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  1. Hmm. You know, my username is so old at this point that I can't even remember what inspired it. I know there was something. I didn't think of Axeman out of thin air. But as for what originated it, I don't remember. I just carried the name forth from other forums to SRK.
  2. Well, good luck. Be on the lookout for ulterior motives with that ass eating though if it comes to pass. Eh, what am I saying; that's just my paranoid brain. On a random note, do any of you have a chest freezer? What's a brand you'd recommend? I'm thinking of one for my apartment now that there are more around. I was looking into them months ago, but shipping rates to my door were insane considering the options I had. Hoping I might find something good this time around.
  3. Wait, that's real? Why'd she take a week and a half to respond?
  4. SRK itself doesn't have that much life left. The only people who'd know or care about this place here (though I like it better) are people from there.
  5. One thing I'm wondering about the Gina thing: when she was first saying controversial posts last year, did Disney have a sitdown with her and say "hey, you gotta stop that"? I've been assuming they did, and that's painted what I feel about the situation. I didn't see it as cancel culture or whatever; just "3 strikes and you're out" like most companies. But has there been any official confirmation of them warning her before they fired her?
  6. I spilled a whole gallon of Mango Nectar on the floor just now. I had to get it up with paper towels and some old t-shirts because I don't have a mop. This roasting session was playing in my head the whole time (21:08):
  7. Reminding you all, yet again, that if you have a loved one who's close to death but can still do shit, you should help them get their affairs in order. If they're seen as your responsibility in one way or another. -I got a life insurance payout for my mom, but she didn't have me down as a beneficiary. The policy was through her work, and hanging free. The only reason I got that shit easy is because I'm an only child. -She has a bank account with 7K in it, and a house. She never put me down for either of those. I had to use power of attorney to get any access to her account and pay so
  8. Wow. I would have thought one benefit of cloud gaming is quick updates that you don't have to download. But they can't even update? But for real, how the hell did Stadia even come about? It was such a terrible idea from the start I'm shocked no brakes were pumped at the drawing board.
  9. This is random, but do any of you cook homemade pizza on a pizza steel? I have a pizza stone, and it's doing OK for me. But I've been lately hearing that a pizza steel will cook better. I wanted to know if that's true. It seems the good steels are $80 minimum. I can afford it, but will be kicking myself if it's not a big difference.
  10. Ooh yeah. The strange thing is that I would never say Knight is bad. But it is so disappointing that I have no interest in the series from here on out. Whatever the next game is would have to work HARD to win me back. And I'm seriously puzzling over whether I'm just dancing around the word "bad".
  11. This is random, but I wanted to kinda poll here: What series fell way the fuck off to you guys? As in, you used to love it, but can't even really look at it now. Over the weekend, I tried playing the latest two Call of Duties (MW2019 and Cold War). MW2019 was being its usual shitty self, so I could only tolerate 2 games. Cold War was the definition of aight, so I dropped that too. I figured I might as well take my chances in Black Ops 3. I say "take my chances" because BO3 has hackers now who go invisible and/or have every specialist ability. I took my chances and was a
  12. Man, I didn't know that. Sorry for her. For anyone wondering, her sister went missing and was found dead. She was said to not be mentally well before going missing, and that may imply she committed suicide. Sorry to be a bummer.
  13. Ahh yeah. Anna (aka That Star Wars Girl). She is just unbelievably gorgeous. Like a legit 10/10 to me. The only people hotter (as in, 11/10) are supermodels or celebrities who are kinda known for being hot (like Sofia Vergara). When I was being flooded with Anti-SJW videos (which she makes) after looking more into the Gina Carano thing, I got reminded of her again. It literally took me aback all over again that one of these people was someone as gorgeous as her, with actual drawing/painting skills. She sticks out like the sorest of thumbs, and I hope she finds huge success outside
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