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  1. Stopped being lazy and drew something.
  2. Yes, and the CMOS battery also dies incredibly quickly when the console is not left plugged in. I thought about doing the RAM mod too but it's a lot of really tiny soldering that I'm not really in the mood to deal with. There's someone here locally that does really great mod work but I don't boot the Saturn too often these days and so it's probably not worth the expense. Once the MiSTer has a proper Saturn core I may just sell the console - swapping the drive with an ODE / doing all the battery and RAM mods seems like more trouble than it's worth.
  3. Been getting real tired of the CMOS battery in my Saturn. Might try to solder in an external battery holder so it's easier to access. More ideal would be to use a different type of battery with a larger capacity.
  4. Not quite. Yandere is just a character who is obsessed with someone to the point where they are willing to do extreme things/harm others. If nobody challenges them or they don't encounter obstacles to their affection they won't necessarily engage in violence at all.
  5. I have had 0 issues with any of the other launchers tbh, but everyone's experience is different I guess. If convenience for launching games is so important, then honestly everyone should just be using GOG Galaxy. There's no reason not to use it. It can manage games on every platform, and has built-in messaging. You can buy games on any platform you want, and then run them all from one launcher. Yet somehow people don't use it...why? I'm not talking about you specifically, but I'm tired of people crying about how Epic is buying exclusives, or how other clients don't
  6. The bearings in your case fans are even less of an issue than thermal wear and tear on a CPU. You could leave your case fans constantly running at max RPM and they would still probably take years to fail. Regardless of your feelings towards the Epic client, the idea that a little bit of extra CPU load is going to kill or adversely affect ANY of your PC hardware is a bit extreme.
  7. @Hawkingbird Epic doesn't have all the features that Steam does, but they have given me something like 50 free games by now. I'm not going to turn that down. I have all of the major clients installed on my PC and don't have any problem using any of them. GOG is quite close to Steam in terms of the important things like cloud saves, and has the better client to boot. GOG Galaxy even aggregates all of your games across all platforms and puts them in a single place for you to manage them. Despite this, people still cling to Steam and treat GOG as an a
  8. SRK is dead and there is nowhere to run. Get command grabbed scrub.
  9. I'm pretty sure they fixed that issue a long time ago. Also, the idea that more PC power usage is going to affect your power bill in significant ways is a myth. Unless you've got several mining rigs each with a row of high-end GPUs, you're not going to notice a change in your power bill just from having your PC run a bit hotter or faster. Even when doing some pretty aggressive overclocking the amount of extra money it will cost you on your power bill is negligible. Likewise, a 10 degree increase in CPU temps for whatever reason isn't going to kill off your CPU any fas
  10. Because in Europe people started with Commodore/Amiga/ZX Spectrum, and then moved on to PCs. European versions of console games were also really bad a lot of the time (PAL/NTSC issues). In the US people were pretty much always console users. Atari > NES.
  11. It's not a myth. Not everyone is an anime player living in Europe. The most popular mainstream games most definitely have more players on console. PC is the domain of anime/fringe games with only a few exceptions (Tekken mainly).
  12. Command grabs are what make fighting games good.
  13. HOT-SWAPPABLE buttons that support the MX switch form factor are invaluable. I prefer Gamerfinger button shells that allow for hot-swapping MX switches to the custom PCB style sold by ParadiseArcadeShop. The Gamerfinger solution is much closer to how hot-swappable mechanical keyboards work. By swapping out different types of switches you can make buttons feel radically different, and the fact that these types of switches are readily available means you never have to worry about running out. I already build mechanical keyboards as a hobby and I will never go back to us
  14. @iStu X I see. That's a YouTube thing, and not something anyone else has any control over. If the video has been uploaded to YouTube and set to age-restricted it will show up this way when embedded. From the YouTube support page: What happens if content is age-restricted? Age-restricted videos are not viewable to users who are under 18 years of age or signed out. Also, age-restricted videos cannot be watched on most third-party websites. Viewers who click an age-restricted video on another website, such as an embedded player, will be redirected to
  15. What do you mean? I don't see any blacked out or censored video embeds.
  16. My arm ached for 2 days after getting Moderna. It was the type of muscle soreness you get when you work out really hard. Bill Gates isn't going to try to convince you to use Windows again, but I will. Windows is great.
  17. He's right about Sonic Racing. Mario Kart sucks. But cart racers can never compare to the brilliance that is Initial D anyway.
  18. Got my first COVID vaccine dose! Scheduled a 3AM appointment at a 24 hour vaccination location. Showed up way too early (1:30AM), but they let me get my shot and I was on my way home in half an hour. Roads were empty and there was only one other person getting vaccinated at the same time. Being a night owl has its benefits.
  19. LOL now I know you're trolling. It's ok. Not everyone can understand brilliance.
  20. Another boomer distracted by the anime titties and failing to see the great story underneath.
  21. I'll do it for @Volt: Mario 64 sucks. It was revolutionary but also trash. Ocarina of Time is whatever. Mario and Zelda games are more over-hyped than Nier will ever be. Even as a child growing up with 8-bit/16-bit consoles I thought Mario was adequate but boring as hell. @DarkSakulyou're a cool guy but Nier is wonderful and I will never stop saying how wrong you are.
  22. People who think Nier was underrated or overlooked are insane. That game came out and was greeted with lot of praise and acclaim from both players and press. Lots of people were talking about it. The people who thought Nier was overlooked on release are probably the same people that won't stop telling you how Breath of the Wild is the greatest thing since sliced bread and how much they love their Switch. Everybody else was well aware of it. I personally love it and it's in one of my top 10. Story and atmosphere are top notch.
  23. While Nier is quite bad on PC, Tekken is a perfectly good port. The game definitely runs much better on PC - it's part of the reason why all the Tekken pros in Korea play on PC whenever possible. The load times in PC Tekken are 100% faster than PS4, even when both machines are using SSDs. If the PS4 version is loading faster than the PC one then something is definitely wrong.
  24. That...can't be right. The PS4 doesn't even properly use SSDs at their full speed. I had Tekken 7 on console and later on PC at launch and the PC version loaded many times faster than the PS4 one.
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