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  1. Huh, why would you need to lab. You are miles of from the point where labbing is neccesary in either of those games. You can barely walk, why would you start a Marathon. I had someone I played Melty with, he spend his time labbing and everytime we fought, he failed the moment I decided that run forward 5B was my favorite strategy of the hour. Just pick a character and play, everything else comes over time.
  2. Since you mentioned Pretzels. How about a Pretzel Motion.
  3. Or have the DP and QCF Motion be done with the same button. Sure love it, when I want to DP and the game gives me a Super as Shortcut.
  4. It's currently 2pm for me, well will be in 10 minutes. But it's Saturday anyway, so I'll be here all day, just hit me up when you want to/can play.
  5. You had no time last WE I assume? I was wondering if I had forgotten something, until I rememberd we wanted to play CF.
  6. Why do people play Arakune anyway. Outside of Curse the character has really nothing to offer that isn't coverd by someone else.
  7. I'm an expert in Saberfaces. But who the f is this supposed to be?
  8. Gentlemen I have come to say the double S word. No Cipher don't do it, don't say the double S Word. STEAM SALES!!! It is Golden Week Sale Ladys and Gentlemen what do we have to offer this golden week? Everything coming from Japan! Before we go into FGs, please let us start with something else. This is Yakuza 0 for 5€. No you did not missread it is Yakuza 0 for only 5€ it is a steal, then this game is a masterpiece in every shape and form. Buy it love it like it! Oh yeah
  9. Alex Clips can be summed up with : "Don't worry guys, this was all planned and all done on purpose!" Translation: I have no clue what happend, but I won a chain of interections for some reasons lol
  10. If it is as bad as the one in Xrd, I rather drink battery liquid than listen to this. It was just so bad.
  11. He is in FGO, so that is a possibility.
  12. NO! ONO IS NOT ALLOWED TO DO THIS!!! I want Nero to look the most glorious and beautyfull possible and that can only be achived by ASWs Graphics.
  13. Psychoblue just did the Mistake Nr.1 on Twitter. He apologized. NEVER DO THIS! You cannot please these people, ignore them and move on, you only dig your own grave by trying to apologize to them. Once you give them a finger, they want to eat you raw.
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