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  1. Ooooh gotcha. Yeah, it's really acidic, so it has a vinegary smell. Sauerkraut is a naturally fermented food, so all the bacteria you need to make it is already on the cabbage. Lightly wash some cabbage, toss in some salt to keep any nasty stuff from growing, cover and wait a week or two. Kimchi and pickles are made in a really similar way. Vinegar is also fermented, but it makes its acid by germs eating booze and pooping it out. That's why there are different types of vinegar: it's tied to the type of booze it was made from. I know you proba
  2. Lol I've gathered that over that last couple years and it's appreciated But if Survival Horror ain't your bag, that's all good with me, homie! I've come to the conclusion that trying to convince someone to like something they don't like typically only ends with them digging in their heels. Capcom don't pay me, you won't find me ever being a shill for stuff
  3. I wasn't trying to, that's why I didn't quote you. I was just musing on a genre I enjoy Someone's feeling sassy And that someone is ME
  4. Survival horror is a genre that's defined by doing everything it can to stress the ever living fuck out of the player: limited inventory space limited resources back tracking, but throwing in new threats to areas you thought were safe slow and clunky combat Unsettling environments and music But man... When you get to the point where you know what you're doing and you look that stress/tension/fear in the face and say "eat my shorts, loser" and you become the thing that's in control... That rules. Unfortunately that takes multiple play
  5. I'm also a day oner. gonna boot that sucker up tonight when I get out of the wage cage
  6. so they're really putting all the action eggs in the Judgement basket. I guess it's nice considering that now the two series are clearly defined mechanically
  7. It's Square's Ocotpath style shot at a SRPG, demo is up on the eShop. Looks alright. I haven't played the demo yet, but closer to FFT than Disgaea from what I saw. I sunk a lot of time into FFTA, but them judges can EAD
  8. Yeah me too, FFT is one of my favorite games. Haven't had the chance to play TO (the only OB game i've played is 64) but if I ever get the chance, I'll find a way to pick it up. So far Disgaea is a little bit much, but I welcome some of the complexity and options it gives you; mostly the lift/throw options and the geotiles. The grind seems absurd tho. Luckily, Complete comes with an autobattle and a x8 speed option, so I can grind super fast. There is an insane amount of systems and stat stuff that isn't really clearly explained and I'm slowly figuring out (dark assem
  9. Hey @iStu X@RSG3since y'all are NIS fans maybe you can help me. I'm playing through Disgaea 1 Complete and I feel like it's turning into a grindfest and I'm only 2-3 hours into the game. I tried to do some grinding in the item world, but I struggle to get to an exit where it'll actually save my EXP gains. For reference, I'm at the Mid-Boss fight and the dude's casters wreck my shit
  10. I read this as power for his CRAP and I thought that Stu was in a place that gets water from a well and needs power for the pump. I thought homie was sitting awake trying to hold in a dookie
  11. echo'd. Also, bummer that 4 player SoR4 is local only
  12. Everyone's different, but I'll throw my two cents in: When I got engaged I was starting to get pretty heavy. I ended up dropping around 60 pounds and all it took was tracking everything I ate. I would record everything that I consumed and would eat at a healthy caloric deficit. The nice thing is, there's tons of apps that have food databases and can help you keep track. Of course, I still tried to eat a pretty balanced diet and exercised pretty regularly. Took me about 8 months to go from 230 to 170. The only downside is that I'm the type of person that f
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