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  1. Haha, DSP. Speaking of Jinsogood, here's some of his thoughts on DSP:
  2. Remember when shin chuji died? RIP Dasrik, who actually died.
  3. Yeah the chest is way too flat. I'm pretty pissed with Andras. The feet are an insanely frustrating part of transformation. Mine came with some terrible paint chipping right out of the box. A lot on the pink circle on the hip flap, a small one on the chest, and a couple of seams aren't together how they should be (not tabs but actual, glued together seams). He does have some of the best ratchets I've ever seen in a figure, though.
  4. I cam over with the rest of the migration in 2000... ... or was that 2001? Not sure at this point. I think I had an account there but never really used it much until the big migration.
  5. I think I'm good to go with my sub. *waits anxiously for access to that mvc2 clock tower theme*
  6. Is the MvC2 clock tower stage theme live now for patreons?
  7. Oh. I thought you meant like wheelchair hotties, pissing on threads, teaching pimpology, etc.
  8. I'm assuming he means icons of character win poses.
  9. SNK win icons are cool too. Galaga shields were never really SRK's own flair, though. Multiple fighting game forums had 'em. SRK didn't until they begged cka to install the hack.
  10. I'll take an animated av of Teh Cock of Justice! Make it happen!
  11. First real friend I made at SRK, which always made me feel special since he hated white people.
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