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SF6 Super Art and Reversal Quick Reference Guide

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Game Version: 1.0/Release


Feel free to add or correct me on information in post replies. I'll update the OP as characters and patches are released. Please comment if there is a way I can make formatting better for readers 👍🏽 


Key -  Move: damage, start-up, i-frames (if any), special properties/other notes (if applicable)



OD.Vertical Rolling Attack: 1600, 7f, full invul,

SA1: 2000, 8f, 1f full/7f strike + throw, projectile (1 hit)

SA2: n/a, 10f (total), n/a, install

SA3: 4000, 10f, full invul



OD.Cannon Spike: 1500, 6f, full invul

SA1: 1900, 9f, 1f full/7f strike + throw,

SA2: 2800, 13f, 1f full, AIR OK, can hit without full cinematic

SA3: 4000, 9f, full invul, travels full screen (full cinematic)



OD.Tensho Kicks: 1400, 6f, full invul,

SA1: 1700, 7f, strike/throw, projectile (5 hits), Air OK

SA2: 2000, 11f, full invul, jump cancelable on-hit

SA3: 4000, 8f, full invul


Dee Jay

OD.Jackknife Maximum: 1500, 6f, full invul

SA1: 1800, 7f, 1f full invul,

SA2: 2600-3000, 12f, full invul, can do less damage with poor rhythm

SA3: 4000, 9f, full invul



SA1: 1920, 10f, n/a, projectile

SA2: 2800, 7f, full invul, arcing projectile

SA3: 4000, 10f, full invul



SA1: 2000, 7f, 1f full/5f strike + throw

SA2: 2850, 12f, full invul, travels full screen

SA3: 4000, 9f, full invul



OD.Flash Kick: 1600, 6f, full invul

SA1: 2000, 8f, 1f full/6f strike + throw, projectile (7 hits)

SA2: n/a, 6f (total), n/a, install super

SA3:  4000, 9f, full invul



OD.ArrowKick: 1350-1650, 6f, full invul

SA1: 1890-2310, 10f, 1f full, 8f strike + throw

SA2: n/a, 6f total, n/a, install super that briefly gives max drink level

SA3: 2340-2860, 10f, full invul, can juggle after the super



SA1: 2000, 8f, 1f full/6f strike + throw, projectile, hits fullscreen

SA2: 2000, 8f, 1f full, hits high>overhead>low>overhead, hits fullscreen

SA3: 4000, 18f, full invul, hits fullscreen



OD.Tensenrin: 1600, 6f, full invul

SA1: 1800, 7f, strike + throw, 6 projectiles

SA2: 300, 9f total, n/a, install super, without the dash attack total duration is 7f

SA3: 4000, 10f, full invul



OD.Shoryuken: 1600, 6f, full invul

SA1: 2000, 7f, 1f full/5 frames strike + throw

SA2: 2700, 6f, 1f full

SA3: 4000, 7f, full invul



SA1: 1800(2000), 12f, 1f full/10f strike + throw, does extra damage with can stock

SA2: 2600, 13f, 1f full, AIR OK

SA3: 4000, 8f, full invul, permanent damage and speed buff



SA1: 2200, 13f, 1f full/11f strike + throw

SA2: 2500(2800), 9f, full invul, AIR OK

SA3: 4500, 7f, full invul, throw, can be jumped post flash



OD.Rising Uppercut: 1400, 6f, full invul

SA1: 2000, 6f, strike/throw, projectiles (5 hits)

SA2: 2800, 5f, full invul,

SA3: 4000, 10f, full invul



SA1: 2000, 10f, strike/throw, low

SA2: 2700, 7f, full invul

SA3: 4000, 7f, full invul, throw (can jump post flash)



SA1: 2200(2900), 19f, 1 full/17f armored, chargeable

SA2: 3000, 9f, full invul, 2500 dmg without animation

SA3: 4000, 13f, full invul



OD.Shoryuken: 1600, 6f, full invul

SA1: 2000(2400), 8f, 1f full/6f strike + throw, projectile (5 hits), Denjin buffs damage

SA2: 2600-3000,(3000-3400), 12f, full invul, dispels up to 3 hit non-SA projectiles, chargeable

SA3: 4000, 5f, full invul



SA1: 3500, 11f, full invul, hits airborne opponents only

SA2: 1100/3160, 18f, full invul, vacuums in opponent

SA3: 4800, 7f, full invul, throw, cannot be jumped post super flash

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Interesting Notes:

  • Zangief has both the strongest level 1 and the strongest level 3 in the game.
  • Manon and Lily both have grab level 3’s, however they can be jumped on reaction.
  • Ryu (SA3) and Luke (SA2) are tied for fastest supers in the game (5f).
  • The overwhelming majority of DP’s are 6f startup.
  • Generally speaking, projectile supers are not projectile invincible.
  • Zangief and Lily are the only characters with non-CA level 3’s that hit for more than 4k damage.
  • Jamie is the only character without a SA that hits for more than 3k.
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