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  1. We know each other since 12 years and are together since 2. I didn't even knew she liked FGs until she told me she used to play Tekken 3 all the time as kid, considering that 3/4 of the Jackie Chan films on the shelf are hers, I am not surprised.
  2. I did, in fact I was talking about the most important aspect of it, the thigh jiggels.
  3. So, since I'm at home today and my girl is here too, she did ask me what the fuzz about the Strive Beta was. I did mention SFV trying to get attention with making the game free during the Beta periode and all that shit and then I got asked what is so special about SFV. I then proceeded to show her the Characters and I had to laugh half the time, so here is what she said to every one of them. I did provide some background to them. Noted she never played a SF game before and didn't know any of the characters, so cut her some slack.
  4. Not gonna lie, thats a nice costume, wonder if the costume code does anything on it.
  5. You might have to refresh your brain, I'm sure there were things much worse lol.
  6. Time to fight me in Melty or BBCF then! Lets go..... oh wait you are on console right? Nevermind then, I go back shilling Strive somewhere else.
  7. Apparently I'm still worth enough that you keep replying to me. Ok then Boomer, maybe next time.
  8. Damn man, you're so mad. Well good to know that I life rent free in your head.
  9. Yeah, you just have the oddball inbetween here and there who tries to stear the talk to SFV. What is mind boggling, when Rams Thigh Jiggels are more interesting than SFVs entire patch.
  10. More like valuing the actual quality of your product. I'll be glad when the SFV talk dies down in a couple of days, that shit is boring as all hells.
  11. Apparently having a edgy looking character do Combos with flashy effects is now considerd anime. I'm sure the Alpha series would be proud.
  12. This ain't nerf Fighter V, keep the shit degenerate and have it rock n roll. Games are supposed to be fun, nerfing everyone is the opposit of fun.
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