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The Tetris/Puzzle Game thread: We Downback-to-back

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Since I stopped playing Samsho competitively,I started getting more and more into Tetris because not only can I play it solo, I can play vs and battle Royal games and it scratches my competitive itch a bit. The beauty of it is, while it's still essentially the same game and mechanics, the meta changes depending on what version of it you're playing. Strategies that work well in Sprint, aren't optimal for Ultra, and those strats don't always hold up in 1v1, while 1v1 strats don't necessarily work as well in Tetris 99. 


Anybody here a Tetris/puzzle game player? 



This is more Classic Tetris, but it's a seriously hype match between two of the best: 



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21 hours ago, beesuit said:

Puzzle Fighter is goat. 

I used to like to play that on the PS3. Still have it too! 


20 hours ago, TheInfernoman said:

Tetris 99? 

Yeah I like Tetris 99 a lot. I probably have more time on that than any other game on my Switch but I've only recently been learning how to play it optimally. 4 Wide is pretty much the GOAT strategy and if you aren't using it, you're giving up matches I guess. Picking "Attackers" is also the best overall strat generally although it tends to attract a lot of attention sometimes. I'm starting to get into switching people I'm attacking and trying to snipe people with badges, and you can change people you're attacking with the touch screen which is convenient.

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