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  1. Anyone got rose the hitbox viewer for rose? I'm curious about some of her hitboxes.
  2. Crazy Alex is top tier season 5. You heard it here 1st
  3. Oh I agree, he was a meme that people ran with, he's played the meta of this game from jump. However the top tier dominated him but even then it wasn't like he couldn't get a W... just inconsistent with it.
  4. Sf5 is largely going to be the same for a while I think. I do think the tiers have shifted around a bit though, like RIP kolin, and akuma now might just be A tier. But Urien, G, cammy and zeku all still got the sauce. Everything under them is going to be moving all around for a bit, ryu is def A tier at worse now, and alex is also a problem lowkey.
  5. GG strive beta Game has a ton of potential. It's pretty fun, depending on the launch changes we'll see how much I play. Right now there's a lot of degenerate gameplay because the damage is so high universally. If they went through and just changed the damage for each character based on what they can do the game would be super awesome. As of right now, Pot damage down on command throw significantly Milla damage down very slightly Ram damage down slightly May damage down slightly
  6. lol game is gonna end up even more degenerate than pre patch smh
  7. @ the last page or so Anyway I never thought GG would be the game to save the modern day FGC... yet here we are. Also Japan is looking kinda free to america in strive so far.
  8. Not going back and forth with someone that doesn't read nor understand. You got it boss
  9. Having heavy pull over games that is already out and getting approved for a budget on a new games are apples and oranges
  10. I don't know of any rumor like that, all I know is Ono left or got fired and things have been better since around that exact time. My company recently went through the same thing, 1 VP left and things changed up significantly as soon as they left, relationships, how people expressed themselves and the work. This VP wasn't an engineer or designers but had the power to influence his PM's to make sure they told there works to make sure things were delivered a certain way because that how he wanted it or felt it was best. No one is saying Ono was getting sets in with Woshige saying
  11. There are things that Mangers, PM's, even bosses and supervisors don't know how to do, fix or handle when it comes down to the details... However when it's time for a project to be completed and they look over whatever needs to be looked over before submitting, if they see something they don't like or don't think fits a vision, guess what... they send it back and ask for revisions. 9 times out of 10 that's what Ono did... He was in a position of authority, he has a history with fighting games and he literally reignited the fighting game boom with SF4. So yes he has a heavy pull and
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