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  1. LOL he looks old as fuck now
  2. Another I wasn't aware of is Rumania as well.
  3. forums might be next
  4. In this vid I can tell it even has the same voice actor so I dunno why people wouldn't tell it's him.
  5. I don't think the murricans care too much about England they shouldn't, same as Mexico caring about Spain, fuck Spain. Forza Italy! Lol.
  6. i thought this game was a date simulator what's going on here?
  7. i have to say I'm enjoying the characters expressions, in KOF XIV they look more like dolls.
  8. The hori stick looks better but at least this looks modable unlike the hori i lol at the comment "getting mad on a console Nintendo never confirmed" because it's exactly what it is. These Nintendo nerds looking more like smashers now.
  9. lol i only included zelda there because I still got interest in the series. I didn't include majora's mask, oracle of seasons,wind waker,Link's Awakening and a link between worlds because I only dabbled into them. I guess that's on me just wanted to point that out.
  10. hades is rated T, that's the thing my nephews are less than 10 years old. I'd get them T games if they were my children but in this case my brother or my sister in low would have not allowed it. You can get some other none NFP games for cheap but they're mostly T and up.
  11. cool I see but being quite honest i don't really care about nintendo first party games for the most part outside of metroids and zeldas there isn't much else for me. I was just disappointed i couldn't get more games for my nephews when most games even mediocre ones where above 40 bucks.
  12. and that was my mistake,last nintendo console i owned on release was the N64, I never got a gamecube,wii. I got a wiiu for cheap but sold it to my cousin not too long after i got it. I got a switch and passed it to my nephews like two years after i bought it. Should probably reconsider if nintendo consoles are worth my time or not.
  13. NPD? do you have actual numbers to prove this? All AAA titles drop in price withing a year or less why Nintendo games don't do the same right, i mean i could be wrong maybe botw is still selling alot of copies but that doesn't give me a good reason to pay 40 bucks for it. I haven't played a zelda game since ocarina of time which i didn't like that much anyway, i prefer 2D zeldas but this one got me interested for some reason yet i can't bring myself to pay that amount of money for it.
  14. 40 is too much for a game that came out 4 years ago, why Nintendo doesn't offer a greatest hit label like they used to. What was it? Player's choice? I think. It's getting harder and harder for me to get into Nintendo games when the competition is offering more for less. Anyway I really want to play the new metroid dred so that's one game I could pay full price BOTW could wait until is 25 at least or 4 more years from now.
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