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  1. It's Sunday again....................Oh, and look!! More whale tail booty!!! and one more for the road. Enjoy boys and girls!
  2. lol. In some games you can kinda,"Do your own thing" for damage, but Diablo ain't one of them. If you intend to go through those rifts, you're gonna make a build that works or you ain't getting nothing. hell, you couldn't really complete higher difficulty unless you at the very least knew how to properly match up gear. I can't remember but I think mine was the demon hunter. I can't remember what my setup was, but I had almost infinite super to the point where I just held the button down.
  3. @Darc_Requiem I don't know how I missed that vid, but thanks for posting it. An extra laugh a day exercises the lungs.
  4. if they had put Young Justice S3 on HBO Max I would've broke down and bought it then. Blu-Ray is gonna get some more money from me for that alone. Weirdly enough I've started to make more of a physical collection now. Just watching it on digital isn't enough for some reason. I still haven't watched Alita: Battle Angel yet, but I will..........sooner or later. The mood just hasn't hit yet. Speaking of movies, The Joker is set to hit one Billion in sales this weekend. I guess the only thing that got shot up were the hopes of SJWs that it would flop.
  5. I ain't gonna lie. Darkwing Duck is a STRONG selling point. I'm surprised they had enough sense to put it in there though.
  6. Damn. She is quite fine. Deadly gives the thumb's up to that one.
  7. I'm REALLY not happy with Disney right now so I'll wait. I already hear that it was crashing on day one, and then I hear this. Ironically, I just realized that I still have the VHS tapes from 4-6 in my closet still. Han shot first and they can't change that no matter how they try.
  8. @Darc_Requiem What in the...................They listened to the fans and remade Sonic to look like the videogame.................and now it looks and sounds right? Seriously. They really stepped up from the nightmare fuel that was the first trailer. I may have to check it out now.
  9. I saw a vid where the chick got slammed. Big boy channeled the power of The Rock and sent her straight to the Rock Bottom.
  10. Hearing Jeremy lose it is enough reason to watch this, but damn if he ain't spitting truth.
  11. Me: Operator. What's your.......... Her: Oh great, it's you! Me: Ah. You again. Yeah, your number goes straight to my desk now. Her: That's great! It'll save some time. Me: Okay. So what is going on this time? Her: It's about those booties! Me: Oh? Her: Yeah. I did what you said and checked around. You were right AND wrong. Me: I was? How? Her: Those booties are more dangerous than you think. Me: How? Her: They're eating people's panties!!! Me: ...........................Okay. Her: Seriously. Look!! Her: here's another one. Me: Ma'am, that's not what's happening here. Her: Oh yeah? How do you explain this? Me: I.................I admit that I don't have an explanation for that. Her: Do you think those people will be okay? Me: I'm sure they will be fine. A little embarrassed, but otherwise okay. Booties simply cannot eat anything despite how things look. Her: Are you sure? Me: Absolutely. We've been watching these things for a long time. You have nothing to worry about. Her: Well, Okay. If you're sure. I'll bring in more pictures if I see anything else. Me: Thank you very much. Your efforts are appreciated. EDIT: That one chick wasn't nude, but I'm not sure if having the name of a lewd website was okay or not, so I pulled her booty outta here.
  12. Man, I thought Million was Joking about the ending song on Jojo's Golden wind. Nope, it's sure enough Joedeci. Also, speaking of Dragon's Crown and tiers........................ I used to hang with some fucking MONSTERS who would play the elf. Man, them arrows actually killed that one at the start before my amazon could even get a shot in. I did get stunned, but still. One damn second and those elves made the fucker die in a wooden rain of hellish shafts. I still don't know how they did it, but whatever. I was loving the free carrys.
  13. Dear YouTube: When I was screaming,"GO FUCK YOURSELF YOUTUBE!" I didn't think you would actually do it. .................I also didn't think you could hear me. Well, I'm thinking this really could do it. 2020 will be spicy to say the least. This new rule looks highly abuse ready and I have a feeling that anything to the right of literal Hitler will be feeling the pain soon. I might be wrong, but I wouldn't bet against me this time.
  14. I ain't really got shit to say today because thankfully this week has been boring, which is to say nothing has happened outside of possibly some asshole down the street getting arrested. luckily, rich from ReviewTechUSA made a video that was a long time coming.
  15. Paging: @MillionX I gotta say. I am VERY impressed with the trailer.
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