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  1. When you secretly activate EX Mode before the fight and the other guy doesn't know it.......................... EDIT: If he had him with King's Tornado Kick, I would've walked across the planet to see his next fight.
  2. LMAO!!! I came back and caught the edited post with wendy williams farting. Listen folks. You NEVER try to let one slide out. You HOLD THAT shit until you are in an area by yourself. You hold dat no matter WHAT. If you're sitting, you better stand up and strike that ninja pose, but you do NOT let the ill wind blow.
  3. @MillionX Not having to eat to survive would be a nice advantage, but I wouldn't be able to go very long without tearing up a nice steak or two. Also, For anyone trying to find out where the O Man is hanging out these days: http://mixlr.com/mumia-obsidian-ali/ It stays hot up in there, so bring something to drink.
  4. Paging: @MillionX Watch the video. I'm sure I won't need to explain.
  5. man, that was the scene. It would've been enough that he stopped Ichigo, the guy who just fought kuchiki byakuya to a standstill, with ONE finger. No, he didn't just stop the sword, he stopped the MUSIC too. ...................And cut both ichigo and renji down........................without using his sword. We all know that Aizen was NEVER supposed to be beaten. At best, they should've shut him off into a hell dimension or something by combining their total might against him, but win? No. Nope. Nope. NOPE. Sorry, but Aizen was simply too powerful for them. MAYBE the soul king, but I really don't want to get started on that mess of shoestrings.
  6. Late as hell today, but I come with the goods. And just for good measure.................
  7. @misterBee I went and checked out the first ep of Thunderbolt Fantasy. Definitely hooked. I didn't think a puppet show was going to be all that, but damn. They put in the work for this and it shows. When the action cranks up, you almost forget it's puppets. The story starts like any good adventure..................with someone getting clapped by a baddie who shows up and cuts them down before delivering some speech to his henchmen and then wandering off. (Speaking of which, they could've caught that chick in seconds if he had just stayed there instead of trying to look all cool. Just sayin.) On top of that, Just DAMN. Those puppets DO look pretty cool. How much detail went into these puppets? That's a trick question. The answer is obviously ALL the detail went into them. There will be cosplay of these if there isn't already. Not to wander too close to spoiler territory for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but I do recommend giving it a looking at. I'll probably catch some more of it later today or tomorrow depending on what happens. Thanks for giving us the good word on the show. Now maybe I can look at something other than videogames for a few days.
  8. Roses are red, Strippers dance nude, Some third line of your choosing, .........................and his wife is a dude.
  9. Smug's Laundry service is still in full effect. The fox got Wiggity Washed.
  10. @DangerousJ hmm. WB animation still has pull with my wallet, but I'm gonna want to see some stills. I hope it'll be good.
  11. I swear. There is no end to the amount of scum on this planet, but at least some of them get rekt. Please spread to any of your content creator friends and let them know about the kinds of crap that can happen to them since YouTube can't seem to get their own shit straight.
  12. Me: Computer. It looks like I'm in "that"corner of the internet again. Suggestions? Computer: Select a video to inflict upon the members of Megashock.com. Me: Good idea. I think this one shall do nicely.
  13. Song of the decade? I've got something for ya.........
  14. What? Is it BUNDAY? If you're here and I'm here, then let's do the thing!! Taking a small break from the whale tail, let's check out some cheeks wearing those oldschool shorts. Observe. And................. Now go enjoy your day.
  15. When the carpet is THAT clean, you have to show respect. On the other hand, the event spoken of in this video is NOT clean. It's dirty nasty slimy. In fact, it's so bad they had to close up shop. What was that old song again? "Get woke.............."
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