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  1. CBR is trash that only exists to piss people off at this point. I won't click them but watching Geeky sparkles rant is a highlight of my day.
  2. I watched the trailer for it and gave my opinion then. A whole season later and I realize I was still unprepared for the levels of bs that would fall from the screen. You can save your eyes from the misery and just watch thorias unlimited on YouTube. I've posted a few here, but between him and JLongbone they roast the HELL out of that series. I can only wait to see what horrors they will have to deal with now that season 2 will have a new batwoman.
  3. @MillionX Your girl going crazy on batwoman again.
  4. Rabbits and Japanese chicks. Their talent in the ways of Cute are without equal.
  5. Oh god. I got roped back into SRK1's noise. I figure things would ramp up closing in on the election, but I wasn't expecting to get called back into the fray. Looks like I should down again the wizard's wares. The salt will flow again as it did in the old days.
  6. here's a little something for your Sunday. enjoy.
  7. some people on SRK1 called you a,"Communist"? WELL WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!! Damn. I was starting to think something was wrong with ya. You really don't fit in until you've ruffled somebody's feathers at least once or twice. Seriously though, I personally am just sick of the whole thing. They think just because I'm black that I'm supposed to go into attack mode anytime somebody whose skin color is lighter than a brown paper bag says nigga, but I have to give it a pass if anyone darker than said bag says it. Me and people sharing my complexion are supposed to be the gatekeepers and wardens of this word that we supposedly don't like while ignoring the galaxy-sized irony of it all. I say screw that and screw them. It's a word. It's a word with a bad history, but a word nonetheless. We used to have a little rhyme about sticks and stones and names, but I'm too sober to remember it. I personally wish that everybody would use it until it got wore out. That way there would be one less thing for people to whine over. If someone is a racist, they're a racist. Saying a word doesn't turn you into one anymore than not saying it proves you are not. I can't just walk out into the open, scream "Nigga" and a bolt of lightning transforms me into a neo nazi with a klan hood on. If it worked like that, everyone would go around saying,"I'm Rich" all day..............and the number of people getting struck by lightning would become a problem for a while, then it would fizzle out. As that one poster goes,"I've offended you? Tell me. How does it feel to be so weak that mere words hurt you?" People who want to bark over a word are acting like trained dogs.....................and if you want to find the TRUE offender, find out who trained them. Just so this doesn't go any longer, don't sweat 'em and especially not people on SRK. You know who and what you are better than anyone else. If you run into anymore situations like this, ask yourself this: "Would Deadly spam the gif over this or not?" You probably won't get an answer, but you'll probably laugh it off.
  8. Raise your hand if you know this is true. R.I.P. Western Sizzlin. You fools never cleaned up for the inspectors, but that food was always on point.
  9. ^ He ain't lying to ya. There's been a few days where I was on the verge of doing things that would've changed the course of my life for the worse, but a few bites of something delicious changed my mind. The following article doesn't contain food, but there is a starving rat in it. https://www.piratesandprincesses.net/rumor-disney-planning-for-walt-disney-world-to-remain-closed-for-the-rest-of-2020/ wow. Disney will be in some deep dish shit if this is true. If they manage to survive it, you can bet that they'll be hungry to make some cash the old fashioned way: By making good stuff and cutting out the bs. Nobody gives a damn about your gender or your agenda when they're staring at past due bills while rubbing an empty stomach. Now, so that this doesn't end on a particularly bad note, here's a little insight from yours truly. If indeed Disney survives this, as I said they will be looking to make money...................and so will everyone else. finding a good time to buy their stocks during this crisis will be a chance at making possibly a GREAT amount of cash, as long as they do their part correctly. I'll be keeping my eyes on them to see if I can spot signs of them turning towards the better............or worse. If the rat has any magic dust left in it, now's the time to shake a tinkerbell or two and let it out.
  10. sometimes, you just gotta bow the "F" out.
  11. @Darc_Requiem lol. Homie heard that boss music turn and was like,"Yeah I'm out."
  12. @Darc_Requiem Sorry to hear things are looking down right now.
  13. I wasn't going to, but now I will. Snowflake: "Hey, I'm Snowflake and I can make daggers and knives out of ice." Iceman: Pauses from freezing the ENTIRE Empire State building and the demons on it in absolute Zero degree ice "Oh hey there kid. You here to help me? Snowflake: ".................Never mind." Yeah. I didn't have to do that, but I did.
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