Merk themselves, bouncing off of me. But my main is kind of pumped and busted, as all effective end-game builds ought to be. There are very few objectively not good class combinations (R.I.P. Saboteurs ((former gods of 1.0)). And there are challenge dungeons, too, with the top ones being roguelike, in that if you die in one, you are sent out and locked out that instance until you start a new session. They have lots of great loot at their ends. Oh, and Nemeses... each enemy faction has an all but God unique monster than randomly instances about the world... they are the holders of several awesome MIs. P.S. I can totes hook you up, if you find yourself missing something. I play 100% self-found, but I am proud, and anal retentive that way, and do not trust most other people's legitimacy. I'd trust you, I mean... just not any randoms.
  3. So... SRK-1 is in read only mode now?
  4. Next thing on my list. I platted the O.G. PS3 Ken's Rage. Best believe I'll plat an actually GOOD HNK game.
  5. Even if the former, why NOT the latter? Given the state of the O.G. it's not a bad idea.
  6. But Grim Dawn is my JAM, these days. When the second expansion hits, first quarter next year, it will be all I'll be playing except for maybe EOX and PQ2 at bedtime.
  7. Dragon Quest XI is a lot of fun. The script, and its delivery are cringeworthy to very nearly SO4 levels of bad cutscenes (that one Eric one in the first act of the game, is almost exploding space ship timer running down yet inexplicable 5 minutes of dialogue in SO4 levels of "Get the fuck outta here" levels of ruining any immersion)... ...but almost everything else is spot on. Perhaps some of the damage and defense equations could be adjusted, to make armor and Kabuff more relevant vs speed, and the like. But over all, it is great, and one of the very few games that I have genuinely enjoyed this gen.
  8. hadouken.com So original, lol. ...how about Mexican Uppercut? I kid. Um... FightingGamesOG? oneframereversal? OGmindgames? don'tjump cornerlockdown oldschoolfighters precapcpom
  9. Man, I said the exact same thing, on the old site. O.G. Prowl is still the best Prowl. He and the rare Bluestreak with the actual blue parts, remain two of the best models (same base) of all time, imo.
  10. More like: We created their names to fit and fill "Octopath".
  11. My Octopath anagrams were better than Chad's, and WORTH the bandwidth.
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