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  1. ?? Brodie isnt being exploited his kids just in some stuff.
  2. Meh... He's not overrated imo. He has his nut huggers but he was Def the king for a very long time. Yeah but who was nates competition when he lost. It's easy to say this dude has a losing record but you gotta look at who they fought.
  3. Falcons budget is insane for a tv show lmfao. It's Def made for the people crying about Wanda.
  4. I take it you've never seen a Briscoe Brothers match before?
  5. My tl when episodes 1+2 dropped. I tried to explain and one friend said I sounded like the teacher from Charlie brown.
  6. LOL let her grind it out in the graveyard stage for a bit.
  7. She is carrying a baby coffin she is the most hot topic ass bitch and I love her
  8. Booty goth bitch is debuting with kelly
  9. I mean technically no one stops citizens from having flamethrower just legally for snow removal we can't.
  10. We coulda had flame throwers for blizzards if mit woulda just been cool for this study.
  11. LMFAO prob the most truest statement. No one is Gen z here. Just old millenials and maybe a genxer or two hiding
  12. Harada was informed about the tekken players death. I just found out that I met him because he used to bounce at a club I used to go to and Def talked to him. Never knew he played tekken
  13. Is anyone else talking about it. Because I don't trust a video that was in that virus lookin site.i have trouble believing they would leave child porn up when they will go after legit adult for fun
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