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  1. I try not to buy ice cream bc I'll eat a lot of it unknowingly even though it is not my favorite dessert lol. I like Ben and Jerry bc their mixes of flavors and pieces of candy/nuts etc are pretty appealing. I think that's why I usually stick with them or cold stone. Some people seem to be busting a nut over a comapny called Jeni's - I dont know if its new. They have a new store downtown and their product is in Publix but it costs like $8 for the same amount as Ben and J.
  2. You may want to try They have trips from atl to NYC. It's a bit expensive at $95 and slow (18 hrs approx) I don't know if the stops are convenient to the parts of atl new York that you need to get to. I believe they have wifi (modest) I went from Chicago to Detroit once and it was tolerable.
  3. For me, it has been happening consistently for the last 1 month. It happens 90 percent of the time when I click a reaction. It is only on chrome on my desktop browser ,not the mobile browser.
  4. I believe that's Dennis Rodman at 500k. Pippen is at 20 million.
  5. Misterbee, This is such a minor issue that I feel bad to bring it up. Often when I click a reaction button, I get the error message "There was an error with your action" even though it displays the reaction just fine. This happens on Chrome Desktop on Windows 10.
  6. These leakers work fast. I just saw pictures today and this guy has a review lol Kingdom Tigatron (yes he has the gut gun)
  7. Let the ignorant conservatives die; they are the weak. The gene pool will be enriched. Only the fittest will survive!
  8. I can't believe SouljaBoy is worth more than Scottie Pippen. Sigh.
  9. Hd-man has a better supporting cast than Spider-man. Someone should get those folks a reality show.
  10. Sofia Vergara's accent is annoying. I feel like she exaggerates it.
  11. I can't believe this is the 21st century. He probably didnt take the vaccine either.
  12. Towards the end of the second Austin film, there was an extended "dick" joke that had a rocket IIRC.
  13. My parents just changed all their AC stuff last week. The furnace was leaking due to the coil freezing. The furnace was 40 yrs old (as old as the house). They changed the furnace, outside unit, and got a new wifi thermostat. You can control it from a Honeywell app which is neat. The air quality is better and it only takes 15 minutes to reduce temp by 1 degree.
  14. Something I always wondered... Konami made arcade beat em ups for TMNT, Simpsons, and X-men (between 1989-1992). They ported the two TMNT games to NES and SNES, but not Simpsons or X-men. I heard recently that simpsons went to DOS and Commodore 64. But why didnt they port Simpsons/Xmen to SNES or Genesis? Turtles in time turned out relatively good. It seems strange that they would leave easy money on the table.
  15. I just got back from Black Widow. Pros: Yelena Belova and her interaction with Tasha was the best part of the film. David Harbor and Rachel Weisz were good too. Action was serviceable Cons Due to its release 2 yrs post endgame, the stakes felt low and the film was somewhat anticlimactic given Tasha's fate in Endgame Taskmaster felt underused. They tried to go for Winter soldier in terms of both action and character remorse, but it didnt really elicit any sympathy for the person who was behind the mask. I almost forgot who that person was at the reveal and only went "oh" when I read wikipedia after exiting the cinema. It made sense for the movie, but I hope the character be reworked for the next appearance/incarnation. Red Guardian needed a full length fight scene with Taskmaster. It kind of felt like a "Great Value" Winter Soldier homage. Overall: 7/10
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