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  1. Been doing my usual when I can playing on and off tekken 7...picked up skull girls during the summer but I keep forgetting how the fucking game works every few months so I gotta do tutorial mode over again I've legit never made it to online play because I refuse til I get the basics down. It's such a different game than I'm used to its hard for me
  2. Who the fuck is taking pictures of him?!!! I woulda beat the fucking shit outta them
  3. No live rounds are ever used on set. It's blanks.. But blanks can kill at a close range. Sag union movies don't ever use live rounds. And apparently this was a freak accident
  4. it was its best booked show. it actually felt like it mattered for once.
  5. As you should... They changed procedures on set because of his death. Apparently theirs a chance it wasn't a live round but a close range blank
  6. Holy shit.... This Hollywood strike Def happening now
  7. Put it between the two infinity movies. Use it to explain how he became smart hulk, because that transformation was very bullshit. Or its an alternate earth
  8. So this for recommended to me on YouTube. I've been watching alot of adhd related content but this one really hit home. I've always felt I was super sensitive to rejection even in situations I knew weren't personal but it felt like it hit me like mack truck . I thought something was really wrong with me which led to alotttt of suicidal thoughts when I was younger. This makes so much sense to me.
  9. The shibata match was actually today I thought they were hyping it up. Can't wait to watch later
  10. Morning... Apparently the prowrestling gods have brought balance to the universe. Ibushi looks to have broken his arm/wrist. But clearly a sacrifice for shibata being announced for a uwf exhibition match against Zack Sabre jr
  11. I only say it because of what happened to parlor. If trump wants this to actually work and not burn out in two months unless it not working plays into his evil liberal media conspiracy. That's why I mentioned he's most likely got buisness partners to help with costs and he can recoup money through his own fans. If he does it right he can not have it really cost him. Alot of ifs.. We have to wait and see how it plays out
  12. I have a feeling they are gonna do it better. Parlors servers were running on something owned by another like Amazon right? If he's doing it legit and thinks he could recoup costs from his supporters he should be owning it all worth whatever partners he has
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