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  1. This just exposes these idiots as never being actual journalists who do research, or who've ever played either franchise. But I guess they tried to get some woke points but got clocked by their stupidity
  2. Rose bringing back the invincible backdash for everyone, what a generous queen!
  3. Eventhubs says they mentioned Rose, but I don't see her mentioned in the tweet. Must've been deleted and replaced with this one
  4. People really are pissed online about the trailer delay
  5. What's worse is they didn't even announce a new date for the reveal
  6. To be fair, I was already expecting changes because that roadmap had a fine print at the bottom claiming the schedule was subject to change. My biggest problem is hardly anyone is hype for Dan, and dragging his release even further just makes this season start with a sour taste.
  7. where is this rumor that the 5th character is Demitri is coming from?
  8. SFV will get a boost when Dan comes out T7 and MK11 had big increases with their latest additions
  9. Typical REEEEEsetera. No diversity of thought allowed. Just be a good communist and you'll be safe. If you're a "bad type of gay" like me, damn would they eat me alive there for disagreeing with almost everything they say. It's filled with people like this These people are insane. But yeah, let's pretend you being an asshole all along is due to the Rona this year... What's weird is how Gaf was dead a couple of years ago, and now it's kinda thriving again after people found Era so hateful and intolerant, they're back on th
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