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  1. nonetheless the launch line up is weak it's only the best because XBOX didn't release shit, not a single exclusive holly shit.
  2. well that's better than down post someone unrelated posts just because you didn't like i down posted yours on an argument you pretty much lost from the start
  3. it's a Vanity thing at this point. if you can't see it for yourself you must be an iPhone user
  4. smart people never get consoles on day one and for only 1 game. at least ps2 back then had a few more games on lunch and it was also a dvd player . also look at this shit
  5. yeah fuck the PS5 for now that ugly thing doesn't even come with an optical out anymore. gotta keep looking for a PS4 Pro instead.
  6. i think it was called lone survivor in bloodborne? you get more stamina and health from the start. although which class you choice it all depends in your style, mine i like to kill everything with brute force no strategy
  7. I see, i wanted to make sure i wasn't over paying for it. There are people selling the console for less than 300 on eBay right now. don't really care about any games or controllers only for the console to be in good working order.
  8. how much a ps4 pro is supposed to cost? best buy is selling it at $400 I was hoping to get it cheaper than that is only 100 less than a PS5 now.
  9. Spicy Salsa > Sugar Loaded Ketchup Always
  10. it's true they have been around for quite sometime i remember watching some KOF 98 matches years ago
  11. i saw nothing happening when Denis Rodman went to North Korea. if anything they will become best pals.
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