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  1. Maybe they'll add him as the final boss of Arcade Mode, but its no guarantee of a second general story. This is the problem with all these fake leakers, they give us something to look forward to that may just be a big fat lie.
  2. I think i'm gonna be disappointed if we dont have a second story mode tbh.
  3. Just put them on the story thread, it could spark an interesting debate.
  4. Wow that is fabulous! You really are good with these concepts, they are so well put together, several times even better than what Capcom comes up with However I hate you for making me miss Xiayu in the game, it was tough for me to let her go... You should share this concept on SRK1 too, its great
  5. I dont care for Tekken whatsoever, especially the characters.
  6. We know they're gonna milk the sexy costumes for DLC
  7. Lol I made a comment of how he praises other games that have far worse animations than SFV and he blocked me on twitter. Definition of a true snowflake
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