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  1. Was really hoping for Britt to have advanced tonight. Also enjoyed the Io match and Xia destroying no mask Kacy.
  2. Luchasaurus would be better if he worked like a big guy and wouldn’t talk. Him trying to do all the kicks and flips would be cool if done sparingly. That’s were the issue lies well that and having Marko Stunt on your team. edit: As for Big Show I don’t have any issue as long as he doesn’t pull a Roma or Duggan during mid 90s WCW where they refused to help younger guys (poor Alex Wright)
  3. At least with Shayna you know it was an accident, Nia on the other hand.... Also yawn Charlotte, I’m hoping they don’t turn Asuka heel just to boost Charlotte again, but it feels that way.
  4. Well they worked me. The one time I can’t watch NXT live (had no power due to winter storm) and I trust the internet...
  5. News coming out that Kyle O’Reilly suffered a seizure at the end of the show, hope he’s doing okay.
  6. Honestly I can listen and pull apart the weird hate Corny has over certain things as compared to Uncle Dave’s need to move the goalpost on AEW. The fact that he vanity searches for them is disturbing, Brian Last taking him to task is quite something since he’s tried to avoid being in the middle of the feud those two have.
  7. I tend to agree on Lio though he would in the long run have made more money and have more longevity as a manager than a wrestler. As a wrestler he can easily be replaced and only a few would miss him.
  8. The Stan Lane vídeo had me dying.
  9. Don’t forget to add that the Rays had a chance at a WS trophy. Probably would have pushed to seven it had the manager not switched pitchers.
  10. Finally something that will help the women’s division and makes me interested. Meanwhile WWE is more Charlotte bleh.
  11. I would still take Edge over the AEW old timers regardless of spot.
  12. This is the one I have at work.
  13. I know I shouldn’t fall for this but I’ll probably get him.
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