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  1. Probably could have saved some money and just sent them to hang out with the FGC for a while.
  2. You are correct about not being a protected class, so why would Disney settle? Plus, as far as I understand it, she wasn't even fired. They had hired her in the past, and now they aren't going to hire her again.
  3. Couldn't find the first episode of Burn Notice on Youtube. "In a fight, you have to be careful not to break the little bones in your hand on someone's face. Never happens in movies, but in real life a busted hand will get you killed. That's why I like bathrooms. Lots of hard surfaces." Turns out there's a whole thing:
  4. That is a nice TV stand. Might be Ikea but most of the Ikea stuff has three shelves/drawers and that looks like only two. Now it is going to help if you put some glue on the dowel pins when you're assembling your Ikea furniture, but Gorilla glue is probably going a bit overboard. Wood glue will do just fine.
  5. I once went to work late on a Saturday night to get something and the parking lot was full of teenagers hanging out. I was like, "I should probably tell someone about this, but any attempt to get them to leave would probably make things worse." How do you tell someone not to hang out so close to the hydrogen tank without drawing attention to the fact that there's a hydrogen tank there?
  6. Perhaps you should consult
  7. Too lazy to research, but I'm pretty sure teen pregnancy drops dramatically with education and probably wealth too; basically if a girl expects to go to college she rarely decides that getting pregnant and dropping out of school is maybe a better option. So they may be looking to be married mothers, but not at the exclusion of other pursuits. It's not just what [specific?] men allow them, but the whole socioeconomic milieu.
  8. For a fun and not-entirely related read (effect is more from gravity than speed): Time dilation measured by taking atomic clocks up a mountain.
  9. Yeah, I remember one year at ECT they had some sponsor's gaming chairs for the stream setups and half the players went and got folding chairs to use instead because the arm rests got in the way trying to play on stick.
  10. Software world you can probably get away without a degree, other engineering disciplines probably not. I would think that at least somewhere in designing aircraft someone with a Professional Engineering license has to be involved. Technically you don't need a degree to get that but you'll need to know enough material that the traditional path is probably a good way to go. But it's unlikely that you need a P.E. license; except for maybe civil engineering it's not unusual to have a small number of P.E.s that sign off on other people's work.
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