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My set up is a ps3 ps4 xbox360 and a Panasonic plasma that is top of line with pro calibration and a blue horifight stick I have 5g wired connection I have light speed Logitech headphones mic I also have wired light speed internet 

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For my endgame productivity setup I need:
1) New monitor
2) Monitor arm
3) Monitor lamp
4) Monitor bench/stand
5) Wireless charging stand for phone and Airpods
6) Microphone setup
7) Magsafe webcam mount
8) Better lamp question mark
9) Artificial plant
10) Key light


I'm trying to go for an all Apple setup for work, and to use Arch, Fedora and Windows for personal/fun use. I just ordered a used Magic Trackpad. I also have a microphone and audio setup, but I can't set it up the way I'd like on my parents' and/or the dorm furniture. That's fine for now, though. I have a long way to go. I miss when I just had the one setup for gaming and work, and I used to think that it was beautiful. It was, but my standards have changed. Now I want to go to a newer, more (blegh) minimal setup.


Speaking of, if anyone has any of the above things and is willing to sell, hit me up, aye?


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