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  1. Have you ever asked yourself,"Just how broken was Street Fighter the movie the arcade game"? Well, here's your answer. Super mega fuckety fucks.
  2. everytime I don't make copies of something to at least two different drives I get caught slippin. My latest computer has a blu-ray RW and over 20TB of space not counting the main drive for that reason. Everything getting copied to disk and the disks are being guarded by the son of the original Schlitz malt liquor bull. Don't try him. He'll fuck you all the way up. I won't lose another piece of por.......err, data due to some jackass drive dying.
  3. yo. Is the Galleria still open or nah? I guess right now is a bad time to ask, but whatever. Memories and shit.
  4. Everytime I hear about Sakura's ninja skills my mind goes back to the Zaku fight and I have to restrain myself from laughing like the joker. shin uchiha? Didn't she get kidnapped in that fight as well? No kinds of luck.
  5. Sakura? Super smart? I'm not gonna spam the gif, but damn if I don't wanna. C'mon man. Who's unrestrained evil version isn't more dangerous? Still, I don't think she'd be able to handle half of them one on one. Ironically, she'd probably be a better match against Deku than most others because of their similar powers. I don't know much about the extra quirks he has, but if they just go might for might then at least it'll be okay. .............Until Deku actually tries. Kugo would probably blow her ass away, suyu probably wouldn't do that good against her
  6. My mans Infernoman living up to his handle. He burnt the old SRK GD down with the nudes. Them Titanic Ta-tas and bootyful backsides were too hot for Mr. Wizard and company and they had to call in the fire department.
  7. nah mang. I wish I could bring up the worthless ones thread from SRK, but the main thing is she is one top tier worthless bitch. Out of the rookie nine she got kidnapped the most. Everybody else was halfway able to hang, (Yes, even Kiba) but left to her own devices Sakura DEAD MEAT. Ya'll wanna pick on my girl hinata, but I don't see any of these other bitches giving birth to super sayins. Even in the timeskip they had to stick some new powers on her because I guess they realized that for a main character, she was anything but main character tier. It's a good thing she had healing and t
  8. did you want to see some scummy shit today? I've got some scummy shit right here. Feel free to uppercut these disks when you see them in a store.
  9. Do not be too harsh upon him. I too was a dirty savage who once shunned medium and medium rare steak for the burned and charred waste that is ironically called,"Well done". Kind souls showed me the way to the truth and I have never strayed from the path. That one? He needs our help, not our scorn.
  10. lemme guess. No titties? I hate those dreams too. Bitch gonna come up in my room when I finally fall asleep, you'd think they would at least make it worth the visit.
  11. Sakura would get her cheeks clapped so hard you'd think it was a twerk vid. Don't make me bring out my haterade in here.
  12. I was up late as hell so I jumped on now instead of waiting. Make Megashock the best!
  13. My first account which was Stormhammer was there from the start. My Starhammer account didn't exist until I went to Japan. For some reason, I couldn't log in as stormhammer so I made that one and the rest is a long ass history.
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