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  1. Generally being friends with women tends to result in unhealthy relationships. I'm sure someone is going to chirp in about how they have a female friend and it's not that way at all but this is the reality of how most of them end up. It is just wasting time and energy for nothing. This girl sounds JUST like a girl I was hung up on in college, so don't think I haven't been there too. She was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder: Sometimes it's better to walk away and just ignore what everyone else is telling you. They can't be saved, and it's a hard pill to swallow, because you are being inundated with propaganda that says a good guy just needs to step up. Well, I'm here to tell you that's a load of bullshit. There is no reason to sacrifice for someone who doesn't deserve or appreciate it. Honestly if you take a step back and look at this friendship, I suspect you will find it benefitted her much more than you. So why would you want to be in a one sided friendship?
  2. I'm interested in the Pattison Batman movie, it does have a detective comics from the late 80s vibe going for it. I hope Batman finally acts like a detective and we get a different kind of movie. I do wish we could get some other DC properties off the ground, PLASTICMAN MOVIE WHEN????
  3. I get the flu shot annually because I work for a healthcare organization and they give it to me for free. I've had the flu 3 times, one of which was H1N1 which was MUCH worse than any other time I had the flu. I'm not sure how much of a difference the flu shot really makes for a person like me who is physically fit and doesn't have any health complications. Buuuut last year my son got the flu and I took care of him for 3 days and didn't get sick, so that's at least worth mentioning.
  4. This is why I hate the "feels before reals" type of policy making, it really doesn't take into account perverse incentives and the logical conclusion of such policies. I was watching a special on Seattle and they had black markets outside of stores they robbed where you could buy the stuff they stole for like 80% off store price, it was hilarious. Those same retards are going to be crying in about 10 years when no one wants to bother putting stores in their neighborhoods because who is going to want to open a store to just lose money?
  5. Rules for radicals rule #4, make your enemy live by their own rules! Masterfully done, lol.
  6. Godstrike looks absolutely bananas, I am definitely picking it up. I checked and it's out on steam.
  7. But the real question is if that guy works there because pooping on the entryway to your own workplace is alpha as fuck.
  8. There is a ton of tax fraud but this doesn't address the offshoring of funds or the way Elites create shell corporations/banks/charities for the express purpose of laundering money. This will only hurt people with side hustles who are barely scraping by as it is.
  9. Women's groups let us know that paternity fraud is rare and there is no need for widescale testing, buuuuut you really got to wonder why they fight so vehemently against it if that is the case. I would also like the laws changed so that the husband is not considered the father by default, because I have seen some SHENANIGANS get pulled by spouses of people I know in real life.
  10. Personally I am kind of tired of this sanctimonious moral posturing from companies who do evil shit for profit. They can do evil shit for profit or STFU about muh "woke morality." They can't have it both ways.
  12. This is a real restaurant I found on a road trip. I stopped because the name was on point! They also use Phu-King to describe everything, it's phucking great!
  13. I hope Nintendo sues the hell out of Kotaku just for the sheer lulz because there is no way they can afford to fight a company that rich. Nintendo could bury them and not even hurt their quarterly profits.
  14. Sheathing sound like a good way to catch charges and/or end up with a kid. Most of the dudes I knew who bragged about their pullout game ended up getting some girl pregnant.
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