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  1. For me it's King Dice. 7 of the 9 mini-bosses to get to him aren't too bad, but 2 of them (Pirouletta dancer and Mr. Chimes- the monkey) are damn near impossible. AND THEN you have to fight King Dice as well. I only beat him because for some reason the game glitched and he went into a pose (he produces cards that run on the ground) but for some reason no cards came out. So I just sat under him and kept shooting until he died. I think most of my deaths in the game come from Baroness von Bon Bon (candyland woman). Until I got the homing weapon, which finally allowed me to beat her.
  2. Fellas, It's taken 9 or so months (since July), but I've finally beaten this game they call... Cuphead. And now I'll probably never play it again. I don't hate myself that much lol. Edit: I only play it once a week or so. During the same time I have about 500 hours of DBFZ lol.
  3. James Chen YET AGAIN ignoring that forums STILL EXIST while lamenting the lack of forums and the ubiquity of Discord. Doesn't he have his fan discord as well? Not sure if there's one for Ultrachen.
  4. I would guess they'll put SSJ4 Vegeta in since they've obviously made his model (you see it in the SSJ4 Gogeta intro) and they're all about re-using assets. But it definitely seems the lifespan is winding down. At least they nerfed UI before they abandoned the game.
  5. I knew it would be something like this. But if he can get to level 7 in one combo that is a problem.
  6. I wonder if it's actually like that.... Does he have a powerup move or something? If it's actually like that then he banned for sure. It's not even slow and avoidable like 16's instant kill. Nor does it hurt him. Something tells me it's not actually like that.
  7. Probably the biggest problem I have with Skullgirls is that the combos last -forever- and the hitstop for individual hits is quite high. Strangely this exact same problem (combos that are too long) doesn't bother me as much in DBFZ. Except against Super Broly.
  8. Did the Saudi purchase of SNK actually happen though? I heard it was on pause. I also heard a rumor that some Japanese corp was trying to take back ownership of SNK.
  9. Thanks for the well-wishes everyone. After doing the tests, it seems the fetus does NOT have Rubella nor Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS), so it seems disaster has been averted. I'm so glad this shit is done with. I'm not an emotional guy at all, even I was tearing up while sitting at my desk thinking "What the hell am I going to do if the baby is born deaf and autistic?" Thankful that it isn't the case. PS It's going to be a boy, so in August there will be a little Scanman
  10. So I've been MIA for a while because I was in my wife's hometown (literally BFE) for Lunar New Year. We are actually expecting a child due in August, but the situation is very grim. My wife contracted Rubella (German measles) 2 months ago. It has almost no effect on adults, but its effects on early-development fetuses are apparently catastrophic: deafness, irregular heartbeat, and a whole collection of possible mental problems. Tomorrow we're going to get an amniocentesis (spelling?) test to check if there's rubella in the amniotic fluid. If there is, we wil
  11. I think Max is great and wholesome. I don't watch his videos all that much, but you could certainly do worse for an introduction to fgs. DSP, on the other hand....
  12. Happy late New Year everyone! Hope people have made resolutions and whatnot.
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