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  1. Scare-quotes "the media" mentioned the knife-wielding aspect from the start. The police showed edited body-cam footage the night it happened, and full footage from three body cams was released the next day. It's a complicated and tragic situation for sure, but it's not exactly a cover-up.
  2. It is not. Feel free to go start a Vtuber thread if you like.
  3. Biden has made his proposal, congress will act on it or not. Watch and see who votes against it.
  4. And if you go to the store in six months and buy another NUC it will probably run almost exactly the same. If you've got some eSports corporate sponsorship, sure, go buy a couple dozen identical computers and go nuts. If you're a local that's begging people to bring setups so the tournament doesn't take twice as long to run PC isn't going to work as well. Even majors with sponsors providing hardware for a flagship game are pulling systems from other TOs to run the entirety of their lineup.
  5. I love doing this. It was even better with my old car when I told them they had to burn it to CD because that's all the stereo took. Filling/fitting on a CD gives you a good length for the playlist though.
  6. The Turnpike is the only place I've seen really good service, and toll roads are another pet peeve of mine so I avoid that. You need a gas station that is either always busy so they have a lot of staff, or sometimes busy so they have dedicated attendants but not busy when you go so they aren't dealing with five other cars. Otherwise it's a bad time.
  7. It sucks. Everyone seems to think it's some kind of luxury that it takes an extra five minutes to get gas because I have to wait for some lackadaisical attendant to come and push a damned button.
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