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  1. There was an unexpected surprise return of a toyline that has been MIA since 2014. G.I.JOE is America's daring , highly trained special force. It's purpose: to defend human freedom against COBRA: a ruthless, terrorist organization determined to rule the world! GIJOE Classified: 6 inch figures ($20). ETA: June 2020 Roadblock Scarlett Snake Eyes Duke
  2. New York Toy Fair or New Year Transformers Funtime! Reveals: Earthrise(ER) Airwave- Decepticon micromaster airport/attack base ER Smokescreen (glad I didnt buy the SIEGE one lol) https://i.imgur.com/Du1hXyN.jpg ER Fasttrack (Decepticon - G1 Scorponok's minion) https://i.imgur.com/OGLVFVW.jpg ER Runamuck https://i.imgur.com/zFj8ABE.png ER Quintesson Judge, Allicon, (I believe these first appearances of these in toy form) https://i.imgur.com/ztZ3Dc1.png ER Snapdragon and Doubledealer (Triple changer mercenary) https://i.imgur.com/pTfvNau.png and now for the big boys Commander Class ($80) (11 inch height) ER Skylynx! https://i.imgur.com/opIYuAJ.png and the last (and best) of the citybots... Scorponok! ($160) Approx 21 inches robot mode https://i.imgur.com/SYyfxCr.png
  3. You've come a long way, Ironworks (done 2 ways)..... (There is a micromaster yellow truck that is Ironworks (G1/siege) and the battle station which is also Ironworks (G1/Earthrise) IIRC Left G1- Right Earthrise Base Attack mode ER Ironworks Robot Mode (The G1 base could not transform into a robot form.)
  4. You've come a long way, Starscream..... Robot modes (from left) 2017 - Popeye err Power of the Primes 2020 - Earthrise 2019 - Siege Vehicle mode Left - 2019 Siege Right - 2020 Earthrise
  5. Happy Black Valentine's Day! Relax my horny Homeskillets.....
  6. Stuckmann's Sonic the Hedgehog Review Grade: B (There is hope
  7. You've come a long way, Grapple... From left.... 1985 G1 2011 Reveal the Shield/Generations 2020 Earthrise 2017 Masterpiece
  8. https://theweek.com/speedreads/894315/joaquin-phoenix-becomes-2nd-actor-win-oscar-playing-joker Joaquin Phoenix wins his first Oscar for Best actor in Joker! This makes the second time that an actor has won an Oscar for playing the clown prince of crime (Heath Ledger got Best supporting Actor posthumously in 2009, and JP in 2020!) Margot Robbie who plays Harley Quinn in suicide Squad and Birds of Prey was nominated this year for the movie "Bombshell" but didnt win. Also, this is extra cool as this is the Joker's 80th anniversary in comics!(He debuted in Batman number 1 in 1940!)
  9. You guys should consider seeing the Birds of Prey movie. It doesnt have any woke crap in it (that I could tell) unlike most CW superhero shows. Its definitely worth a matinee price at the very least. I put a review in the DC thread.
  10. I just got back from Birds of Prey. I liked it. Pros: Margot as Harley. (IMO the best thing about Suicide Squad). Her zaniness and her gymnastics, and even her dramatic acting was great. Action scenes. John wick direction/choreography made the movie significantly more enjoyable. Song choices. Probably the best use of retro songs since Guardians of the Galaxy films Ewan McGregor as Black Mask. While he was campy in some parts, he could exude menace like that part where he told the girl to take off her dress. His mask looked cool too(wished it was in the film more) the animated intro and quick text jokes/heads up display gags Cons This is a 2/3 Harley movie and 1/3 BOP film. The others get some decent backstory/character bits. I suppose Cassandra Cain was different than I thought; I thought she would be a mute badass(from what Ive read about her) Huntress had the least screen time , though oddly her origin is more fleshed out than the others oddly enough. Some of the time manipulation and rewinding by Harley is a bit weird. One segment in a police station almost got me confused for a bit since the flashback went WAY back. The pacing is a little off too. The movie is only 1 hr 39 min without credits but felt like 2 hours. I liked about 1/2 the jokes. They were clearly trying to emulate Deadpool, but I think DP jokes landed more satisfyingly. Overall: 7.5/10. I think it is equal to Aquaman.
  11. For being $80 bucks it better be lol. The others are between $10-20. I usually don't post Masterpiece with G1/Classics toys bc it is unfair considering the first three are meant to be mainstream Walmart/Target items for a wide range and the MP line is mostly for hardcore collectors. I have the 2011 one. It's good enough for me.
  12. You've come a long way, Wheeljack... From left.... 1984 G1 2011 Reveal the Shield/ Generations 2020 Earthrise 2014 Masterpiece
  13. It's been a while but I'm glad to bring this subseries out of hiatus. You've come a long way, Hoist..... Left - Earthrise Hoist (2020) Right - G1 Hoist (1985)
  14. Shakira and J Lo are all about DAT BOOTY DOE!
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