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  1. "I wasn't gonna say nothing, but she's got some nice ass headlights." "I LIKE BIG WHEELS AND I CANNOT LIE!!" "Man I'd love to touch her tailpipe!" I'll stop at three. My money and shelf space is ready. Bring forth the swarm.
  2. how's about the MSN one? Are you getting vaxxed for other diseases right now, or is it Covid? Exactly. So, it's okay for them to keep releasing dangerous things from there because they did it before? Really? To get us back on track here's a cut From the MSN article: back in 2014 They knew it could end up being more dangerous if they went through with it, so they stopped it. in 2017 he gave them the money and look where we are now. Why would they do it? Who knows. I hope we get the answers to that and soon. You can't blame this one on Trump. 1: If your argument comes out to,"It was posted by the right/left wing so it has to be bad/good" then you don't have an argument. 2: If that's an admission that the left wing (In particular CNN since you named them) does this, then thanks for being honest. That's more than I expect from them. 3: None of this in any way takes away from the fact that Fauci helped fund research on a disease that is currently screwing up the whole world. 4: HE LIED ABOUT THIS DURING A HEARING INTO SAID DEALINGS. I believe that's called perjury. 5: If he is part of the reason that this pandemic disease has been unleashed upon the world, he IS an enemy and should be treated as such. At the very least, we now know he was involved. Even if it was just putting money on the table and walking out of the room, he was involved and tried to lie his way out of it. I'm sure everyone who has been affected and infected by this would like to know just how much more dirt there is. How far down the bat hole does this go?
  3. just to make sure everyone's on the same page, here is the definition of gain-of-function. since you don't trust right wing news sources, here's a left wing source. That article was from May, so they knew a lot earlier than just now. Now, the disease could've mutated all on it's own, but that isn't what happened. the major things here is that he had been stopped once before because of the risks of something like COVID becoming a threat to people happening. Apparently he did it anyway and then lied about it. If they had just been honest (Or had not done the damn shit in the first place) a lot of this could've been avoided, if not all of it. I wonder what pushed him to do it? What made him so gung ho to make what should've been a far more harmless disease into this?
  4. So. This virus wasn't even that big of a threat until they juiced it up......................and then unleashed it upon the world? AND THEY KNEW THIS. THEY KNEW IT FROM THE START AND LIED AND HID THE TRUTH FROM EVERYONE. All of the deaths are on their hands. Period.
  5. He should've just said ugly. In all honesty they were probably patrolling the internet streets looking for something to bitch about and this obviously LOL. Perfect.
  6. They can't quit him. He's the drug of choice for the outrage mob. As far as Salt flowing.....................Just look at the many chronicles of biden voter remorse. As I said, this was NOT what I was expecting, but the salt does indeed flow the master foretold.
  7. Oh my God. Trump is about to make a site so that these fuckers have to pay to bark at him while he lives rent free in their heads? "The Master told me that the salt would flow again. This is not quite what I expected."
  8. I don't care what the name is, that's what I'm calling it from now on.
  9. Looks like China might be having some problems with Mother Nature. Add this to their current coal shortage and one or two defaults by major companies in their country and things are looking a little rocky.
  10. if that isn't enough, she also made a million bucks on her first day on OnlyFans.
  11. ...............Then what the hell was he doing? ...............Nevermind. I didn't see that vid below it at first. I'm guessing she's related to him in some way. Ol' girl caught a ring out like she was playing Soul Calibur. EDIT: Why tf didn't he go pick her up? Come to think of it, nobody else did either. I'm starting to think this didn't start because of Football......................
  12. Damn. His team got beat, and now his ass got beat. Ya shoulda took a knee after the first (knock)down skippy.
  13. a circuit breaker/Kremzeek team up would've destroyed all of them. Just sayin.
  14. Once again, Thank you sir. They would if they had learned how to code. Also, a little bit of laugh for today.
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