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MEGASHOCK merch is here!


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Everyone loves merchandise, and I love money!


We'll start small for now but I'll slowly expand with new designs and items!  Proudly display your love for this place while slowly lining my pockets!


No seriously the amount of money I make on these is very small. 😭







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12 hours ago, Deadly_Raver said:

quick question to help bump the thread:   About how much money do you make on these?  I'm guessing you shoot them the design and they do the work, but obviously you get something from it.  Is it worth it to start mass producing designs in the hopes of making some pocket change?

I get a percentage, so on low-cost items like stickers I make way less than a dollar.


I want to keep things affordable, so even for higher end items I will not make much without jacking up the base price.  I'm basically doing this for fun at the moment.  If I really wanted to make money I would need to find a better method.


I've been a bit busy lately but hopefully I can get some neat designs/art up in the store soon!

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@misterBee  Cool.   That's pretty much what I wanted to hear as well as know.


Also................... They're Here.


The stickers got here today.  As requested, here's the pics.




And here's one on the back of a laptop. 




That Mega Shock swag is now on display proudly within my home.   Thanks again Mr. B.  I like it!! 

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