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  1. I think Max is great and wholesome. I don't watch his videos all that much, but you could certainly do worse for an introduction to fgs. DSP, on the other hand....
  2. Happy late New Year everyone! Hope people have made resolutions and whatnot.
  3. What is this "Bladerunner 2049" you speak of? (Like KOF 2001, it never happened)
  4. Because people fucking love Blade Runner.
  5. Yo damn she can still get it at age 50. Good genes + probably a ton of exercise, lovin' it. Edit: she probably hasn't eaten anything besides chicken breast, rice, and vegetables for about 20 years.
  6. Wait, he fought the slam dunk champion in a boxing match? ............. I know I'm far away from the US but what the hell?
  7. Why is FMJ fighting a disgraced former youtuber?
  8. "Juggles has probably the best assist in the game with Juggernaut Punch" You sir, have found a GOLD MINE of knowledge rofl
  9. Those are all pretty terrible tho. No one can follow every post on reddit and twitter; and no matter how vigilant the Discord admin, for new games they can't catch -everything-. I've had to do this for Alpha 2, and I suspect I'll have to do it for MvC2 and CvS2. My goal is for people to not have to do this, as it's quite annoying to filter through scrub talk (P-groove Vega, "my triple shoto team from MvC2 is totally viable bro") from 17 years ago.
  10. Oh no doubt. It's impossible to defend his actions from that PM. However, if he sticks to his lane with the wiki (which he seems suited for, it's a relatively low amount of work on the backend), and it's better as a result, I can't knock that. This guy Shiburizu (who also owns Mizuumi wiki, btw) has also been a huge help. I'm passionate about this because I f'ing hate digging through twitter/discord (I don't even try on reddit) looking for info. People in the fgc are absolutely insane if they think those are reasonable replacements for wikis. There are other
  11. People might have issues with Preppy but he's been invaluable in updating the SRK wiki. Also (edit): I don't know for sure what's happening with the rest of SRK (although I'm -almost certain- the forum is going to move to different software), but the wiki is going to be focusing on Capcom, Tekken, (old) SNK and MK going forward. Some niche fighters like Karnov's will remain, but a lot of abandonware games are going to be deleted from SRK, especially ones that have better resources (Dreamcancel, Dustloop, Mizuumi).
  12. It's almost as if you, like, didn't read anything on this page. But don't let your bias show, that would be bad.
  13. It wouldn't matter even if they did. According to what the CEO said in the screenshot I -just posted-, user verification data is deleted immediately once your account is verified. So they don't keep your SSN sitting around on a server somewhere. He could be lying, it's not like big tech CEOs are always honest, but that's just speculation. I've checked CNN, AP, and Zerohedge for any news about this and saw nothing. Could they be slow? Yes (although with Zerohedge's reputation, they wouldn't take long to repost a conspiracy). Or, OR, it's just a rumor.
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