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  1. Vince and Bruce showing why no one from NXT wants to move up.
  2. Best reply off Reddit “That was the Snyder cut of the Brock match, hope you guys enjoy it.”
  3. Chelsea Green needs to adopt the Bob Orton gimmick at this stage reading that she has broken her wrist for the third time.
  4. Guy was tagging them for attention he was also tagging Vince Russo, Like Maxx said online wrestling fans are 1000% poison shit JR received death threats for his WWE Dynamite comment, and just a while ago that writer who didn’t know Lashley name did. One thing both companies will need to do is beef up security and in AEW case add some freaking distance between the barricade and ringside. People being stuck inside during COVID has made them act stupider now that things have opened back up as the huge rise in shooting tragedies have shown.
  5. Well the rumor has been Toni Storm is being moved up you also have Mia Yim who was quietly moved to SD.
  6. SD women’s division is already barren so it will be interesting to see if they make any panic call ups. edit: Or the worst scenario of all have Charlotte on both shows.
  7. This is something usually WWE tends not to miss they slipping.
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