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  1. This happens everytime I play warzone. Luckily, all the guys I play with are dads and/or married or pretty busy, so we have to plan in advance when we're going to play. We've been burned before when trying to jump in and there's a 14gb update making everyone wait, so we know to boot the game up the night before just to download everything. It still boggles my mind that warzone is like 120gb. In comparison, Apex is like 40-60gb iirc. Why is Warzone 2-3X as big as Apex??
  2. Does Yuji Nagata count as small? The dude is like 230-240 and 6 foot. This is more Big vs 'Uge if you as me lol
  3. I guess I'm just making this my own personal MHW journal: Opened up tons of upgrade branches for my gunlance, so it's time to start farming. Had a really productive night last night, played for about an hour and bagged my first Great Girros, Legiana, and Radobaan last night. Throw in another tzitzi-yaku and Paolumu and all in all I'd say I got a good bit done. Weirdly, Girros was the only fight I had issues. Gunlance is such a poke heavy weapon that when Girros calls all his little minions I get swarmed because getting to an area sweeping move can be tough. I was also
  4. He didn't show the KO screen from that first Juri match. Whenever someone does that I always think they ended up losing the round
  5. squeaky wheel gets the oil Those ding dongs are... well... ding dongs. Silly thing to say, especially if they dig everything else about it. But everyone's gotta choose a hill to die on, i guess
  6. I was just stabbing in the dark and wasn't trying to say that Favreau and Filoni had political issues with her. More something like she was a dick and difficult to work with, i.e. showing up late to work, eating all the donuts at kraft food services, punching baby yoda etc. I was just pointing out that it seems like there's more than "she said something on the internet" behind the motivation of her firing. Up until this point, absolutely. But moving forward, you don't need her in season 3 . Definitely a good tool to help flesh out mando and give him someone to bounce off of, but
  7. I honestly think this will happen, but not at launch. Maybe around spring 2022
  8. I'll give it to scorp here, Jericho was their first champ, but he was just coming off a championship run in NJPW and big angle with the list and Owens in 2017-2018. Jericho was old, but not irrelevant. He was always wrestling more or less and could still go. In the other corner, you have Goldberg being handed the belt for whatever reason. I haven't seen AEW giving the olds the main event spotlight or title shots. BUT ALSO! Why the fuck is Sting wrestling and also taking a powerbomb for fucks sake??
  9. FTFY For real tho, Martian told me to play him in SFV, and I just can't... I'm not touching anything that doesn't either have great netcode, or decent netcode with someone I know I have a good connection with.
  10. You ain't wrong, but she's just a doo-doo cog in the shit machine that is the mouse. Not defending her really but she isn't the only one at fault for the ST not being very good.
  11. Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilms. I'll admit, whenever I hear anything about her, I take it with a grain of salt. People said that the new star wars sucked because she's an uncompromising progressive that shoehorned women and POC into star wars. In reality, Kennedy just loves money and probably thought it would make her more money. For perspective, she's been producing massive hits since the 80's and the first movie she's ever produced with a woman director is "Rouge Squadron" which just got annouced. She hasn't ever worked with a POC directo
  12. That's what I figured. So KK hated her, not anyone who worked with her everyday or was actually running the show. Bummer. Lucasfilms not very good at this cloak and dagger stuff. It's pretty obvious that they just wanted her gone and were looking for any excuse. She should be talking to her union rep. She won't get her job back, but she could get a big chunk of change
  13. I actually watched some of BrianF last night and V Shift and the way that Dan pressures makes SFV look like a different game. The matches I watched where he was playing a Dan were, well... Super boring. I'm assuming that because Brian doesn't know enough about Dan yet, or he's scared of the taunt cancels, he didn't whiff punish much, which means that movement and footsies slowed down, and there were a few points where they were sitting on full resources waiting for the other person to do something so they could vshift into big damage. It was weird.
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