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  1. They made Kushala a way more fun fight Teo even more annoying of a POS though lol Good stuff though. I hadn't fought Chameleos before either and he's pretty fun. I wish the solo Apexes had some sort of extra reward but still glad we have em at least
  2. Actually it's dropping today at 5pm PST. Really happy about apex hunt quests getting added
  3. It does let you do both of those things. You gain knowledge by playing the game. You only really need to look stuff up for esoteric endings and secrets, but even then you might still find some on your own anyway
  4. Yeah I'll be playing Raph too. Raph and Mike were always my favs but I gravitated more towards Raph in the beatemups
  5. Humble Bundle news is a shame. Should call it profit margins bundle now
  6. Yeah Kanata's tsukkomi is so funny, people can't resist lol Also how tf do we make the video show up in the actual posts?
  7. My full name is "here now" and I prefer to be addressed as such.
  8. Some of the MH Rise collab streams are so fucking funny The subspecies line got me lol
  9. I mean, it doesn't seem like they failed that much, it did well enough
  10. Dunno if anyone saw but Capcom confirmed the melding tables bug and explicitly said there was no intent to make a singular table based on your save file or anything, so a fix is coming with 2.0 next week
  11. Also I take it this is also a Vtuber thread now, which is great cause I haven't watched anime in like fucking 2 years for some reason, but I am addicted to Vtubers.
  12. Death Stranding was actually fun to play for a bunch of people anyway, not just an art experience or whatever. You definitely spend the vast majority of time in the game actively playing it. I had fun when I put 100hrs into it as well. They didn't forget to make the game fun or ignore or not find a happy medium. They made a game
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