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  1. enjoy lol.
  2. She's dope, lucky that you have good artist near you. Stu is jealous lol. But yeah, micro tats. That's all bangbang's fault. His NYC shop does all those tiny tats on celebs. Better than the autochrist stuff at least. Dear lord those are the worst. But also, I love them lol
  3. I'd like to see some healed pics, but from the looks of it, he is. Has that cool "photorealism/neo traditional" blend that's popping off right now. Better than tho micro tattoos that all the influencers are getting. That being said, I'd totally get a micro tattoo
  4. You're good, homie. As long as you say away from the inside of the arm you'll be fine. the outside of the arm/shoulder is one of the least painful places I've been tattooed. Now the inside of the arm can be a real bitch. The absolute worst tho? The armpit. Never again. But when it comes to pain and tattooing there's a ton of factors: You're personal thresholds What you're getting and something that people don't talk about enough: Your artist and their touch. I've have tattoos that I barely noticed were happening and ones in similar places done by other people that SUCKED SO MUCH ASS, FUCK. The guy that did my sleeve had the heaviest hand ever on linework. His shading was really light. He warned me before hand lol
  5. Yeah, it's a slippery slope. Sounds like you're like my wife and I'm like... Your wife. Awww shoot, we married now
  6. That looks great! I've got a skull in almost the exact same spot lol and the elbow ditch is a bitch, same with the wrist. Lots of blood vessels and nerves and not a lot of fat or muscle to protect it
  7. I will say, this video does make all those "Why don't cops just shoot people in the leg" people look real stupid. Guy got shot in the leg, ran around the truck and beat a man half to death with an AR. This ain't the movies. People don't just give up when you shoot them in the leg.
  8. But... If I'm God.. and You're God... Then... Just hanging out having fun
  9. Yeah, I was an absolute monster by the end of the normal castle. And there's still rooms in the early goings of the RC that are pretty easy to breeze through. But then there's the occasional bullshit room or boss. One thing that I hated at first and now sort of enjoy is that every weapon has a unique mechanic, but it's up to you to figure that shit out. Like I found a short sword that you can just THROW like a boomerang. Now every time I pick up a weapon I spend 3 minutes just trying stuff out lol
  10. I totally see that, the one thing I'd say is that it really shows the seams in the reverse castle. A big reason is that you have all the traversal tools available to you as soon as you walk in, so finding the natural progression of where you should go is... kinda off? The normal castle guides you more or less to where the next thing you are suited to handle is going to be imho. It's obviously an open exploration thing, but it does a great job of subtly pointing you in the right direction. The RC isn't really doing that. So I was thinking that it would be more like a darksouls thing where you go to where the enemies are the weakest and where you can handle yourself, but SotN ain't about that shit. They throw damage sponges and glass cannons in the same room. I'm not sure if that's the point or not, or if I'm missing some context clues
  11. Made it to the Reverse Castle. This place is BONKERS. I can't decide if it's a masterclass in game design or a wack-ass idea that works. There's lots of cool stuff and then some parts of it seem so slapped together and rough compared to the rest of the game. At the end of the day, the reverse castle is intriguing and fun, if not occasionally confusing and frustrating
  12. Maaaaan I love Ren And Stimpy. They got Powdered Toast Man too. Hope this guy makes it in
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