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  1. There's definitely a bit of pressure going on for them to go that route, or something drastically different to SF5. I'm also not too fond of hyper realistic artstyle in fighting games.
  2. Capcom being Capcom. Is anyone actually excited for Dan apart from Max_Dood? Probably not.
  3. It's actually interesting to see how and where this all originated, and how we got here, some interesting stuff online if you want to check out. Its a bit of a mindf*ck but wow does it make so much sense in 2020, with me being a minority (of a different kind) too. I'm posting this video in spoiler so not to derail the thread since its unrelated to SFV.
  4. Damn Totally agree. There's nothing wrong with some females being sexual. There's nothing wrong with some females being damsels in distress.
  5. I like when companies do stuff organically. Capcom had Eagle and Poison done back when there was no woke mob online demanding such characters, I think that's how you do them right. It's bad enough these days whenever they do such characters, they just reinforce stereotypes to make sure people understand that such a character is gay or lesbian, that it just shows there was no thought behind it, its just a quick way to make some headlines and some cash.
  6. Well I'm one of those cases too, and I like to play with sexy females. I know. Shocker. Yes Hot Ryu is hot, but R Mika's butt slap was fine.
  7. I swear all of these offended people hang out in tight communities on twitter or ResetEra. I dont know anyone who is actually offended by sexy outfits besides blue haired feminists
  8. You're right, it would not create hype. I think they should release a doll, but for free as a bonus character only. I actually think Noembelu with her tomahawks or Xiayu with her nunchakus could be pretty cool.
  9. I guess with SF6 they'll double down on the censorship. Mika's butt slap was just the beginning.
  10. What do you guys think about this?
  11. It's Skullomania, wasnt he like top15 in that popularity poll they did a couple years ago?
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