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  1. lol. Other creatures have to be looking at them like,"Damn son. That is one unfortunate downside you've got. No real predators outside of spiders, but damn. "
  2. Not sure. a bigger version of the mega shock sticker or a different form, but I don't really have any particular ideas. I thought if I could help out a guy I'd at least buy something from the store.
  3. @misterBee my new computer is here. You got any new swag with which I can anoint it?
  4. Looks like amber's case is gonna shit the bed. Somebody had to do it, and it may as well be me.
  5. RDCWorld is the greatest. They made it funny AND put the message in too. Props to them.
  6. I'm cool. Just waiting for my new computer to show up so that I can get my batcave looking right. Gonna want a new desk and might have to put out some cash for a good chair, but it's what I want and I think this is what will be best for my next few steps of what I like to call Life.
  7. CBR is trash that only exists to piss people off at this point. I won't click them but watching Geeky sparkles rant is a highlight of my day.
  8. I watched the trailer for it and gave my opinion then. A whole season later and I realize I was still unprepared for the levels of bs that would fall from the screen. You can save your eyes from the misery and just watch thorias unlimited on YouTube. I've posted a few here, but between him and JLongbone they roast the HELL out of that series. I can only wait to see what horrors they will have to deal with now that season 2 will have a new batwoman.
  9. @MillionX Your girl going crazy on batwoman again.
  10. Rabbits and Japanese chicks. Their talent in the ways of Cute are without equal.
  11. Oh god. I got roped back into SRK1's noise. I figure things would ramp up closing in on the election, but I wasn't expecting to get called back into the fray. Looks like I should down again the wizard's wares. The salt will flow again as it did in the old days.
  12. here's a little something for your Sunday. enjoy.
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