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  1. Are you telling me I'm Anthony Hopkins? Nice.
  2. Every time you say this I feel obligated to tell you again how wrong you are.
  3. Intellimouse Pro has only been out for 2 years or so. It has a gaming grade optical sensor. They made the very similar Intellimouse Classic also, which used cheaper materials and a non-gaming sensor. If that's too new-school for you, slightly modernized Intellimouse 1.1 clones can be found readily on eBay:
  4. I got an Intellimouse Pro today. Feels good and works well but might be a little too large for my hands. I'll try it out for a few days to see how I like it.
  5. The Challenger and Camaro are both interchangeable for me. I like the styling of the Camaro's front, but the Challenger has the sexier back. For me it's all about looks - I drive really slow.
  6. I drive an early 2000s BMW 3 series. My first car, which my parents still use to haul stuff, was a limited edition Saturn VUE. I really want a Challenger, but by the time I get another car it is likely the world will have moved on to using only electric vehicles. Here's hoping they make an electric Challenger.
  7. The 1951 movie is available to buy/rent streaming on Youtube and Amazon Video.
  8. I'm just gonna put my foot down here and state a few things: This site is pro-vaccine. I hope all of you are able to get it and stay safe. If you don't want to take it for whatever reason, that's fine. I try to be fair around here and not interfere too much, but if push comes to shove I personally urge everyone to get one if they can. COVID is real, people are dying from it. This isn't up for debate. Blatant misinformation will not be tolerated here. I don't want anyone here telling others to take horse de-wormer or use psychic mind powers to cure COVID. Shady conspiracy/anti-vax videos will be taken down at my discretion. ANY video or link (not just COVID stuff) that people feel should be taken down should be reported. Being a nurse doesn't mean much. It is perfectly possible to be a nurse and not have much medical training at all. The number of nurses dropping from COVID because they don't believe in MEDICINE is mind-boggling. Being on the frontlines apparently doesn't help cure stupid. If I've missed the point of the previous convo I apologize. I don't really have time to read through the whole thread atm, so I'm just laying down the generic vaccine/COVID talk rules. Avoiding COVID talk is going to be relatively impossible, since it has affected a huge part of our lives. That being said, if you can avoid COVID talk, please do so. If you can't, please try to be civil, and remember that if you're anti-vax you are in the minority, and maybe it is best to keep it to yourself.
  9. Calibre should do the trick. Remove Amazon book DRM, import into Calibre, then convert it to whatever you want. I've done it a few times.
  10. 10/14/21: Minor software update I am back from vacation.
  11. I'm on vacation until the 14th. I'll wreck you later.
  12. Es is just shitty Saber anyway so this is really the best solution for everyone. I thought you'd be thrilled!
  13. GO1 already putting in work: How dare you even mention Enkidu. Enkidu has always been shitty Kouma.
  14. The problem with this is that a lot of people who are good at games aren't necessarily good writers. Every article needs to be vetted, and gone over with by an editor. There also needs to be someone who can manage and guide the site's overall direction. This requires a bit of manpower and a few regular staff. Unfortunately I also don't think the scene is that hungry for full-length strategy articles these days. @Dayaanhas made some really really nice 3S guides, but I think most new players just go to Discord and Twitter to find short combo clips and random information. If they really want some more in-depth info they will usually visit a wiki. The old school method of writing a play bible and posting it to a blog/site doesn't seem that popular in 2021. For better or for worse I think Eventhubs is the last traditional FGC news site, and even then it's mostly filled with fluff. Not only that, but all the strategy features/sections go largely untouched and ignored. I suspect at least one of the reasons SRK's frontpage died is that it really didn't serve much of a purpose anymore. People were getting their news and info from social media rather than old-school monolithic websites. All this pretty much means that I can't see a good reason to invest heavily in setting up an old-school FGC news/article site at the moment. There's no guarantee either the content or the visitors will be there. It's a pretty large time investment that currently looks like it will result in very little return. With all that being said, if anyone comes up with cool ideas they are always free to let me know! We may be looking to do regular events/streams/other community-focused projects in the near future!
  15. Installed a Win11 beta build. I quite like it. Reminds me a lot of Gnome 3.
  16. Have fun making screenshots!
  17. Yeah but with all the image links long dead it still doesn't help a beginner much.
  18. SRK tech section has been super outdated for a long time now. Not only that, but most of the guides people have written no longer have working images. If SRK were to be deleted tomorrow I don't think it would make much of a difference on the tech front. It's wasted on most people anyway - these days a lot of people think modding a stick means changing the color of the Sanwa buttons they use. Modern sticks are great because they are arcade quality right out of the box, but the downside is that people no longer understand how sticks work, and have 0 interest in doing any meaningful customization. It's also caused a real lack of part diversity - people think Sanwa is the best and only option, and have never even tried stuff from other manufacturers. Going to the fight stick subreddit and seeing post after post of people thinking they're a tech wizard because they changed the color of their joystick balltop is a bit depressing.
  19. Why would they call it Castlevania Advance Collection and then add Dracula X, which isn't even on GBA?
  20. ??? Saturn and GC emulation has been around a long time already...
  21. I actually play Blazblue and I'll warn anyone who will listen. Save yourselves. That's not really a fair assessment. You get 4 way mixups followed by a mixup followed by a 40 hit combo that requires several micro-dashes/instant air dashes, is based on your opponent's weight/size, and requires a shit ton of different button presses. Anime is unfair bullshit but it is still difficult to do!
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