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  1. I’m legit excited to jump back into SFV. I haven’t played the game since before Seth dropped. I’m be chugging full time again. I’m getting antsy! Hmmmm but I’ll still have to deal with this again.....
  2. Same here. I don't wanna touch Kolin because I don't wanna get used to playing her before Rose. I haven't touched this game in like 9 months so I'm ready but I'm gonna wait till my new girl drops.
  3. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the finishing KO
  4. oooooh damn dude you're soooo right I didn't even think of that. Okay the pet can stay<3
  5. Give me mod powers so I can ban this nigga ALSO OH SHIT THAT CHARACTER ASSIST VT ACTIVATE!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ROSE
  6. There's absolutely no way this is real..... Edit: never mind I Get the context after going through the thread lol
  7. Ooooh god I hope rose is dumb as fuck. Please I want salt messages again!!!!
  8. I'm so ready boys. Shadow drop her on us papa Capcom!
  9. Now this is how you get me to care about Korean games lmao
  10. Wait I didn't know Abigail got released for the season 1 pass.... wait hold on what date is it today.... the fuck niggas its 2021!?!? I thought we stopped doing this 4 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I'm so ready for Rose. Once she drops I'll be here full time again.
  12. I just wanna say that while the implications of Sony owning the Evo brand is somewhat dubious especially after the Core Values ™ fiasco I for now will put that aside to talk abut the main issue. Smash being gutted from the line up not only makes me as happy as a 10 year old boy discovering his first nudey mag. But it also fills me with the pride of a father who lives vicariously through his son who he pushed to be the best sports ball player and now gets to kick back living in the home his son bought for him. Much like the big tech censorship fear mongering from conservatives, I c
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