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  1. They thuggin out in Poland? Also I like how we all agree with you but you actually understand what they're saying.
  2. She was barely a cosplayer. Got in on the only fans train and now makes bank. But she also looks obscenely young so it's like... Why are you into her. Do you think she's sexy or is it because she looks like a child in the face. And Belle Def feeds into that shit with all that uwu weeb baby talk.
  3. Lmfao Riley Reid got engaged to a parkour guy I follow. These are two completely different worlds and I'm so fucking curious how they met.
  4. I DON'T KNOW. Lmfao it's never fucking adult raven.. It's always the fucking 12 yr old from teen titans cartoon put in sexy outfits.
  5. No more trump election cases
  6. So this week due to that shooting Social media: you racist cop how did you not know? Cops i train with: she's a dumb fuckin cunt
  7. Lmfao did they just take bell delphine face and put it on a body. This is gettin real borderline pedo for me
  8. New day cut a vintage backstage promo like they used to lmfao
  9. Hold up... Did usher give strippers his own bison dollars??
  10. It's not just that, add in the fact covid help for teachers is shit, they aren't really covered. They are having trouble getting vaccinations and weren't automatically rolled in with the first or second wave. Some are older and way more at high risk and now you want them to teach kids who can barely wash their hands in general.
  11. To spoiler stuff just highlight your text and click the big ass eye in the tool bar
  12. You'd think I'd remember the difference since I sell the shirts... Fuck weebs
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