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  1. meanwhile: on a random as hell video...............
  2. Really liking the drag and drop feature for the site now. Here's something for your Sunday.
  3. looks like the crazy ain't letting up today, so.............
  4. Seriously though. They had to literally make a rule against it. .................and you know which,"it" I'm talking about. EDIT: For real though. My man del went over this long ago. play the song and heed the words.
  5. cool. It was just the article then. There's a vid at the top that never plays. Maybe it isn't meant to, but the important part is that it isn't important.
  6. @MaxxI can't seem to get it to play on any computer. Am I missing anything important or was reading enough?
  7. why is it that the dirty cops who abuse their authority never seem to show up when a karen is involved? The tazer doesn't get nearly enough use if you ask me.
  8. Damn. Sorry to hear this man. I really don't have any advice so do what your doctors say and keep an eye on her. I'll keep my fingers crossed over here and pray for her speedy recovery.
  9. For the limited time that they were available, it was Honey BBQ. Yes, Honey BBQ, not mustard. Now that I can't find them anymore it's honey bbq, ranch, and salt and vinegar staying around the top. Those bugle things also get the work put on 'em, but not as much due to the small bag size.
  10. M.Bay's Megatron got clapped by a kid with magic box, so yeah. Cena>>>All of them busta-bots.
  11. To call it an an understatement.
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