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  1. Eminem always felt too scripted to me. But I am no expert. Eminem is the White version of the Brown M&M.
  2. As a 3 yewr old,, I could never decide which was the more terrifying of the two: eternal life, or complete cessation. It really fucked with my head. Still does to this day. Also: Thanks Mom, for telling 3 year old me, when I asked you "What happens when we die?", for responding with "We go to Heaven and life forever", and when pressed with "What if there is no Heaven?", answering, "Then we are no more", and evidently assuming I wasn't capable of weighing the two in utter horror. That was a healthy end to being a toddler/childhood itself.
  3. Do we get unique weapons and armor and accessories, and such? Or is it more the standard +5 to [insert stat]? I hate mere stat stick itemization in RPGs.
  4. I did a full playthrough of The Guardian Legend, on the NES not too long ago. It wasn't nearly as hard as I remembered its being, nor so long. Blue Spaghetti is still kinda bullshit.
  5. I guess that since an Olsen killed the best Joker, MoS gets a pass for its own nonsense. Retributive justice and all that.
  6. Lol. Now I gotta think... I put KRS1 up there, too. Most of my list is so old, they aren't even getting movie roles anymore, lmao. That's what I get for having tastes in music that are so British, I feel like a foreign sponsor of The Killers, for being from the U.S.
  7. The only thing worse than replaying the ugly, badly written mess that was 1997 FF7, is paying actual money to replay it in $60 installments infused with everything that made Crisis Core make O.G. 1997 look like a mere isolated growth of cancer, rather than full-blown Wade Winston Wilson coming down with Ryan Reynolds.
  8. I still have Run DMC at the top of my rap list. It is not a long list. But those cats are great.
  9. Unpopular Opinion Time: SSF4 and Ultra are not only the best recent SF games, but the only good Street Fighter games not named HF, ST, or A2. Yes, this is in spite of the bullshit technical nonsense. A3 is a poor man's CvS2. Tekken 7 would be the best Tekken if Rage Arts did not exist. And they shouldn't. Condoms totally kill the sensation.
  10. I have been a huge advocate of Perrier water for forever and a day. The pure, unflavored variety. It is the best ice cold thirst quencher, imo. Plain old H2O is for fueling the machine, mostly, to me, whereas Perrier is the treat. Pellegrino is waaaay flatter than Perrier, but will do in a pinch. If I am going to drink a soda, it damned sure isn't going to be HFCS. That shit isn't just plain nasty, it is a Zen Koan of refining nasty to its most unrefined state. Like, it took mankind putting in actual effort to make something that nas
  11. Enunciates. Enunciates his words. I have been told I have OCD. This is probably true. *kanyeshrug* ---------- Good looking cuisine posts, Stu.
  12. Way to deflect. Address the point. Prove your claim. And whilst you are at it, stop the semantic shift fuckery. British English, is Oxford English is English English. Your arguments are full-on Sophistry.
  13. Look, let's face facts that you are unwilling to put the broader context into the situation, and are picking apart specific words in a vacuum, to the death of all coherent meaning in order to justify your assertion that Sean Connery was a woman beater. That was the original contention. You asserted that Sean Connery has a checkered past rife with woman beating. How about you prove it.
  14. You are stating that I am defending hitting women. That is as dishonest an argument as can be made. It is Logic 101 levels of false. The goal posts move yet again.
  15. My dude, look up obstructive. Connery wasn't approaching the bench when he said that. Enough with the plastic mobile goal posts.
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