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  1. Had it out with my homies cause they said “most women don’t like these movies” I called BS. They’re violent and scary, but every woman in my life loves them and Viggo and Orlando are both man dimes. They’d keep any straight ( and a lot of the gay) ladies happy.
  2. Watching, and Fellowship tonight. Going through all of them this weekend with the wife I wouldn’t mind doing a few runs of southern Gate in return of the king. One of the best levels in all of video game history
  3. I would be, but got the LoTRs itch. Gotta play soon tho, homie.
  4. Watching Spin’s game develop over the last year is pretty amazing. This guy is a beast.
  5. I don’t watch twitch really. I like VODs cause I like to skip around cause I’m an impatient bitch. ironic cause I stream, but I mostly do that to push me to actually finish games.
  6. I did, this chat is full of turds lol. are all twitch chats like this??
  7. I mean I really want one and know I’m gonna pick it up eventually, but there ain’t nothing on that platform for me right now. But it seems to be one hell of a machine, and it’s like $200 cheaper than I thought it was.
  8. I think I’m at like 5.5-6 hours. I feel like a second play through would end up being 3 or 4 total
  9. Almost beat REmake 3 in one sitting, and I gotta say, this game is great. also, this is the longest video game set I’ve had in a looooong time. Kinda feel like shit after lol
  10. Gonna try to run through all of REmake3 today:
  11. @BornWinnerit’s your birthday, right? happy burfday. And if it isn’t, happy thanksgiving, but just to you. FUCK THE REST OF Y’ALL. JK happy thanksgiving fam
  12. Anyone wanna play something on PS4? I’m bored.
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