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  1. I had JUST about got this working with my PS4/TV/PC when playing FFXIV (including PS4/PC audio and mic) and then I stopped playing. I'm a special sort of twat.
  2. I'm stuck in limbo, will join you when I can:
  3. 100%, aside from Chapter 7 in the first - fuck that mission! This from when I was young and stupid and didn't realise you could save mid-mission.
  4. Is it/he something to do with this pile of crap? Edit: Seems maybe likely this is related to that, this new "Esports Certification Institute" charges $400 for the honour of sitting one of their exams, and some of the strange folk asking to be blocked by him are saying they'd saved $400. Other than that though, no bloody idea.
  5. I think this is where the curation comes into play. Twitter has a tonne of trash, and one way or another someone's going to have to sort through and archive the stuff worth keeping.
  6. This is imperfect, and needs wider adoption rates. There's a kernel of an idea here though, I think.
  7. As a kid once spent a whole summer day in the attic doing a no dying single playthrough of that, cos you got a death count at the end, and I wanted it to be 0, wondering if it did anything special. Still pissed off that a fairy revive counted as a death and continue. Memory of that's still vividly burned in my brain, though fantastic game
  8. These battle lounges would be great, streamed - once was a plan to stream SRK lounges. Think showing these with discord chat audio too could help, or put more folk off?
  9. Fair point, and done. Thanks,
  10. @misterBeedoing good stuff on Reddit, if anybody here has an account (I don't) and wants to help upvote/vouch for this place.
  11. That's the VS ProblemX was going with, for its insane meter build up rather than the de/buffs, especially when she's playing her zoning game. Less influentially, that's the one I tend to prefer, too.
  12. Best of luck! I've checked their twitter, am guessing no stream?
  13. I have no idea how reputable that acc is, but sites are running articles about it:
  14. Did a brief search, don't think it's been mentioned yet. Just got wallsplatted on the Lair Of The Four Kings stage as Rose, the screen intel reads... "Former Apprentice". Edit: I should have known Doc had caught it, I only did a text search! Still find this aspect interesting though.
  15. 30GB update on PS4 now live @Yiceman Edit: Hoping for the best for you!
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