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  1. it sounded like she blew the fuck out of his eyebrows with that fart what a nasty bitch.
  2. modest set up lol the cat litter box on the botton
  3. lol naruto shippuden I finished the manga but i never got around finishing the anime shit is a drag between so many filler episodes when I found out they were adding manga content mixed up in filler episodes I gave up. edit: i always liked INO best girl although she is kind of a bitch
  4. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/10/explaining-how-fighting-games-use-delay-based-and-rollback-netcode/3/ hella long but interesting article and japan still won't give a fuck about it.
  5. yeah i'm going to cry more today and hug his repulsive brother so they can feel sorry for me - Amber Guyger bitch you can't amend for your sins just by crying and hugging people
  6. I think you meant Contra Rogue Corps Million
  7. That's cool I'll watch the first episode tonight after work hopefully
  8. Always wanted to give this series a shot. Is it the same series snk sue them for copy right infringement,lol
  9. Ok quick I can't believe I got a switch just to play this game and I'm not regretting it one bit. I'm not an rpg expert but I think OPT feels like FF game from the snes era. The combat, the bosses,the graphics reminds me of FFVI. I feel the graphics look neat in a monitor HDTV not so much on your switch screen I'd say it looks like any other game. The 3D effect really shines on the big screen. At the beginning doesn't really matter which character you choose eventually you'll meet the others characters fairly quickly but if you want to start with a strong character choose olberic, he's a fucking beast. So a few things I noticed I don’t know if all the switch games are like this or it was a design decision with this game. I see most of the game doesn't have much voice dialogue going on. You can't talk with all the towns people either. I don't see this as a bad thing though since you can interact with the same people in different ways thanks to the path mechanic which every character has. I'm in olberic's chapter right now so far I don't see their own individual stories connecting in anyway because when you meet a new character and play their story it's like the other characters don't exist. I hope there's a change later otherwise it's going to feel kind of linear.
  10. I drive a forklift all day...kind of want to try that on shenmue right now to see how accurate it is......lol
  11. We get like four Dark Souls games plus remasters and we only get one bloodborne game??!! Screw you From Software
  12. Evergarden was good but too short as always. I heard the new season of one punch man was coming? Or it was just a rumor
  13. Well yeah it's well known murricans suck at kof but in ggppo/fightcade I can play with Asians just fine. The problem is I don't see as many people in kof 97 room as in other games.
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