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  1. well. Looks like April is that month where things stop moving. Welcome to the graveyard Bernie.
  2. Me: "So..........Would you like to explain why you're late to work today?" Her: "........................"
  3. @AriesWarlock That lunch wasn't free until he used the five finger discount.
  4. It is so saddening that this happens on a daily basis and yet so few say anything about it.
  5. wha? We mention Sandy and don't bring up the wheat thins commercials? I know the quality is crap, but it's got the black sweater one that I actually missed from back then. A few of the other brothers I used to hang out with all agreed on Sandy Duncan as well. I know I did sleep on some of the ones you've mentioned, but not this time.
  6. what's that? You wanted some Chiseled Adonis commentary for your Saturday? Say no more fam.
  7. Don't count him out yet. He's on life support, but that means he's still here.
  8. I am ASHAMED that I didn't think to post this. Thank you DarkGeneral for picking up the slack for me.
  9. for Friday I bring you.................dat pussy. Don't worry, I censored it.
  10. so. Marvel's Avengers just uploaded a 500MB patch that has apparently broken the game to the point that it doesn't play at ALL. Youtuber Cyael is having a field day with it, as well he should.
  11. That article is just clickbait. We all know that there is only one true path to the gay.
  12. The reasons given for mine being late is because they tied it to my Disability checks. Don't exactly know why when the others went out at the same time as everybody else, but it isn't just me. I know a few people both vets and not who have disability and it's the same for all of us. Meh. Mine is just gonna sit in the bank as emergency funds anyway, so whenever it shows up is when it'll begin its new life rotting in the vault until further notice.
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